Brenda Heist

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Daughter to Mom Who Disappeared: Rot In Hell

Morgan Heist not ready to forgive Brenda for vanishing for 11 years

(Newser) - Brenda Heist's family isn't exactly rushing to embrace her after her re-appearing act . When she learned that her mother had been alive for the past 11 years, daughter Morgan Heist tweeted, "#thoughtsinmyhead you will never gain my love or respect. You deserve to rot in hell for...

Pa. Woman Declared Dead Turns Up After 11 Years

Brenda Heist vanished after dropping off her children for school

(Newser) - A central Pennsylvania woman who mysteriously disappeared after dropping off her children for school 11 years ago has surfaced in Florida, telling police she traveled there on a whim with homeless hitchhikers, slept under bridges, and survived by scavenging food and panhandling. Brenda Heist, 54, had been declared legally dead,...

2 Stories