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Those We Lost in 2012
 Those We Lost in 2012 

Those We Lost in 2012

Whitney Houston, Joe Paterno, Dick Clark, Ravi Shankar

(Newser) - Neil Armstrong would always be taking that first step onto the moon, and Dick Clark was forever "the world's oldest teenager." A look at some of the notables who died in 2012:
  • Etta James, 73. Blues singer best known for her enduring classic "At Last."

Tony Scott Was Cancer- Free: Coroner

Still no known motive behind Top Gun director's suicide

(Newser) - Contrary to earlier reports , Top Gun director Tony Scott wasn't suffering from brain cancer or any other serious illness when he committed suicide in August, the coroner says. Scott did, however, have "therapeutic levels" of sleep drug Lunesta and antidepressant Mirtazipine in his body, the Los Angeles Times...

Tony Scott Suicide: Notes Give No Motive

We may never know why director jumped

(Newser) - The reason that drove Tony Scott to leap to his death from an LA bridge may never be known. Law enforcement sources tell the LA Times that the director left a few notes, but none of them give any motive for the suicide, including health problems . A witness who was...

Family: Tony Scott Didn't Have Brain Cancer

Director looked nervous before suicide leap: witness

(Newser) - Elements of director Tony Scott's suicide remain a bit of a mystery. Family members have denied reports that the director had inoperable brain cancer—or any kind of brain tumor, an investigator says. ABC News, citing a source close to the director, was first to report that diagnosis, but...

Forget Ridley: Tony Was the More Talented Scott Brother

Alex Pareene reflects on why he loved the late director

(Newser) - Ridley Scott may be the better known Scott brother, but Tony Scott—who jumped to his death yesterday —was the better film director, writes Alex Pareene on Salon . He realizes this sounds "ridiculous," but challenges readers to "stop and think about how many films by each...

Top Gun Director Had Inoperable Brain Cancer

Tony Scott left several notes to loved ones

(Newser) - Top Gun director Tony Scott, who jumped off a Los Angeles bridge to his death yesterday, was suffering from inoperable brain cancer, an insider tells ABC News . Police got multiple calls about the jump yesterday around 12:35pm; a number of boaters witnessed the scene, TMZ reports. "He landed...

Top Gun Director Leaps to Death From LA Bridge
 Top Gun Director 
 Leaps to Death 
 From LA Bridge 


Top Gun Director Leaps to Death From LA Bridge

Tony Scott left suicide note in his Prius: cops

(Newser) - Top Gun director Tony Scott committed suicide yesterday by leaping to his death from a Los Angeles bridge, according to authorities. Scott, 68, jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, which spans San Pedro and Terminal Island, reports AP . He reportedly jumped " without hesitation ." A suicide note was found...

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