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UN Report on Food Waste Highlights a 'Travesty'

Researchers say that in 2022, nearly 20% of food produced globally went to waste

(Newser) - The world wasted an estimated 19% of the food produced globally in 2022, or about 1.05 billion metric tons, per a new United Nations report. The UN Environment Programme's Food Waste Index Report published Wednesday, co-authored by UNEP and the international charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP),...

Food Waste Accounts for 58% of Methane in Landfills

More than 50 local officials are asking the EPA to help accelerate food scrap recycling

(Newser) - More than one-third of the food produced in the US is never eaten. Much of it ends up in landfills, where it generates tons of methane that hastens climate change. That's why more than 50 local officials signed onto a letter Tuesday calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to...

How Some Ohioans Have Been Convinced to Waste Less Food

Here's what the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio did

(Newser) - When you toss those week-old leftovers in the trash, you're contributing to the planet's greenhouse gas woes. That's one of the takeaways of Susan Shain's piece for the New York Times : She explains that food generates methane—"a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon...

Clean Your Plate, China Tells Citizens

Xi tries again with a campaign to cut food waste

(Newser) - With the pandemic going strong, after flooding ruined farms and tons of produce across the southern part of the nation, China has intensified its efforts against food waste. China must "maintain a sense of crisis about food security," President Xi Jinping said. The "Clean Plate Campaign" is...

Dark Message to Dairy Farmers: 'Start Dumping Your Milk'

With food supply chain in chaos, farmers can't get their perishable product to where it's got to go

(Newser) - With schools and restaurants closed during the coronavirus pandemic, truck drivers afraid to transport product for fear of catching the virus, and exports slowing to a crawl, the dairy industry is taking a hit—and it's forcing farmers to trash their milk supply. "We need you to start...

$35K in Food Dumped After 'Twisted Prank' in Grocery Store

Woman went around coughing on everything as a joke, store co-owner says

(Newser) - A "very challenging day" at a Pennsylvania grocery store started with a cough and ended with more than $35,000 worth of food being dumped. USA Today reports on the incident Wednesday at Gerrity's Supermarket in Hanover Township, where a woman reportedly came in and "proceeded to...

Meal Kits Better for Planet Than Grocery Shopping
Meal Kits Better for Planet
Than Grocery Shopping

Meal Kits Better for Planet Than Grocery Shopping

It comes down to food waste: researchers

(Newser) - Despite arriving on your doorstep enclosed in plastic and cardboard, meal kits are generally better for the environment than a meal cooked at home with ingredients from a grocery store. In fact, store meals on average produce 33% more greenhouse gas emissions than meal kits bought from the likes of...

US Grocery Stores Graded on Food Waste, and One Gets an 'F'
US Grocery Stores Graded
on Food Waste, and
One Gets an 'F'
in case you missed it

US Grocery Stores Graded on Food Waste, and One Gets an 'F'

That would Be ALDI

(Newser) - As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's apparently not an adage that America's grocery stores have taken to heart, at least according to a new report from the Center for Biological Diversity and the Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign . They...

USDA Wants to Do Away With 'Sell by' and 'Use by' Labels

And replace them with a standardized 'best if used by' date

(Newser) - The USDA wants Americans to know it's probably fine to eat that yogurt hiding in the back of the fridge. Consumerist reports the agency released new guidance Wednesday asking meat and dairy producers to do away with the various "sell by" and "use by" dates they put...

Starbucks to Donate All of Its Unsold Food

By 2021 that will add up to nearly 50M meals a year

(Newser) - Some 70 billion pounds of food is wasted in the US annually—but you won't find a single unused Starbucks spinach and feta breakfast wrap in the mix by 2021. The company announced Tuesday it plans to donate 100% of unsold food within five years as part of a...

Supermarket That Sells Only Expired Food Now Open

Copenhagen's WeFood hopes to cut down on staggering food waste

(Newser) - "Is that milk past its 'sell-by' date? Drink it anyway." So proclaimed the headline of a recent op-ed for the Los Angles Times on the topic of whether "expired" food is OK to eat. Most Americans don't seem to think so: A 2013 study co-authored...

How a 20-Year-Old Saved 4K Pounds of Uneaten Food
How a 20-Year-Old Saved
4K Pounds of Uneaten Food

How a 20-Year-Old Saved 4K Pounds of Uneaten Food

Maria Rose Belding's MEANS Database connects pantries with donors

(Newser) - There are 48 million Americans who, at some point each year, may be unable to get enough food. Meanwhile, a third of the country's food goes to waste . This isn't as easy an issue to solve as it sounds—something Maria Rose Belding realized while volunteering at a...

Nearly Half Our Edible Seafood Is Going Uneaten

Consumers are throwing out 1.3B pounds every year

(Newser) - US consumers throw out or otherwise waste 1.3 billion pounds of edible seafood every year—that's more than a quarter of the country's annual supply, according to a press release from John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. Those numbers come from a new study published in...

Feds: Time to Stop Wasting 1/3 of Our Food

Government wants to halve waste in 15 years

(Newser) - The amount of perfectly good food that Americans throw away every year is enough to feed dozens of smaller countries, and the federal government says it's time to cut the waste dramatically. We throw away around a third of our food, and the USDA and EPA have partnered with...

31% of Land We Use to Grow Food Is Wasted

Survey: Most Americans think they're less to blame than others

(Newser) - A new study might make you think twice about how much food you throw away. Not only does 31% to 40% of American food go to waste, at a cost of $161.6 billion in 2010, but you're probably wasting more than you think—because almost 75% of Americans...

We Need a National Standard on Expiration Dates
We Need a National Standard on Expiration Dates

We Need a National Standard on Expiration Dates

Too much food is being wasted, say the editors at Bloomberg

(Newser) - Chances are you glance at the expiration date on food before tossing it into your shopping cart. The problem is, those dates are "almost completely arbitrary" and get stamped on there under a system that is "remarkably haphazard," complain the editors at Bloomberg View . They argue that...

France May Force Groceries to Give Food to Charity

Bill mandates that big supermarkets give unsold edibles to charities, farms

(Newser) - France's parliament has voted to forbid big supermarkets from destroying unsold food as part of a national campaign against food waste. The amendment approved by the National Assembly (the lower house of Parliament) late yesterday is part of a larger environmental bill and would require big supermarket chains to...

Olive Garden: Breadstick Policy Is 'Italian Generosity'

Company defends itself against investor manifesto

(Newser) - Olive Garden has fired back in the battle of the breadsticks . The Florida-based chain's parent company says the unlimited breadstick policy—one of many things criticized by hedge fund Starboard Value—is an example of "Italian generosity." In its response to Starboard's 300-page criticism, Darden Restaurants...

Olive Garden Investor Slams Chain Over ... Breadsticks

294-page manifesto also complains about asparagus length, logo, pasta water

(Newser) - Everyone who was lucky enough to nab an Olive Garden all-you-can-eat pass , get ready. Starboard Value, an investor trying to wrest control from Olive Garden's parent company, submitted a nearly 300-page filing to the SEC yesterday outlining that it takes umbrage with the restaurant's unlimited breadstick policy, stating...

Supermarket's New Power Source: Its Expired Food

'Digestion plant' will turn rotten food into bio-gas

(Newser) - Food in a British supermarket too rotten to be sold is still being digested—by a plant that turns it into electricity to power the store. The Sainsbury's store says it's the first retail outlet in the country to remove itself from the national power grid, receiving electricity...

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