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Wildfire Shuts PCH at Big Sur
Big Sur Fire Shuts Highway 1

Big Sur Fire Shuts Highway 1

Winds up to 70mph are expected in Southern California, as well

(Newser) - A wind-driven wildfire broke out late Friday in the rugged mountains above Big Sur, forcing residents to evacuate their homes and authorities to shut down a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway. The fire started in a canyon and was pushed by 35mph winds to the sea, jumping the highway and...

Officials Now Count 2 People Missing After Fire

Family says 91-year-old woman couldn't escape her burning home

(Newser) - After wildfires races through two Colorado towns on Thursday, local officials said no one was killed, which the sheriff said would be "our very own New Year’s miracle." Now they're worried that the announcement was premature, the Denver Post reports. Local officials had been working through...

Coloradoans Return to Where Homes Stood
Assess Fire Loss

Coloradoans Assess Fire Loss

One woman finds just the mailbox still standing

(Newser) - Forrest Smith fled his home in Louisville, Colorado, with only a coffee cup, a water cup, and his cellphone. In the rush, as hot ashes burned him while he started his car, he'd even left behind his wallet, USA Today reports. "For some reason, I'm thinking in...

'This Is the Kind of Fire We Can't Fight Head On'

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated northwest of Denver

(Newser) - An estimated 580 homes, a hotel, and a shopping center have burned and tens of thousands of people were evacuated in wind-fueled wildfires outside Denver, officials said Thursday evening. Just a few injuries have been reported so far, but authorities didn’t rule out finding out later about more severe...

California Wildfires Ruined a Winery's Grapes. It Had a Plan

Napa Valley's Pine Ridge Vineyards is now producing vodka made from the smoke-tainted fruit

(Newser) - When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When it hands you ruined grapes, make ... vodka? That's what Napa Valley's Pine Ridge Vineyards opted to do when its grape crops were sullied by smoke from last year's California wildfires, thanks in part to a partnership with an Almeda...

Fire That Threatened LakeTahoe Region Is Now 100% Contained
Father, Son Accused of
Starting Caldor Fire

Father, Son Accused of Starting Caldor Fire

California wildfire burned for 67 days before it was contained

(Newser) - Update: A father and son stand accused of reckless arson in the California wildfire that threatened the storied Lake Tahoe region, the Sacramento Bee reports. After a monthslong investigation involving multiple search warrants, David Scott Smith, 66, and Travis Shane Smith, 32, were on Thursday taken into custody on a...

'I Think We're Making History,' Pilot Said. Then He Crashed

Marc Olson died Tuesday during pioneer mission to battle Colorado wildfire at night

(Newser) - A pilot who'd flown for 42 years—32 of those spent in the Army and Air Force— died Tuesday during a pioneering effort to fight a Colorado wildfire at night. Marc Thor Olson of CO Fire Aviation successfully completed a water drop over the Kruger Rock Fire in Larimer...

Thousands of Sequoias Must Be Chopped Down

Trees pose danger after California wildfires

(Newser) - Thousands of California's famed giant sequoias are doomed in the wake of devastating wildfires that have swept the Sierra Nevada. Per ABC News , upwards of 10,000 of the trees, which can reach 275 feet and live for 3,000 years or more, must be culled for safety reasons....

Convicted Arsonists Are Executed En Masse in Syria

Human rights activists 'shocked' that 24 were put to death for 2020 wildfires

(Newser) - Wildfires that swept through Syria last year were intentionally lit, and now 24 individuals linked to setting them have been executed, per the country's Ministry of Justice. Al Jazeera notes that while executions aren't uncommon in Syria, so many being killed at once is unusual. It's not...

Calif. Wildfires Deliver a 'Heartbreaking' Loss

Hundreds of giant sequoias are believed to have burned

(Newser) - Northern California wildfires may have killed hundreds of giant sequoias as they swept through groves of the majestic monarchs in the Sierra Nevada, an official said Wednesday. "It's heartbreaking," Christy Brigham, head of resources management and science for Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, told the AP...

