Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Just End for Painting Stolen by Nazis From Bank Vault

Granddaughter of late Jewish art collector thinks it's 'lovely'

(Newser) - "Lovely colors. Lovely painting," was Sylvie Sulitzer's reaction upon first seeing Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Two Women in a Garden," a 1919 painting owned by her grandfather and stolen by Nazis. One of 13 paintings Jewish art collector and dealer Alfred Weinberger stored in a Paris...

Odd Story of Trump's Allegedly Fake Renoir Surfaces

The Art Institute of Chicago says it is sure its version is authentic

(Newser) - First fake news, now fake art? According to Donald Trump biographer Tim O'Brien, the president has a fake version of impressionist painting "Two Sisters (On the Terrace)" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir—only Trump asserts that it's an original. On Vanity Fair's Inside the Hive podcast, O'Brien...

Man's Mission: Get 'Sucky' Renoir Out of Our Museums

Max Geller's voice is gaining traction on Instagram

(Newser) - Whether it's an honest complaint, a joke, an attempt to start a discussion about larger issues, or some combination, one thing is clear: Max Geller's protest of French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir's work is gaining traction. After a petition to remove Renoir's work "from our national...

1980s Beau Casts Doubt on 'Flea Market' Renoir Story

He, 2 other witnesses place 2009 'find' in family's home decades ago

(Newser) - The case of the Renoir supposedly purchased at a flea market for $7 in 2009 continues to unspool dramatically: Now the Washington Post finds three witnesses who say On the Shore of the Seine hung in Marcia Fouquet's Virginia home in the 1980s and 1990s. That would seem to...

Inside the Battle Over a $7 Renoir

'Renoir Girl' looks to be far more than a lucky thrift shopper

(Newser) - The anonymous Virginia woman who scored a Renoir painting for $7 at a flea market last year has outed herself in an attempt to reclaim ownership of the piece, after it was discovered to have been stolen from a Baltimore museum in 1951 and was thus seized by the FBI....

Forget the Auction: Flea-Market Renoir Is Stolen Goods

Washington Post reporter cracks the mystery

(Newser) - After a woman unknowingly bought an apparent Renoir original at a flea market, the painting was set to rake in big money at auction. Unfortunately for the buyer, it turns out the painting may already have a rightful owner; the question is who. Either way, the auction has been canceled....

Woman Finds Renoir Original at Flea Market

Painting could sell for up to $100K later this month

(Newser) - The flea market box lot was less than $50, and the buyer picked it up mostly for the Paul Bunyan doll it contained. But it turns out the box lot also contained an original painting by Renoir that could fetch up to $100,000 in an auction at the end...

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