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Hey, There's Yet Another GOP Contender in Town

And he's long-shot candidate Doug Burgum, governor of North Dakota

(Newser) - North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has announced his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, adding his name to the long list of contenders hoping to dent former President Trump's early lead in the race. Burgum, 66, made the announcement in the Wall Street Journal and was expected to...

North Dakota Governor Bans Pronoun Policies in Schools

And compels teachers to tell parents if students identify as transgender

(Newser) - North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum has signed a bill that prohibits public schools and government entities from requiring teachers and employees to refer to transgender people by the pronouns they use, the governor's office announced Monday. The new law also requires teachers to tell a parent or legal...

N. Dakota Gov Signs One of Nation's Strictest Abortion Bans

Legislation bans the procedure throughout pregnancy, with few exceptions

(Newser) - North Dakota on Monday adopted one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country as Republican Gov. Doug Burgum signed legislation banning the procedure throughout pregnancy, with slim exceptions up to six weeks’ gestation. In those early weeks, abortion would be allowed only in cases of rape, incest, or medical...

31 Train Cars Derail in North Dakota

Liquid asphalt is leaking, railway officials say

(Newser) - Hazardous materials are leaking after a major train derailment in North Dakota Sunday night, but officials say nobody was injured and there is no danger to the public. Officials say 31 cars of a 70-car Canadian Pacific Railway train came off the tracks near the town of Wyndmere in the...

6 Officers Fired After Missile Base Gets Inspection 'F'

2 commanders, 4 subordinates relieved of command at North Dakota's Minot Air Force Base

(Newser) - Six officers at an Air Force nuclear base were fired this week after units failed an inspection meant to ensure the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile is safe and secure, CNN reports. The two commanders and four subordinates "were in charge of caring for the infrastructure, fuel, and logistics...

Bringing Raccoon Into Bar Was Costly Move for Woman
Bringing Raccoon Into Bar
Costs Woman, Big-Time
in case you missed it

Bringing Raccoon Into Bar Costs Woman, Big-Time

Erin Christensen of North Dakota gets a year of probation, must pay more than $1K

(Newser) - Bringing a wild raccoon into a bar will cost one North Dakota woman, quite literally. Erin Christensen, 38, pleaded guilty last week to charges of false information to law enforcement, evidence tampering, and unlawful possession of a furbearer, all misdemeanors. She was sentenced to a suspended six-month jail term and...

This Is the Most Giving State in America

Congrats to Utah, according to WalletHub's ranking of the most, least charitable states

(Newser) - If you're in a position to be philanthropic, whether that means donating your money or your time, where you live can make a difference in terms of enthusiasm from fellow locals—which in turn might inspire even more of your own altruism. WalletHub looked at 19 metrics across all...

ND Man Admits Running Down 'Republican' Teen: Cops

Shannon Brandt, 41, charged with vehicular homicide in death of Cayler Ellingson

(Newser) - North Dakota's attorney general is calling on political leaders to stop violent rhetoric after authorities say a man admitted to using his SUV to fatally strike a teen with whom he had a "political argument." Shannon Brandt, 41, called 911 early Sunday, saying he'd hit a...

They Were Harvesting Wheat. Then 4 Were Dead
Cops: Feud Between
Brothers Led to 4 Deaths

Cops: Feud Between Brothers Led to 4 Deaths

Police say Robert Bracken killed his son, his brother, another man, and himself in North Dakota

(Newser) - Update: Police in North Dakota say a disagreement between brothers led to a triple-homicide and suicide, reports the Grand Forks Herald . The Towner County Sheriff’s Office blames a "dispute between brothers Robert Bracken and Richard Bracken" that had been "escalating for a week or more." Police...

State's Sole Abortion Clinic Sues to Stop Ban

North Dakota law took effect after Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade

(Newser) - North Dakota's sole clinic that provides abortion services filed a lawsuit in state court Thursday seeking to block a law that banned abortion following the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade . The Red River Women's Clinic argues that the ban violates the rights to...

State's Only Abortion Clinic Is Moving to the Next State

North Dakota clinic has raised more than $650K for move to Minnesota

(Newser) - The Red River Women's Clinic, long the the only abortion clinic in North Dakota, is moving to the other side of the Red River in response to the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade . The clinic, which is moving a few miles away to Moorhead, Minnesota, raised...

Scientist: This Dinosaur Died on the Day of Asteroid Strike

Leg was among many finds at North Dakota site that preserved the 'death blow'

(Newser) - The asteroid that hit the Earth around 66 million years ago brought an abrupt end to the Cretaceous period—and to the life of a Thescelosaurus dinosaur whose incredibly well-preserved leg was found at a North Dakota site. Researchers say they can pinpoint the day of the dinosaur's death...

15 Years After Teen's Murder, Her Roommate Is Charged

Police arrest Nichole Rice, 34, in connection with fatal stabbing of Anita Knutson, 18, in Minot, ND

(Newser) - Nearly 15 years after a North Dakota teen was found murdered in her home, a crack has finally been made in the case. Police in Minot say that Nichole Rice, 34, has been arrested in connection with 18-year-old Anita Knutson's killing, after more than 10 years in which "...

10 Best, Worst States to Retire In
This Is the Best
State for Retirees

This Is the Best State for Retirees

Surprise! Florida comes in at No. 1 in WalletHub rankings

(Newser) - Figuring out what to do once you retire can be a challenge, including where you put down roots to ride out your golden years. WalletHub looked at nearly four dozen metrics across all 50 states, in three main categories: affordability, which looks at everything from the cost of living and...

Here Are the Best, Worst States to Raise a Family

Massachusetts ranks highest in WalletHub's rankings, Mississippi comes in at the bottom

(Newser) - Finding the best place to settle down and raise a family can prove a tough choice, with different levels of import placed on the various factors in play, depending on who's being asked. WalletHub looked at more than four dozen metrics in five main categories to help ease the...

Man Who Carried Out 4 North Dakota Murders Gets Life

Chad Isaak killed 4 at company that manages the mobile home park where he lived

(Newser) - Update: The North Dakota man who murdered four people in a grisly act at a property management firm will spend the rest of his life in prison. Chad Isaak was on Tuesday sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being found guilty in August of the...

Here Are the Best States for an Off-Grid Life

Not New Jersey, per LawnStarter

(Newser) - Want to get away from it all—like, for good? If the thought of holing up in a cabin in the woods and disconnecting from the world sounds appealing, LawnStarter has been scouting all 50 states to find where off-the-grid living might work best, looking at nearly two dozen metrics...

This Is the Best State for Millennials

Washington offers a warm welcome if you're between the ages of 25 and 40

(Newser) - Millennials end up in headlines quite a bit , and the latest one offers some guidance on where they might be able to live their best lives. WalletHub examined this demographic— generally defined as those born between 1981 and 1996, making them between 25 and 40 in 2021—and where they'...

As Judge Reads Verdict, Convict Kills Himself

Jeffrey Sahl Ferris slit his throat in Fargo courtroom

(Newser) - Upon learning that he would face a minimum of seven years in prison, a convicted man stood in federal court and slit his throat from ear to ear with a letter opener while the judge looked on, according to reports. The suicide occurred as a partial guilty verdict was being...

Cops: Woman Tried to 'Run People Over' at Ex's Funeral

Blair Whitten is accused of speeding through cemetery, driving over gravesites

(Newser) - There are likely numerous contenders for the "Worst Ex-Girlfriend Ever" title, but a Minnesota woman may have just secured herself a place in the finals. Per court documents cited by the Twin Cities Pioneer Press , North Dakota police officers were alerted over the weekend by attendees of a graveside...

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