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Yoga Pants May Be Key Source of Sea Pollution

Microfibers from comfy clothes could contaminate seafood

(Newser) - Comfortable clothes are emerging as a source of plastic that's increasingly ending up in the oceans and potentially contaminating seafood, according to Gulf Coast researchers. Yoga pants, fleece jackets, sweat-wicking athletic wear, and other garments made from synthetic materials shed microscopic plastic fibers—called "microfibers"—when laundered,...

Guy's 'Joke' Rant About Yoga Pants Backfires

Letter to Rhode Island newspaper inspires protest march, death threats

(Newser) - A Rhode Island man who penned a letter to the editor complaining about women wearing yoga pants says it was meant to be humorous and he doesn't have an issue with yoga pants. Alan Sorrentino tells WPRO-AM he hoped the letter published in the Barrington Times would be enjoyed...

Students Bent Out of Shape Over Yoga Pants Ban

Superintendent says the move is about 'employability'

(Newser) - A high school in Cape Cod isn't the first to ban yoga pants, which tend to be barred over their form-fitting nature being seen as a "distraction" for male students, but this time it's ostensibly for a different reason—at least according to the school district's...

Montana Lawmaker Fails to Ban Yoga Pants

House rejects bid to strengthen indecent-exposure law

(Newser) - A Montana legislative panel moved to kill an indecent-exposure bill yesterday after the lawmaker who introduced it said he thinks yoga pants should be illegal. Members of the House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to table House Bill 365, introduced by Rep. David Moore. The proposal would have expanded the definition...

Shareholder Sues Lululemon Over See-Through Pants

Says company defrauded shareholders by hiding what they were not hiding

(Newser) - They're the see-through yoga pants that will not disappear. After the famously sheer pants saw Lululemon's chief product officer fired , CEO resign, and stock price plummet , they have now incited a lawsuit. A shareholder is accusing the company of fraud, claiming Lululemon deliberately hid the defects in the...

Head Rolls Over Lululemon's See-Through Pants

Chief Product Officer Sheree Waterson to leave company

(Newser) - The see-through yoga pants scandal has claimed at least one victim: Lululemon yesterday announced that its chief product officer will exit April 15. Sheree Waterson had design, merchandise management, and global production under her purview, reports the Wall Street Journal , and had been with the company since 2008. In a...

6 Stories