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Man Whose Paralysis Extends to His Eyes Can Communicate
Completely Locked-In Patient
Manages to Communicate
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Completely Locked-In Patient Manages to Communicate

Researchers used brain implants that allowed him to select one letter every minute

(Newser) - The New York Times describes Dr. Ujwal Chaudhary and Dr. Niels Birbaumer as "dumbstruck" by the outcome of an experiment they conducted in 2020. It's an understandable reaction. Then colleagues at the University of Tuebingen in Germany, the men employed brain implants that allowed a then-34-year-old patient with...

Don't Marry Mario: 'Locked-in' Patients Can Finally 'Talk'

They communicate by thinking yes or no

(Newser) - Four paralyzed patients unable to communicate for years were finally able to do so through a potentially groundbreaking brain-reading system. And it turns out that one of them really didn't want his daughter to marry her boyfriend. The patients all had advanced ALS and were unable to control even...

Man Frozen in Body for Years Emerges, Tells Story
Man Frozen in Body for
Years Emerges, Tells Story

Man Frozen in Body for Years Emerges, Tells Story

Martin Pistorius was in vegetative state, but aware

(Newser) - Martin Pistorius was a kid so into electronics his mom had no doubts about his ability to fix a broken plug for her when he wasn't yet 11 (which he did). But shortly after turning 12 in January 1988, things changed. He started sleeping more, barely eating, and ultimately...

Brit Behind Failed Right-to-Die Fight Dead at 58

Tony Nicklinson was living with locked-in syndrome following 2005 stroke

(Newser) - Tony Nicklinson found living with locked-in syndrome so difficult that he petitioned Britain's High Court to overturn his country's ban on euthanasia. Last week, the court rejected his request, a decision that Nicklinson said had left him "devastated and heartbroken." The 58-year-old died at home today...

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