Apple vs. Samsung

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Apple-Samsung Showdown Reaches Supreme Court
Last Time SCOTUS Heard
a Case Like This, It Was 1885

Last Time SCOTUS Heard a Case Like This, It Was 1885

Apple, Samsung battle has lasted years

(Newser) - The last time the Supreme Court heard a design patent case, it involved carpets—and there were only 38 states in the USA. The long-running Apple vs. Samsung battle over the latter company's alleged copying of iPhone design elements made it to the country's top court Tuesday, and...

iPhone No Longer Most Popular Model ... for Now

Samsung Galaxy S III takes the lead from iPhone 4S

(Newser) - Who says Samsung's Galaxy isn't as cool as the iPhone? Only one model can occupy the No. 1 sales slot, and in Q3 the honor went to Apple's main competitor—though the title is probably a temporary one, reports Mashable . Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy S III...

Apple's Samsung Apology Mocks 'Not as Cool' Tablet

Uses judge's own words in public posting

(Newser) - Remember when Apple was ordered to post an embarrassing mea culpa on its UK website, proclaiming publicly that Samsung didn't copy the iPad? Well, Apple has complied —and in the court-ordered 14-point font —but with a distinct lack of contrition, quoting extensively from the judge's ruling...

3 Stories