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Melissa Joan Hart: I Helped Kids Flee Nashville Shooting

Actor says she met fleeing kindergarteners while headed to school 'right next to' Covenant

(Newser) - Melissa Joan Hart got too close for comfort to the school shooting in Nashville this week. The star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey, who lives in Nashville, revealed Tuesday that she was headed to her children's school, which is "right next to" Covenant School,...

Melissa Joan Hart, Vaccinated But Sick With COVID: 'Do Better'

Sabrina star worried that her kid is infected, mad that he didn't have to wear a mask

(Newser) - Melissa Joan Hart has COVID, and she’s “really mad,” she said. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch star posted an Instagram video from bed looking sad but composed, revealing her diagnosis. She said she thinks she may have caught it from one of the three sons she shares...

Melissa Joan Hart: I Used to Do Lots of Drugs

Reveals all in new book

(Newser) - Sabrina the Teenage ... Ecstasy User? Clarissa Explains ... Why It's Fun to Do 'Shrooms? Yes, Melissa Joan Hart may have looked like a cherubic child star, but she actually did quite a few drugs in her younger years. She tells all in a new book, Melissa Explains It All,...

Melissa Joan Hart: Why My Kickstarter Totally Flopped

It needed a ... poster

(Newser) - Melissa Joan Hart's Kickstarter campaign had so many problems, you probably cringed when you read about it . But the actress thinks she's zeroed in on the particular reason she attracted only 315 backers: "We didn’t give [fans] the two things it takes to sell a movie:...

Celeb Kickstarter Meets Embarrassing End

Melissa Joan Hart gives up dream to star in a movie

(Newser) - The success Zach Braff and the Veronica Mars movie found on Kickstarter seemed to presage a trend of celebrities using the crowdfunding site to raise money for projects. But, as Melissa Joan Hart learned the hard way, that tactic apparently only works for celebrities people still care about. The 1990s...

5 Stories