Ariel Castro

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She Was Captive for a Decade. But 'He Couldn't Break Me'
She Was Captive
for a Decade.
But 'He Couldn't
Break Me'
in case you missed it

She Was Captive for a Decade. But 'He Couldn't Break Me'

Michelle Knight on Ariel Castro and making the most of life

(Newser) - There's no need to be pessimistic about 2020. "You can overcome all obstacles that stand in your way," says Michelle Knight, who experienced more than enough hardships before spending 11 years as Ariel Castro's sex slave in Cleveland. "You name it, I went through it,...

Site Makes Holiday Joke About Women Held as Sex Slaves

CoolCleveland has since apologized, fired writer

(Newser) - A website is apologizing after one of its writers made a very ill-advised holiday joke on Facebook. CoolCleveland, which promotes events in Cleveland, posted an announcement about an upcoming gingerbread house building event and made what appeared to be joking references to Cleveland's "House of Horrors" case in...

2 of Ariel Castro's Victims Finally Tell Their Story

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus go public for first time with new memoir

(Newser) - The nightmare of captivity ended for Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight on May 6, 2013, when the women were freed from Ariel Castro's Cleveland home . Berry and DeJesus now describe their ordeal in a 321-page memoir out today. Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland marks the...

Castro Purposely Left Door Unlocked: Lawyer

Joked with victims about them writing memoirs

(Newser) - Ariel Castro told Amanda Berry he knew her freedom was coming. Months before the escape a year ago today , Castro began leaving the door unlocked, he told his lawyer. "He intentionally became much more negligent in the house about locking the door and keeping (his victims) inside," Craig...

How Ariel Castro Got Me Into His Home

Michelle Knight speaks to Anderson Cooper

(Newser) - Today is exactly one year since three women were rescued from Ariel Castro's Cleveland home, and Michelle Knight (now Lillian Rose Lee ) continues to speak out about her experience. Castro's first victim appeared last night on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, in what was the first of...

Kidnap Victim Michelle Knight Changes Her Name

Now she's Lillian Rose Lee

(Newser) - Michelle Knight is now Lillian Rose Lee. The Cleveland kidnapping victim says she's changed her name, because "I felt like every brand new start needs new beginnings." The new start also includes living in her own apartment and training to be a chef, she tells Dateline NBC...

Joan Rivers Angers Ohio Women Held Captive

They want apology for joke

(Newser) - The women freed almost a year ago after a decade of captivity in a Cleveland home aren't happy about Joan Rivers joking about their ordeal. Lawyers for two of the women say Rivers should apologize for saying, "Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space" when...

Ariel Castro's Neighbor Gets Life for Raping Daughters

And for murdering 2 women

(Newser) - It seems justice has finally been served on Cleveland's most horrific block. Ariel Castro 's neighbor, Elias Acevedo Sr., has been sentenced to 445 years in prison without parole as part of a plea deal. As reported in October , the discovery of Castro's captives ultimately led police...

Cleveland Hero Scores Book Deal

Charles Ramsey: the media didn't 'even begin to tell the story'

(Newser) - Putting down his Big Mac to help a woman in distress turned Charles Ramsey into a national celebrity. Now he's turned that into a book deal. Ramsay—who famously freed three women from years of captivity in a Cleveland house—is collaborating with a co-author to write about his...

Ariel Castro Did Commit Suicide: New Report

Prison consultants reject notion that he died of autoerotic asphyxiation

(Newser) - Two corrections consultants have concluded that Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro committed suicide in his prison cell and didn't die by accidentally killing himself while attempting to achieve a sexual thrill. The nationally regarded consultants rejected a suggestion in a state prisons report in October that Castro's Sept. 3...

Castro Victim: I Was Hung Up Like 'Ornament on the Wall'

First look at Michelle Knight's Dr. Phil appearance

(Newser) - A clip of Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight's appearance on the Dr. Phil show has been released, with Knight revealing Ariel Castro tied her up by her hands, feet, and neck using an orange extension cord, and hung her on the wall. “I was tied up like a...

How Police Busted Castro's Neighbor in 1990s Murders

Elias Acevedo confessed to 2 murders

(Newser) - The capture of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro ultimately led police to clues in two more 1990s cold cases, and Castro's neighbor was charged last week with two murders and three rapes, Reuters reports. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has the crazy story: After Castro's arrest and the rescue of...

Ohio Takes Step Toward Castro Victim Reparations

Bill would provide up to $25K per year of captivity

(Newser) - State financial reparations for Ariel Castro's victims are inching closer to becoming a reality. Under a bill that today moved from a committee to Ohio's full House of Representatives, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight would receive up to $25,000 for each year they were held...

Coroner: Castro Was Not 'Sexually Stimulated'

Quashes corrections report of possible auto-erotic asphyxiation

(Newser) - A corrections report stating Ariel Castro may have died from "auto-erotic asphyxiation" is quickly being shot down by a pretty reliable informant—Castro's coroner. Jan Gorniak says there were no signs of sexual stimulation, and though she wasn't aware Castro's pants and underwear were found at...

Guards Faked Log on Night of Castro's Suicide
 Castro Guards 
 Faked Log on 
 Night of Death 

Castro Guards Faked Log on Night of Death

Failed to check on him, report says; speculates he died of 'auto-erotic asphyxiation'

(Newser) - Prison guards failed to properly make their rounds and check on prisoners the night Ariel Castro apparently hanged himself, and then falsified their log book to indicate that they had, according to an Ohio Department of Correction report released today. It wasn't the only problem that night: When guards...

Judge: Redact Name of Amanda Berry's Daughter

He rules girl's name should be removed from public records

(Newser) - If you thought it was weird and vaguely inappropriate that the general public knows the name of Amanda Berry's daughter , born while Berry was being held captive by Ariel Castro, well, a Cuyahoga County Common Pleas judge appears to feel similarly. Judge Michael Russo has ordered that the child'...

Ariel Castro Son: I Am Not My Father
Ariel Castro Son:
I Am Not My Father

Ariel Castro Son: I Am Not My Father

We need to learn from Cleveland horror, he writes

(Newser) - Ariel Castro's son has been left "shell-shocked" by how his father went from "captured to convicted to imprisoned to dead" in the space of a few months, he writes in the Cleveland Plain Dealer . Ariel Anthony Castro says he is as "horrified and disgusted and angered"...

Castro Suicide: No Note, but Open Bible

Report says he hanged himself with sheet from window hinge

(Newser) - Ariel Castro's autopsy isn't complete, but WKYC reports that preliminary findings suggest nothing fishy about the Cleveland kidnapper's suicide . He had been left unchecked in his cell for about 30 minutes when guards found him, and the coroner's investigator says Castro hanged himself with his bedsheet...

2 Guards Suspended Over Ariel Castro Suicide

Pair on paid leave while kidnapper's death investigated

(Newser) - The two guards who were on duty when Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro killed himself earlier this month have been placed on paid leave while administrative and criminal investigations are under way. Both men joined the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in 2007 and neither has ever been disciplined, a...

Castro Called Captive's Mom From Girl's Cell

Admits to close calls, suicidal thoughts in police interrogation tapes

(Newser) - Just when you thought the worst details of the Cleveland kidnapping case had been aired, more facts emerge via police tapes of Ariel Castro's interrogation. In addition to Castro describing his thoughts of suicide, NBC News reports the tapes reveal a shocking confession: Castro once called Amanda Berry's...

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