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99-Year-Old Gets Arrested, Knocks Item Off Her Bucket List

Police say it was a 'day to remember'

(Newser) - Cops handcuffed and arrested a 99-year-old grandmother who's never committed a crime, the Telegraph reports, and yet there were no protests or outraged blog posts. That's because Annie, who lives in the Netherlands, wanted to "experience a police cell from within" as part of her bucket list,...

Cops Fulfill Teen's Odd Bucket List Wish

After leukemia returned, Alyssa Elkins decided she wanted to fire a Taser

(Newser) - When Alyssa Elkins sat down with her eight siblings to write a bucket list, she thought about a video she'd seen of her uncle being struck by a Taser during his training with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. She added firing a Taser to the list, partly as a...

How One Woman Spent Final Days With Dying Husband

One Reddit user was determined to live, not just survive, the final moments

(Newser) - When 26-year-old Bangalore native Anukriti Mehta learned that her cancer-ridden husband, 28, had one month to live, she reached out to others on Reddit for tips on how best to live, as opposed to merely survive, their final days together. She pulled together tips that ranged from the practical (sort...

Parents Have 'Visual Bucket List' for Girl Losing Sight

With an airline's help, Rome is now on the list

(Newser) - The parents who created a "visual bucket list" for their 5-year-old daughter who is slowly going blind started by showing her wondrous sights close to their Ohio home. They never dreamed she'd get to see Rome someday. Elizabeth "Lizzy" Myers and her family will travel to Italy...

With 3 Words, 94-Year-Old Checks Off Bucket List

Shirley Batchelder's message: 'Love one another'

(Newser) - Shirley Batchelder has lived a "fantastic" life. The 94-year-old of Franklin, Tenn., was married for 57 years to a man who was "handsome as can be," has three children, plenty of grandchildren, and now hosts games at Steeple Chase Manor Retirement, just like her idols Pat Sajak...

Teen's Dying Act Completes Bucket List
Teen's Dying Act
Completes Her Bucket List
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Teen's Dying Act Completes Her Bucket List

She had already kissed in the rain and been to Spain

(Newser) - After Rebecca Townsend was struck and killed by a car on her way home from a fireworks display on July 2, heartbroken friends and relatives discovered that the 17-year-old had written a "bucket list" years earlier—and completed it in her final moments. The list, which was part of...

Woman Adopts Dog, Brings Epic Joy to His Final Days

Chester enjoying hot dogs, milk baths with his new foster mom

(Newser) - Chester may be in his last days, but he's living the dream. Little is known about the terminally ill dog's life before April, when he was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Columbus, where his previous owners left him. "He wasn't in the best shape,"...

Couple's Babymoon Now a Nightmare

 Couple's Babymoon 
 Now a Nightmare 
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Couple's Babymoon Now a Nightmare

Twins born in Portugal at 24 weeks; one has since died

(Newser) - Married for a year and with twins due in August, New Jersey's Fred and Kim Spratt set out on a "babymoon" earlier this year for their last time as a family of two. "We're trying to hit spots on our bucket list every year, so we...

91-Year-Old Checks Off Bizarre Bucket List Item
91-Year-Old Checks Off
Bizarre Bucket-List Item

91-Year-Old Checks Off Bizarre Bucket-List Item

Accident reconstruction officer made dream a reality

(Newser) - Thanks to a dedicated grandson, Illinois man Walter Thomas finally has an answer to a question that he has pondered for many of his 91 years. He "told me a long time ago that he always wanted to back a car through the garage door," granddaughter Becky Goers...

Dying Dog Goes on Epic Bucket List Journey

New York City's Poh swims in the Pacific

(Newser) - When vets told New York City's Neil Rodriguez that his 15-year-old dog, Poh, didn't have long to live, two words came to mind: road trip. The DJ and his fiancee took Poh on a cross-country road trip over seven weeks, reports the Daily News . "I initially wanted...

For Boy Going Blind, a Bucket List of Sights

Ben Pierce, 9, wants to be able to remember what hundreds of things look like

(Newser) - Seeing tiny snails and examining chalk under a microscope might seem like small things, but to a Texas boy losing his eyesight they're bucket list material—along with more standard big-ticket items like seeing the Grand Canyon and Antarctica—of things he wants to see before he goes blind....

Baby Completes Bucket List Before His Brief Life Begins

Shane Haley was born this morning, then died in his mother's arms

(Newser) - When Jenna and Dan Haley found out the baby they were expecting, Shane, would live only a few hours after birth, the Pennsylvania couple decided give him as full a life as they could. They created a "bucket list" for him, ABC News reports, and checked off items while...

Malaysia Airlines Nixes 'Bucket List' Contest

Company tries to coax people back on planes with regrettable promo

(Newser) - Even a drunken, washed-up Don Draper would know better than to pitch this: Malaysia Airlines —dogged by the twin tragedies of Flight 370 and Flight 17 and desperate to fill its scads of empty seats — came up with what apparently seemed like a promising promotion: the "My...

Woman Beats Cancer, Dies in Freak Bucket-List Fall
Woman Beats Cancer, Dies
in Freak Bucket-List Fall
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Woman Beats Cancer, Dies in Freak Bucket-List Fall

Mom of 2 recently beat breast cancer after 4 years of chemo

(Newser) - After four years of chemo in facing down—and recently beating—breast cancer, 51-year-old Geraldine Jones set out to fulfill a "lifelong dream" of riding a horse on her favorite stretch of beach in South Wales as a way to "appreciate every moment," a close friend tells...

Woman Vows to Live Out Heart Donor's Bucket List

Susan Vieira to honor Kristina Chesterman

(Newser) - Kristina Chesterman, 21, was studying to be a nurse when she was killed by a suspected drunk driver last year—but she managed to save lives anyway. A registered organ donor, Chesterman gave five people, including a baby, new life, and now the woman who received her heart wants to...

Boy Going Blind Sees Dream Come True

Louie Corbett on mission to complete a visual bucket list

(Newser) - Louie Corbett's dream was to see the Boston Celtics play ball—a dream made all the more urgent due to the 12-year-old's degenerative eye disease that has stolen 50% of his sight in the past year alone and will soon render him blind. This week, the New Zealand...

10K Visitors Grant Dying Girl's Last Wish

Pennsylvania girl diagnosed with cancer wanted to hear them sing

(Newser) - An incredible sight on a small-town street: thousands of people singing Christmas carols. The sad reason behind it: 8-year-old Delaney Brown, nicknamed Laney, has been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and given only days or weeks to live, the Reading Eagle reports. The carolers in West Reading, Penn,...

Guy Gets Bucket-List Motorcycle, Dies in 3 Miles

But he probably went out smiling, says his son

(Newser) - It might help to know going in that Barry Strang's wife isn't angry—she can deal with the way her husband died. But the way that happened is almost too bizarre to believe. The Star-Tribune of Casper, Wyoming, explains: Barry had a lifelong dream to buy a Harley...

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