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Alice Stewart Called Herself Conservative but Independent

CNN commentator worked on a series of Republican presidential campaigns

(Newser) - Alice Stewart, a CNN political commentator and veteran political adviser who worked on a number of Republican presidential campaigns, has died at age 58, the news network reported. Police in northern Virginia told CNN that Stewart's body was found outdoors in the Bellevue neighborhood early Saturday morning and that...

Charles Barkley Signs Off on CNN Program: 'Call Me, Gayle'

Ex-NBA star, Gayle King end their 'King Charles' talk show

(Newser) - The reign of King Charles has come to an end, less than five months after it began. Not the UK monarch, but the weekly CNN talk show hosted by former NBA great Charles Barkley and TV personality and Oprah bestie Gayle King, which saw the pair sign off for good...

CNN Is Bailing on Morning Talk Show Strategy

Hosts of 'CNN This Morning' leaving program as network shifts back to straight news

(Newser) - CNN is getting out of the morning talk-show business, reports the New York Times . In the first big move by new CEO Mark Thompson, the network will stop trying to compete with Fox and Friends and MSNBC's Morning Joe and return to more of a hard-news format. Details of...

CNN Anchor Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Sara Sidner has stage 3 breast cancer

(Newser) - CNN anchor Sara Sidner had some tough personal news to share on CNN News Central on Monday morning. The co-host disclosed that she has stage 3 breast cancer and is in her second month of chemotherapy. "I have never been sick a day of my life. I don't...

More GOP Debates Are Now on the Schedule

CNN to hold one in Iowa, one in New Hampshire in January; ABC/WMUR also claim a debate in NH

(Newser) - If you were disappointed to see Wednesday's GOP debate in Alabama come to a close, good news—more faceoffs are heading our way in the new year. On Thursday, CNN announced it would host two Republican debates in the early primary states: one on Jan. 10 at Drake University...

Anderson Cooper: I Don't Want My Kids to See My Sadness

CNN host dives deep into his personal losses and grief in interview with 'New York Times'

(Newser) - If anyone understands grief, it's Anderson Cooper. The 56-year-old CNN anchor lost his father, Wyatt, when he was 10 to a heart attack, then his older brother, Carter, to suicide when they were both in their 20s. His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, died in 2019 at the age of 95....

CNN Has Landed on Its CEO
CNN Has Landed on Its CEO

CNN Has Landed on Its CEO

Former 'New York Times' CEO Mark Thompson will join network in October

(Newser) - CNN has landed on its turnaround solution: Mark Thompson has been selected as the new CEO of the network, which he'll officially join on Oct. 9. It's a position he held from 2012 to 2020 at the New York Times, having made major strides in building its robust...

CNN Makes a Big Overhaul
CNN Makes a Big Overhaul

CNN Makes a Big Overhaul

Lineup changes mean weeknights are mostly run by women; Amanpour, Wallace head to weekends

(Newser) - CNN is making dramatic changes to its lineup, announcing Monday that it's giving Abby Phillip and Laura Coates new weeknight shows and launching new weekend programs with Christiane Amanpour and Chris Wallace. Virtually no part of the day goes unchanged in the revamp, the AP reports, as the network...

Trump Sues CNN for $475M
Judge Tosses Trump's CNN Suit

Judge Tosses Trump's CNN Suit

$475 million defamation lawsuit against CNN, Ruling calls 'Big Lie' usage repugnant but not defamatory

(Newser) - Donald Trump's lawsuit arguing that CNN likened the former president to Adolf Hitler in its coverage of false 2020 election fraud claims has come to an end. The defamation suit said that on-air use of the term "Big Lie" harmed Trump. US District Judge Raag Singhal dismissed the...

Former CNN Producer Sentenced to Almost 20 Years

John Griffin sexually assaulted 9-year-old girl

(Newser) - A former CNN television producer who had pleaded guilty to luring a 9-year-old girl into illegal sexual acts was sentenced Tuesday to more than 19 years in prison and an additional 15 years of supervised release during a US District Court hearing in Vermont. John Griffin of Stamford, Connecticut, pleaded...

Christie Goes Hard on Trump at Town Hall: 'Loser, Loser, Loser!'

