Bob Menendez

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Sen. Menendez's Wife Killed Man in 2018 Crash

Victim's sister says it was 'swept under the rug'

(Newser) - A deadly 2018 car crash in New Jersey involving the future wife of Sen. Bob Menendez is getting fresh attention now that the Democratic senator and his wife have been indicted on bribery charges. Richard Koop, 49, was struck and killed by Nadine Arslanian Menendez's Mercedes-Benz around 7:30pm...

Menendez Released on Bond After Pleading Not Guilty

Judge restricts senator's international travel

(Newser) - Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez pleaded not guilty Wednesday in his first court appearance since he was indicted on bribery and extortion charges last week. The senator's wife and three New Jersey businesspeople named in the indictment have also pleaded not guilty, Politico reports. All five defendants are expected to...

Bad News for Menendez: Cory Booker Says He Must Go

Fellow Democratic senator from New Jersey has long been a staunch supporter

(Newser) - New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez is fast losing the support of fellow Democrats amid his new bribery charges . The biggest blow came Tuesday when Cory Booker—the junior New Jersey senator who has long been a staunch supporter of Menendez—joined the chorus, reports Politico . "The details of the...

Menendez: That Was My Own Cash I Stashed in My Home

Senator predicts he will be exonerated on bribery charges

(Newser) - Sen. Bob Menendez says he's not stepping down from the Senate after being indicted on bribery charges —and he's got an explanation for the cash investigators say they found stashed around his home. The New Jersey Democrat said Monday that the money found in clothes and closets...

Democrat Senators Stop Short of Saying Menendez Should Resign

But AOC does think he should step down

(Newser) - Add Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the list of politicians who think Sen. Bob Menendez needs to resign due to his indictment on corruption charges . The Democratic representative said the charges against Menendez, including allegations that he accepted bribes including a Mercedes-Benz, are "very serious," the Guardian reports. "Consistency...

This Time, Senator May Not Survive His Bribery Scandal

Democrat Robert Menendez now has a primary challenger, and Fetterman says he should resign

(Newser) - Rep. Andy Kim of New Jersey announced on Saturday that he will run against Sen. Robert Menendez in the state's Democratic primary for Senate next year, saying he feels compelled to run against the three-term senator after he and his wife were indicted on sweeping corruption charges . Kim's...

Ukrainians in US to Have Protections

Lawmakers of both parties had pushed administration for the move

(Newser) - As members of Congress and others have urged, the Biden administration on Thursday created a Temporary Protected Status program to protect Ukrainians living in the US from deportation. Homeland Security announced that the 18-month program will apply to Ukrainians who have lived in the US since March 1, CBS News...

Utah Senator Blocks National Latino Museum

And one for women, with Mike Lee saying we don't need 'separate but equal' Smithsonian museums

(Newser) - For more than 25 years, there's been an effort to establish a national Latino museum within the Smithsonian Institution's museum family. And that dream seemed closer to coming to fruition this week, with bipartisan legislation toward that end on the Senate table. Enter Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who...

Brock Turner Judge Is First Recalled in Decades
Brock Turner Judge Is
First Recalled in Decades

Brock Turner Judge Is First Recalled in Decades

Tight California races still too close to call

(Newser) - Tuesday was a big day for primaries, with votes held in eight states, but one of the day's biggest results involved a judge, not a lawmaker. Voters in California have ousted Aaron Persky, the judge who sentenced former Stanford student Brock Turner to six months for sexually assaulting an...

An Inconclusive End to Menendez's 2.5-Month Trial

Judge declares a mistrial

(Newser) - The federal bribery trial of Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez ended in a mistrial Thursday when the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked on all charges against the New Jersey politician and a wealthy donor. Prosecutors can seek to retry the lawmaker. The most serious charge Menendez faced, honest services fraud,...

Prosecutors: Senator 'Sold His Office' for Life of Luxury

Lawyer says Menendez was doing 'what members of Congress do'

(Newser) - Sen. Bob Menendez "sold his office for a lifestyle he couldn't afford" by accepting luxury trips and other favors from a wealthy doctor seeking political influence, a government prosecutor told jurors Wednesday during opening statements of the Democrat's corruption trial . Menendez's attorney responded that gifts from...

Friendship or Corruption? Senator's Rare Trial Set to Begin

It has the potential to reshape the Senate

(Newser) - "That’s one thing that makes this case interesting: It asks the existential question as to when friendship ends and corruption begins." So says a former federal prosecutor of the corruption trial, which is kicking off Wednesday, of Sen. Robert Menendez. The 63-year-old New Jersey Democrat is the...

Senator Menendez, Resign Now
 Resign Now 


Senator Menendez, Resign Now

Star-Ledger, New York Times say it's time to go

(Newser) - Sen. Bob Menendez vows to fight the corruption charges on which he was indicted yesterday, but two leading papers around the New Jersey Democrat's home turf have another suggestion: Resign immediately.
  • New Jersey Star-Ledger : Yes, innocent until proven guilty means something, but the bar is higher for senators. At

Senator Bob Menendez Indicted in Corruption Case

New Jersey Democrat may be arraigned tomorrow

(Newser) - Sen. Bob Menendez has been charged with using his office to improperly benefit a Florida eye doctor and political donor. A federal grand jury today indicted the New Jersey Democrat on charges including conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud. Prosecutors had been investigating whether Menendez improperly advocated for the...

Sen. Menendez to Face Corruption Charges

CNN: Feds bringing criminal case against Robert Menendez of New Jersey

(Newser) - New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez has been fending off allegations of corruption for two years now, but things are about to get much worse. CNN reports that the feds will bring criminal corruption charges against the prominent Democrat in a matter of weeks, and the Wall Street Journal confirms. Outgoing...

Family Rains Cash on Dems, Immigration Breaks Ensue

Travel ban on Estefania Isaias is dropped

(Newser) - Estefania Isaias was banned from entering the US after getting illegal visas for her maids—a ban that was lifted right around the time the Isaias family donated tens of thousands of dollars to President Obama's campaign, the New York Times reports. The family has given vast sums to...

Menendez: Cuba Hatched Bogus Hooker Sex Story

NJ senator wants DOJ to look into alleged smear campaign

(Newser) - Robert Menendez thinks the Cuban government planted evidence that he partied with underage prostitutes, and the New Jersey senator is asking the Justice Department to look into his claims, reports the Washington Post . Menendez, known as a vocal Castro critic, alleges that plot was timed to put a wrench in...

Senate Doesn't Trust Iraq With Helicopters

Bob Menendez blocks Obama's call for an Apache sale

(Newser) - With Iraq spiraling back into war , the Obama administration has promised to send arms, and it's pressuring Congress to OK the sale of dozens of Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters. But there's a problem: Several top senators tell the Daily Beast that they just don't trust Nouri al-Maliki'...

Senate to Set 90-Day Limit, Bar Ground Troops

Panel votes on Syria resolution tomorrow

(Newser) - Ninety days max and no ground troops: The Senate resolution authorizing President Obama to use military force against Syria will require those two conditions. The AP obtained a copy of the draft resolution that the Foreign Relations Committee will vote on tomorrow. It sets a time limit of 60 days...

Senators Agree to 'Border Surge,' 700-Mile Fence

Security concessions could open door for more GOP support

(Newser) - How do you get Republicans to sign onto an immigration bill? You build a danged fence —a lot of danged fence. A bipartisan group of senators has agreed to bolster the border security provisions in the Senate's immigration reform bill, in the hopes of winning over more GOP...

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