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Skyscrapers Actually a Good Place to Be in an Earthquake

Though earthquakes are rare in NYC, high-rises are built to withstand them

(Newser) - The ground rumbled Friday beneath New York City, home to famous skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. Though buildings that can reach above 100 stories might seem especially vulnerable to earthquakes, engineering experts say skyscrapers are built with enough flexibility to withstand moderate shaking, the...

LA Wrestles With Once-Posh, Abandoned 'Graffiti Towers'

Police struggle to keep up as incomplete development overrun by vandals, BASE jumpers

(Newser) - It was meant to be a luxury skyrise, home to the rich and famous. But the unfinished Oceanwide Plaza Towers in the heart of Los Angeles have instead attracted vandals. "We do think that unfortunately it has become an iconic location ... for nefarious acts," LAPD Chief Michel Moore...

NYC May Lose Claim to Having Tallest US Building

Planned skyscraper in Oklahoma City would eclipse One World Trade Center

(Newser) - A new city might nab bragging rights for the tallest building in the US, and the location might surprise you. People reports that architect group AO and developers Matteson Capital have submitted a request in Oklahoma City for a 1,907-foot skyscraper dubbed Legends Tower. The building would be part...

Here Are America's Tallest Cities
America's Tallest Cities

America's Tallest Cities

The No. 1 probably isn't a shocker

(Newser) - Monday might be a national holiday, but Sunday apparently marks the much lesser-known Skyscraper Day. As such, RoofGnome has compiled a list of US cities that those who love dizzying heights will want to put on their bucket lists, and those who find dizzying heights just dizzying (or terrifying) might...

Climber Got to 72nd Floor Before He Was Arrested

South Korean authorities arrested British man halfway up world's 5th-tallest building

(Newser) - A British man was detained after climbing more than halfway up the world’s fifth-tallest skyscraper with only his bare hands on Monday, authorities in Seoul say. More than 90 police and other emergency personnel were dispatched to the 123-story, 1,820-foot-tall Lotte World Tower after the man was spotted...

Trump Wins Big Tax Case Over His Chicago Skyscraper

After years of legal wrangling, former president, investors to recoup $1M in property tax refunds

(Newser) - For more than a decade, former President Trump and other owners of the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago have sought to recoup a hefty property tax refund on the building. Now, it looks like Trump can claim success in this longtime battle: On Monday, the Illinois Appellate Court...

Here Are the 20 Most Beautiful Skylines in America

Thrillist offers its take on the nation's skyscraper-dotted scenes

(Newser) - Whether you're gazing upon famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and St. Louis' Gateway Arch, or a Minneapolis scene straight out of Fargo, America's skylines offer eye candy that are a testament to the architects and builders who've erected our nation's most notable buildings. Thrillist...

Manhattan Boasts World's Skinniest Skyscraper

The upper floors of Steinway Tower sway a few feet when it's windy

(Newser) - One skyscraper stands out from the rest in the Manhattan skyline. It's not the tallest, but it is the skinniest—the world's skinniest, in fact. The recently completed 84-story residential Steinway Tower, designed by New York architecture firm SHoP Architects, has the title of "most slender skyscraper...

Sinking Millennium Tower Just Can't Catch a Break
Planned Fix for Sinking
Tower Hits Big Snag
in case you missed it

Planned Fix for Sinking Tower Hits Big Snag

Roadblock to $100M effort to reverse tilt of San Francisco's Millennium Tower: underground wall

(Newser) - San Francisco has been struggling for years with its Millennium Tower , an architectural fiasco that has seen the building slowly leaning and sinking into the ground below it. Now, the expensive plan to fix it may be in jeopardy, with reports that an underground shoring wall is now a wrench...

World's Skinniest Skyscraper Now Towers Over Manhattan

The Steinway Tower is completed, stands at 1,427 feet

(Newser) - Construction is now complete on New York City's Steinway Tower, which might be a ho-hum update save for one detail: It's the skinniest skyscraper in the world, with a height-to-width ratio of 24:1. (The next closest looks to have a ratio of 20:1 .) The tower...