Woman Allegedly Sparked Wildfire Trying to Boil Water

Alexandra Souverneva hit with multiple charges in California

(Newser) - The woman who was arrested after walking out of a Northern California wildfire near the fire line has now been charged with arson. Authorities say Alexandra Souverneva, 30, was trying to hike to Canada when, she told them, she found a puddle of water to drink but wanted to sterilize...

Woman Walks Out of Brush Near Fire Line, Is Arrested

Alexandra Souverneva accused of arson in Fawn Fire, which has forced evacuations of 4K

(Newser) - A fire that erupted Wednesday in California's Shasta County has quickly spread to cover 5,500 acres , forcing thousands of people out of their homes. It's also prompted an arrest. Cal Fire and Shasta County Fire said employees spotted a white woman trespassing on property accessed through two...

Special Blankets Helped Save World's Biggest Trees

Recent controlled burns also kept sequoias safe in California

(Newser) - The general is safe, for now. The reference is to the world's biggest tree, known as General Sherman, in California's Sequoia National Park, reports NPR . Encroaching wildfires had forest workers scrambling to protect the ancient trees last week, and their efforts appear to have paid off. Not only...

Lake Tahoe Residents 'Thankful to Be Alive'

They're returning home, though Caldor Fire is only 50% contained

(Newser) - Residents are returning to the Lake Tahoe resort area more than a week after evacuation orders spurred by the Caldor Fire , though full containment is still weeks away. More than 53,000 people had been ordered to evacuate by Sept. 1. At that time, officials expected full containment by Wednesday....

'This Fire Does Stuff I’ve Never Seen Before'

Firefighters make progress in Tahoe battle, but danger remains

(Newser) - Firefighters battling to save the Lake Tahoe resort area got some help from the weather overnight. Operations section chief Tim Ernst told firefighters Wednesday morning that they had "lucked out" with winds that were not as fierce as expected, allowing them to make progress defending the South Lake Tahoe...

Fire May Wipe Out Lake Tahoe As We Know It

Iconic resort area is endangered

(Newser) - As the Caldor Fire bears down on Lake Tahoe , experts warn that an "urban conflagration" could see the popular resort area around the lake gutted. Old homes and log cabins with wood porches and roofs are common in the neighborhoods around Lake Tahoe, which straddles the California-Nevada border, as...

As Fire Bears Down, Residents of Lake Tahoe Told to Get Out

Evacuations ordered as 'Today, it let loose'

(Newser) - Fire officials ordered more evacuations around the Tahoe Basin as a two-week-old blaze encroached on the mountain towns surrounding glimmering Lake Tahoe. By nightfall, the AP reports that all residents on the California side of the Lake Tahoe Basin were warned to evacuate, after fire officials had stressed for days...

For Wildland Firefighters, a New Crisis Is Growing

They're at higher risk of PTSD, suicide with wildfires only getting worse

(Newser) - They are, in the jargon of federal bureaucracy, "forestry technicians." To these "technicians," however, the job title is an insult. In reality, these are federal wildland firefighters who quite literally risk their lives every long day they're on the job, all for the reward of...

Russia Lets Scores of Fires in Siberia Burn

Blazes surpass combined size of all others worldwide

(Newser) - Russia is used to damaging wildfires. A Greenpeace study found that 4.7 billion trees in Russia were lost to fire last year, seven times the number planted. And this year is worse. The blazes burning now in Siberia are larger than all other wildfires around the world combined, the...

North Pole Tainted by Siberian Smoke in Grim First

Wildfires are consuming millions of acres in the Russian region

(Newser) - Siberia is on fire and the smoke has reached the Arctic. The region is known for its harsh, cold winters and short, chilly summers, but a recent heat wave and drought have led to massive wildfires, Gizmodo reports. At present, 8.4 million acres are burning in the Sakha region,...

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