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Newspaper Removes Gun Data From Website

'Journal News' move comes after new state law improves gun owners' privacy

(Newser) - The New York state newspaper that enraged critics by making public the names and addresses of gun owners has pulled the information off its website. The Journal News says it's not because of the criticism or threats against staffers , but in part because of a state law that passed...

'We're All Hypocrites' on Privacy
 'We're All 
 on Privacy 


'We're All Hypocrites' on Privacy

Bill Keller: Where's the outrage over government, corporate invasions?

(Newser) - The public howled when a New York newspaper printed the names and addresses of locals with gun permits , and we'd probably be similarly incensed if a paper decided to publish legally-obtained lists of abortion clinic employees, food stamp recipients, and on and on. Yet we, for the most part,...

Burglars Hit Home on NY Gun Map

Police investigating whether they used map to target home

(Newser) - More fallout from the controversial "gun map" published by a New York newspaper : The interactive map, which publicized addresses of local gun owners , may have been used by burglars to target a home in White Plains. At least two people broke into the home Saturday night and tried...

Armed Guards Now Protect Newspaper Behind Gun Map

'Journal News' was apparently alarmed by avalanche of threats

(Newser) - Oh, the irony. Gannett's Journal News, which you'll remember published an interactive map of people with handgun permits in two counties north of New York City, has turned to armed guards to keep it safe. In an article titled "The Journal News Is Armed and Dangerous,"...

Gun Group: Boycott Paper's Advertisers Over Gun Map

New York gun advocates aim for the Journal News

(Newser) - Gun advocates are targeting a New York newspaper's most sensitive spot—its wallet—over the paper's online map of gun owners, Politico reports. The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is asking "concerned citizens" nationwide to boycott advertisers of Westchester's Journal News, which sparked an...

Newspaper to Publish More Names of Gun Owners

Putnam County is next

(Newser) - Gannett's Journal News set off a firestorm this week when it published an interactive map of people with handgun permits in Westchester and Rockland counties. One incensed blogger retaliated with an interactive map listing the addresses of newspaper employees. Well, expect more controversy: The paper plans to publish more...

Blogger Posts Newspaper Staff Addresses Over 'Gun Map'

Adds map, photos of publisher's house

(Newser) - The interactive map of gun-owning homes published by Westchester's Journal News inspired more than outrage: Now a Connecticut lawyer has published the home addresses and phone numbers of the Journal News' publisher and 50 employees on his blog , reports Tech Crunch . “I don’t know whether the Journal’...

NY Newspaper in Firestorm Over Map of Gun Owners

Irate readers say map tells criminals which houses to rob

(Newser) - A New York newspaper has plopped itself squarely in the middle of America's gun control controversy by publishing an interactive map of homes with gun owners, reports Fox News . The Journal News in Westchester based the map on a FOIA request, and argues that some "residents would like...

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