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Antibacterial Soap No Better Than Plain Soap
Antibacterial Soap
No Better Than Plain Soap
study says

Antibacterial Soap No Better Than Plain Soap

Unless you've got 9 hours to spare

(Newser) - People who shell out extra money for antibacterial soap might want to spend it on something else. Scientists have found that it's not any better than regular soap in killing bacteria, they report in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy . The news comes out of South Korea, where researchers examined...

Germ-Killer in Soap May Also Be Liver-Killer
 Germ-Killer in Soap 
 May Also Be Liver-Killer 

Germ-Killer in Soap May Also Be Liver-Killer

Triclosan linked to damage, tumors

(Newser) - A chemical found in most antibacterial soaps may be fighting off germs at the cost of causing liver damage. There have been question marks around triclosan for some time—the FDA warned last year that antibacterial soap could be harmful, and Minnesota banned the ingredient this year —but new...

We're Regulating Chemicals All Wrong
 We're Regulating 
 Chemicals All Wrong 

We're Regulating Chemicals All Wrong

The FDA, EPA should be considering them by the class

(Newser) - When it comes to how our government regulates potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals, Rolf U. Halden and Robert S. Lawrence have some big numbers to throw around. The two recently analyzed 143,000 peer-reviewed research papers related to what they've dubbed "chemicals of emerging concern" and determined that the...

Minn. Bans Controversial Germ-Killer

Antibacterial triclosan gets the boot from soaps

(Newser) - It's widely used nationwide as a germ-killing ingredient in soaps, deodorants, and even toothpaste, but just months after the FDA warned that triclosan may be harmful , Minnesota is now becoming the first state to ban it. The bill Gov. Mark Dayton signed Friday prohibits the use of triclosan in...

It's Time to Quit Hand Sanitizer

 It's Time to 
 Quit Hand 

It's Time to Quit Hand Sanitizer

Bill Saporito aims to end his addiction

(Newser) - Whether you're in an office building or on the subway, chances are a bottle of hand sanitizer is close by—and that used to suit Bill Saporito just fine. He underwent chemotherapy several years ago and had to avoid getting sick, and the resulting "germanoia" led to hand-sanitizer...

FDA: Germ-Killing Soap May Be Bad for You

And there's no proof it's better than ordinary soap

(Newser) - The antibacterial soap you've been using religiously? The FDA says there's no proof that it actually stops the spread of germs any better than ordinary soap and water do—and that the chemicals in it may even be bad for us. Some scientists have long warned that triclosan,...

Germ Killer We've Used for 40 Years Gets FDA Review

Researchers to complete review of triclosan ordered back in the '70s

(Newser) - It's been on the market for more than 40 years, and it's found in everything from antibacterial soap to toothpaste to toys. But there's a chance that the FDA is about to declare the chemical triclosan unsafe, in a review due to be completed this year. The...

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