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Alleged Serial Killer: I Killed 4, but Don't Blame Me

Canada's Jeremy Skibicki claims he is not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder

(Newser) - An accused Canadian serial killer has admitted to killing four Indigenous women but claims he is not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder. Jeremy Skibicki, 37, had pleaded not guilty to four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 24-year-old Rebecca Contois, 39-year-old Morgan Harris, 26-year-old Marcedes Myran,...

Search for Serial Killer's Victims Could Cost $66M

Federal, provincial Canadian governments will fund search of landfill for slain Indigenous women

(Newser) - Canada's federal government and the provincial Manitoba government have agreed to spend tens of millions to help search a landfill for the remains of two slain Indigenous women. A sum of $20 million Canadian—US $14.7 million—from each government is to go toward a search of the...

Another Indigenous Woman's Body Found in Landfill

Remains of Linda Beardy were likely deposited within hours of Monday's discovery in Winnipeg

(Newser) - The body of an Indigenous woman has been found in a Manitoba landfill where a suspected serial killer allegedly deposited at least one of his Indigenous victims. The body of Linda Mary Beardy, a 33-year-old mother of four from Lake St. Martin First Nation, was discovered by staff members at...

Prohibition-Era Message Found in Statue's Base

Stonecutter apologizes for not leaving bottle of brandy

(Newser) - Workers removing the base of a statue in front of the provincial legislature building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, found a bottle placed there 101 years earlier—with a note inside apologizing for the fact that it didn't contain brandy. The note, dated July 30, 1921, said, "On account of...

Alleged Serial Killer Accused of Murdering 4 Indigenous Women

Canadian suspect Jeremy Skibicki linked to far-right group

(Newser) - A man arrested in Canada earlier this year is now believed to be a serial killer with at least four victims, all of them Indigenous women. Jeremy Skibicki, a 35-year-old resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was charged in May with the murder of 24-year-old Rebecca Contois, a member of the Crane...

Canadian Protesters Topple Statue of Queen Victoria

She was head of state when residential schools policy for Indigenous children was introduced

(Newser) - Thursday was Canada Day—but after a series of horrific finds at former residential schools for Indigenous children, many were in no mood to celebrate . In Winnipeg, an "Every Child Matters" march ended at the Manitoba Legislature, where protesters toppled a statue of Queen Victoria erected in 1904, the...

Gas Leak at Hotel Sends 46 to Hospital
46 Hospitalized
After Hotel Gas Leak

46 Hospitalized After Hotel Gas Leak

15 in critical condition after Winnipeg incident

(Newser) - Nearly four dozen people were taken to a hospital, at least 15 of them in critical condition, after carbon monoxide leaked inside a hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Tuesday, but no fatalities are expected, officials say. John Lane, chief of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, says emergency crews were called...

Rescue Dog Shot Dead on Airport Runway

Escape forced incoming flight to abort landing

(Newser) - A Canadian rescue dog's journey to her new home ended tragically after she escaped her kennel and ran loose on an airport runway in Winnipeg. Greta—a 2-year-old Labrador mix who was on her way from northern Manitoba to a home in the city—chewed through a plastic portion...

Onetime Canadian Sports Personality Now Allegedly Robbing Banks

Steve Vogelsang allegedly robbed two banks in Winnipeg

(Newser) - A former well-known Canadian TV sports anchor is in jail after police say he robbed two banks in as many days in the western province of Alberta last week. Police in the small city of Medicine Hat say Steve Vogelsang robbed a Royal Bank of Canada on Thursday, Oct. 19,...

Jimmy Carter Collapses While Building Home

Habitat for Humanity says former president suffering dehydration

(Newser) - Jimmy Carter was hospitalized in Canada after he collapsed while building a Habitat for Humanity home Thursday in Winnipeg, CBC reports. The 92-year-old former president was using a handsaw to cut wood for a staircase at the time. The reason given for Carter's collapse was dehydration. According to the...

Family Braces for Trial in Daughter's 1984 Murder

Candace Derkson was 13 when she was abducted in Canada

(Newser) - When Candace Derksen went missing on her way home from school in Winnipeg in the fall of 1984, it took six weeks for volunteers to find her body—just a few hundred yards from her home, in a storage shed, where the 13-year-old who loved horses had been bound with...

120 Kids' Suicide Notes Lead to This Musician's Inked Arm

Robb Nash wants to show other teens that they're not alone

(Newser) - Robb Nash and his band are known for not only playing concerts in schools and detention centers across Canada, but also for digging deep with teens about mental illness and self-harm. After he performs, the Winnipeg musician is often approached and handed suicide notes by young listeners who relate...

Dad Patrols Streets After Losing Son to Drunk Driver

Les Yasinsky patrols Winnipeg's streets on weekends

(Newser) - There's an extra set of eyes watching for drunk drivers in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, and they don't belong to a police officer. Les Yasinsky spends most Friday and Saturday nights staked out near bars looking for people who "are falling over drunk and … get...

Cops Sorry for Blaring X-Rated Helicopter Chat

It was broadcast over large parts of Winnipeg

(Newser) - "Does the Winnipeg chopper realize the entire West End can hear their convo about blow jobs right now?" a woman in the Canadian city tweeted Monday night—and the answer, apparently, was no. Large parts of the city were able to listen in on an explicit conversation between two...

Woman Charged With Hiding 6 Dead Infants in Locker

Tests underway to determine whether Andrea Giesbrecht is mother

(Newser) - Police in Winnipeg have charged a 40-year-old woman with six counts of concealing a body after they found the remains of six infants in a storage locker she rented. But the Toronto Star reports that it could be months before forensic tests determine how the babies died and whether Andrea...

4 Dead Infants Found in Storage Locker

Winnipeg cops probing gruesome find

(Newser) - Employees who opened what U-Haul says was a "delinquent storage locker" at a Winnipeg facility made a horrifying find: the bodies of four babies in various stages of decomposition. Police are investigating what sources tell the CBC was a "gruesome" scene, like something out of a horror movie....

Driver Stops Bus—to Give Away His Shoes

Winnipeg transit driver pulls over to help barefoot man

(Newser) - It was no big deal, insists Winnipeg bus driver Kris Doubledee, but his act of kindness is resonating in the city and beyond. When Doubledee saw a man walking barefoot downtown, he stopped his bus, got out—and gave the man his shoes. Then he got back on the bus...

Facebook Flags Chats of Alleged Sex Predator

Suspect arrested in Canada after conversations with girl, 13

(Newser) - Employees at Facebook helped nab an accused sexual predator after his computer chats raised red flags. The suspect, a 25-year-old male, was engaging in explicit chats with a 13-year-old girl, which caught the attention of Facebook staffers who alerted Winnipeg police. Authorities arrested the man, though not until after he...

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