San Francisco's Millennium Tower Now Tilting 26 Inches

City is still trying to settle on the best fix

(Newser) - Update: San Francisco's Millennium Tower is now 26 inches off center, with 10 inches of that tilt occurring last year while work on a supposed fix was underway, according to the project's chief engineer. A retrofit was halted in the summer after the building sank further into soft...

China Bans Super-Tall Buildings in Small Cities

Country is cracking down on 'vanity projects'

(Newser) - China is cracking down on skyscrapers—especially tall ones in small cities. As part of a wider bid to restrict what authorities call "vanity projects" and "ugly architecture," authorities have said cities with populations below 3 million will not be allowed to build high-rises taller than 492...

A Lawsuit at One of World's 'Wealthiest Addresses'

432 Park Avenue residents describe floods, elevator breakdowns, excessive noise

(Newser) - Update: Residents of one of the most expensive addresses in the world are suing the developers for $250 million. The complaint filed Thursday by the condo board at 432 Park Avenue in New York City claims the funds are needed to repair some 1,500 construction and design defects in...

Rail Lines, Winds Blamed for Skyscraper Wobble

US consulate warns citizens to stay away from Shenzhen's SEG Plaza

(Newser) - Officials in Shenzhen say they haven't detected anything particularly unusual about the 71-story SEG Plaza skyscraper—apart from the fact that it started shaking Tuesday afternoon, causing panic in the south China city. Local authorities say the shaking was apparently caused by a combination of winds, two underground rail...

Thousands Flee Shaking Skyscraper
Thousands Flee
Shaking Skyscraper

Thousands Flee Shaking Skyscraper

There was no earthquake recorded in southern Chinese city at the time

(Newser) - There were scenes of panic in Shenzhen, southern China Tuesday afternoon as one of the city's tallest skyscrapers started shaking. Thousands of workers and shoppers ran to safety as the 71-story SEG Plaza wobbled, the BBC reports. Authorities say the 21-year-old building was safely evacuated, along with some neighboring...

'French Spiderman' in 'Triple Trouble' After Latest Stunt

Alain Robert climbed a 545-foot-high skyscraper in Frankfurt, Germany, wearing cowboy boots

(Newser) - German police say urban climber Alain Robert faces a criminal investigation and fine after scaling one of Frankfurt's tallest buildings on Thursday. Robert, known as the "French Spiderman" for his daring stunts, clambered to the top of rail company Deutsche Bahn's 545-foot-high office building in Germany's...

Tiny Town Plans Major Skyscraper
Tiny Town OKs
'Eye of Sauron'
in case you missed it

Tiny Town OKs 'Eye of Sauron' Skyscraper

The Danish town of Brande is looking up

(Newser) - The tallest building in Western Europe is currently London's Shard—but that won't last if a tiny Danish town gets its way, the Smithsonian reports. Brande, population 7,000, has approved a 1,049-foot building for 30 retail stores, educational spaces, hotel rooms, and offices for a clothing...

'French Spiderman' Arrested in Philippines
'French Spiderman' 
Strikes Again

'French Spiderman' Strikes Again

Alain Robert arrested at GT International Tower in Philippines

(Newser) - "French Spiderman" Alain Robert was rather nonchalant about his arrest Tuesday for scaling a 710-foot-tall skyscraper in the Philippines. "There isn't any scandal ... Hopefully everything should be OK by tomorrow," the 56-year-old told CNN , noting he was "entertaining people for free" for 1.5 hours....

Elevator Drops 84 Floors, Causing Hours-Long Rescue

The passengers were pulled through a wall

(Newser) - The unthinkable happened for six visitors to Chicago's fourth tallest skyscraper when a cable snapped, dropping them dozens of stories before becoming trapped in an elevator for nearly three hours. Per the Chicago Tribune , the nightmare unfolded at the skyscraper once known as the Hancock Center on Friday when...

Raccoon That 'United America' Has Been Rescued

Critter that scampered up a St. Paul skyscraper is said to have been caught in a live trap

(Newser) - The skyscraper-ascending raccoon of Minnesota has reportedly been rescued. NPR reports the determined climber, which had been trapped at various spots on the UBS building in St. Paul for two days, is said to finally have been trapped by building management, per a law firm on the 23rd floor of...

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