On CNN, ex-NJ governor calls GOP presidential rival 'vengeful,' compares him to Voldemort

(Newser) - The Chris Christie of 2016 (and even 2019 ) is much different than the Chris Christie of 2023 —at least when it comes to how he feels about former President Trump. "Loser, loser, loser!" is how the former New Jersey governor now depicts Trump, just one of...

CEO Chris Licht Is Out at CNN
CEO Chris Licht
Is Out at CNN

CEO Chris Licht Is Out at CNN

News exec was the subject of a devastating magazine profile

(Newser) - Chris Licht could not survive his brutal week . The CEO of CNN has resigned from his post after 13 months, Axios reports. Licht himself confirmed the news to the outlet after it was first reported by Puck . Licht has been reeling from the fallout of a scathing profile of him...

CNN Boss Chris Licht Apologizes to Staff
His Job
Security Shaky,
CNN's Boss
the rundown

His Job Security Shaky, CNN's Boss Apologizes

Network CEO's job appears to be in jeopardy after scathing profile in 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - CNN chief Chris Licht had such a bad weekend that some thought he might tender his resignation when addressing the staff Monday morning. Instead, the 51-year-old offered an apology and vowed to earn back the trust of people he let down, reports CNBC . The controversy stems from an in-depth profile...

CNN Boss Chris Licht Is Under Siege

'Atlantic' profile provides deep look at network goings-on

(Newser) - Already the talk of the industry—and not necessarily in a good way—CNN chief executive Chris Licht now has to share control of the organization. David Leavy has been named chief operating officer of the network, CNBC reports. Leavy is a longtime ally and confidant of David Zaslav, the...

Trump's Next Town Hall Won't Go Out Live

June 1 event in Iowa will be hosted by Fox's Sean Hannity

(Newser) - Former President Trump is following up his CNN town hall event with one on another network he often maligns—Fox News. The network says the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP nomination will join host Sean Hannity for a town hall in Iowa on Thursday, the Hill reports. The network says...

Mid-Show Pep Talk May Have Helped Trump

Axios reports he was shown tweets from angry critics during CNN town hall commercial break

(Newser) - Axios points out that former President Trump became increasingly aggressive as last week's town hall on CNN progressed, and the outlet thinks it knows why. Mike Allen reports that aide Jason Miller showed Trump real-time tweets from angry critics at the first commercial break, and it apparently inspired...

Everyone Stop Whining About That Town Hall
The Lesson
for Journalists
From Trump's
Town Hall

The Lesson for Journalists From Trump's Town Hall

Go with taped interviews, not live events, suggests media writer Jack Shafer at Politico

(Newser) - CNN has taken lots and lots of criticism for its town hall with former President Trump, usually along the lines of, "That wasn't journalism, it was a Trump rally." In a Politico essay, media writer Jack Shafer would like everyone to calm down. "Enough with the...

2 Polar Opposites Defend CNN's Town Hall With Trump

Trump himself says network 'did the right thing'; CNN's Anderson Cooper takes heat for his defense

(Newser) - Criticism on CNN's contentious town hall with former President Trump continues to bubble up , including frustration from inside CNN and backlash against CEO Chris Licht, who has come out in defense of how Wednesday night's broadcast went. Trump himself is now praising the network, telling Fox News...

Trump's Town Hall a Ratings Hit for CNN
CNN Chief Defends
Trump's Town Hall

CNN Chief Defends Trump's Town Hall

The event was a ratings hit, with 3.1M viewers tuning in

(Newser) - CNN was taking a lot of flak Thursday for its town hall with Donald Trump, but this much is clear: It was a ratings success. The prime-time forum drew 3.1 million viewers, enough to make it No. 1 among the cable news networks for the night, reports Axios . That...

Trump Played a 'Steamroller' at CNN Town Hall
Trump Played a
'Steamroller' at
CNN Town Hall

Trump Played a 'Steamroller' at CNN Town Hall

CNN 'effectively gave America a primetime Trump rally'

(Newser) - Supporters and detractors of former President Trump don't agree on much, but many on both sides believe the CNN town hall event Wednesday was a good night for him. During 70 minutes in front of a Trump-friendly audience in New Hampshire, Trump repeated his lies about the 2020 election...

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