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Study Offers a Note of Caution on Keto Diets
Study Offers a Note
of Caution on Keto Diets
new study

Study Offers a Note of Caution on Keto Diets

Researchers see a higher risk of heart disease

(Newser) - A new study offers something to consider for adherents of keto diets: The low-carb, high-fat menu might bring a higher risk of heart disease. Using long-range data in a UK database, the researchers compared 305 people who ate a "keto-like" diet with 1,200 others who ate a more...

Lawsuit Goes After a High-Profile Diet
Lawsuit Goes After
a High-Profile Diet

Lawsuit Goes After a High-Profile Diet

Eight women say F-Factor diet caused health problems

(Newser) - Tanya Zuckerbrot has become a big name in the world of nutrition over the last 15 years or so thanks to her F-Factor diet, whose adherents consume large amounts of fiber. Now, however, eight women have filed a lawsuit alleging that the eating plan caused them health problems, reports Hannah...

Twitter CEO: I Skip Breakfast, Lunch Every Day

Jack Dorsey talks more on his intermittent fasting habits, disputes rumor on his sauna/ice bath habit

(Newser) - People have a lot of questions about Twitter, and about CEO Jack Dorsey in particular, and on Tuesday, the 43-year-old social media leader tried to answer some of them. Wired has the video interview , and one of the questions that came in via the platform he oversees wanted to know...

Experts Say World Urgently Needs a New Diet

They advise reducing red meat to 1 serving a week

(Newser) - A hamburger a week, but no more—that's about as much red meat people should eat to do what's best for their health and the planet, according to a report seeking to overhaul the world's diet . Eggs should be limited to fewer than about four a week,...

When You Eat May Be More Important Than What You Eat

Idea of TRF, or time-restricted feeding, is catching on

(Newser) - It's beginning to look like a concept called TRF—or, time-restricted feeding—is going to be around for a while in the arena of diet and nutrition. The Washington Post has a feature on it, while the Wall Street Journal and others have covered it previously. The idea is...

Silicon Valley Is on This Diet, So I Tried It Too

Business Insider writer felt like a 'superhero' after subsisting on eggs, butter, bacon

(Newser) - Silicon Valley techies adopt some unusual eating habits to boost productivity, including one firm where workers fast on Tuesdays. Melia Robinson wanted to see how one of these dieting regimens would affect her, and she concludes for Business Insider that it "vastly improved my life." The course she...

One State Dominates in Healthy Eating

California claims 4 of top 10 metro areas with healthiest diets

(Newser) - All the hype about California healthy living appears to be well founded—at least when it comes to mealtime. A new report by Gallup and Sharecare, a digital health firm, looked at eating habits in 189 metropolitan areas across the US with one simple question: "Did you eat healthy...

Senators Blast Dr. Oz for Bogus Diet Claims

He defends right to use 'flowery' language

(Newser) - Celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz stuck up for his right to use "flowery" language to praise weight loss products after a Senate panel slammed him for encouraging scammers by endorsing "miracle cures." Sen. Claire McAskill asked him why he "cheapened" his show by saying things he...

Yo-Yo Dieter? You Can Still Lose Weight
 Yo-Yo Dieter? 
 You Can Still 
 Lose Weight 
study says

Yo-Yo Dieter? You Can Still Lose Weight

New study finds no lasting negative effects of 'weight cycling'

(Newser) - Heartening news: No matter how many times you've lost and then re-gained weight, a new study suggests it's never too late to shed the pounds once more. Previous studies have found that so-called "yo-yo dieting" can have a negative impact, but the new study of overweight and...

Dieting Women Should Keep a Food Log
 Dieting Women 
 Should Keep 
 a Food Log 
study says

Dieting Women Should Keep a Food Log

And don't skip meals or eat out for lunch, study says

(Newser) - In a new study, scientists encourage three tips for female dieters: keep a food log, don't skip meals, and don't go out for lunch. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center analyzed the year-long dieting habits of 123 overweight post-menopausal women and found that those who stuck...

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