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Idea of a 51st State Takes One Step Forward
House Passes Bill to Make
DC the 51st State
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House Passes Bill to Make DC the 51st State

The measure looks doomed in the Senate, but advocates cite momentum for the cause

(Newser) - 51 states? The idea became a smidge closer to reality on Thursday when the House passed a measure to bestow statehood on the District of Columbia, reports the Hill . Now, however, comes the hard part. Coverage:
  • The bill passed the House 216-208, but it faces monumental odds in the Senate,

For the First Time, the House Approves Statehood for DC

Senate Republicans remain opposed to the idea

(Newser) - The House approved a bill Friday to make the District of Columbia the 51st state, saying Congress has both the moral obligation and constitutional authority to ensure that the city's 700,000 residents are allowed full voting rights, no longer subject to "taxation without representation.'' Lawmakers...

DC Votes for Statehood

DC Votes
for Statehood

DC Votes for Statehood

Drafted constitution now goes before Congress for approval—but it's a tough road

(Newser) - A push to make Washington, DC, the nation's 51st state forged ahead Tuesday with voters in the district giving a thumbs-up to the initiative in an Election Day referendum, the Washington Post reports. Per NBC Washington , 86% of DC voters approved the referendum. "With massive turnout, District residents...

DC Picks Name for Statehood Bid

Changing 'New Columbia' might be 51st state's 1st task

(Newser) - America could have a new state called New Columbia by this time next year if voters in Washington, DC, choose statehood this fall and Congress allows it. The name—first chosen during a statehood bid in 1982—was approved this week by a statehood commission that included Mayor Muriel Bowser...

Mayor: We'll Vote on Making DC a State

She says residents' "rights are stolen" without statehood

(Newser) - Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser announced plans for a citywide vote in November to make DC the country's 51st state , the Washington Post reports. “We will not stop until we achieve full statehood,” USA Today quotes Bowser as saying Friday. The mayor argues that DC residents' "...

Obama Backs DC Home Rule
 Obama Backs 
 DC Home Rule 

Obama Backs DC Home Rule

President calls that question 'an easy one'

(Newser) - President Obama on DC home rule? "I'm in DC, so I'm for it," he said today at a Washington public school, DCist reports. In his first statements openly supporting home rule, he argued that DC residents pay taxes and "should be represented like everyone else,...

The US' 51st State: New Columbia?

Sen. Joe Lieberman introduces bill, but little time left to pass

(Newser) - Is it time at last to create a 51st state? No, not Canada. Four senators introduced legislation yesterday to turn Washington, DC, into the state of "New Columbia," reports Buzzfeed . Federal buildings and the mall would remain under Congressional control, but the rest of the city would get...

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