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US Has 'Profoundly Disturbing' Stats on Maternal Mortality

We're the worst out of all high-income nations, with Black patients especially suffering

(Newser) - When it comes to how patients fare during pregnancy and after giving birth, the United States is lagging. According to new research released Tuesday by the private Commonwealth Fund, the US has the highest maternal mortality rate of the 14 high-income nations examined in the study , and Black women fare...

These Pregnancy Rules Could Upend the Workplace

New regulations offer guidance on morning sickness, doctor appointments, abortion, and more

(Newser) - Pregnant employees have the right to a wide range of accommodations under new federal regulations for enforcing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act that supporters say could change workplace culture for millions of people. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency in charge of enforcing the law, adopted an expansive view...

Longtime NFL Cheerleader Dies After Childbirth

As a Black woman in the US, Krystal Anderson was at greater risk

(Newser) - The Kansas City Chiefs family is mourning a longtime cheerleader who died unexpectedly after giving birth to a stillborn daughter. Krystal "Krissy" Anderson, 40, died March 20, "shortly after the birth of ... Charlotte Willow Anderson, who was born at rest," according to an obituary , which notes she...

In Flint, Michigan, an Ambitious Program for New Moms

City where 70% of children live in poverty will pay out $7.5K to women with newborns

(Newser) - A $500 payment each month might not sound like a lot. But for Hailey Toporek, it's life-changing. The 19-year-old learned she was pregnant just 10 days before delivering a baby boy. Two days after giving birth, she arrived at pediatrician Mona Hanna-Attisha's office for a checkup and learned...

Baby Decapitated During Delivery Was a Homicide

Police in Clayton County, Georgia, forward findings to district attorney

(Newser) - A medical examiner's office has ruled the death of an infant decapitated during childbirth at a hospital in Georgia as a homicide. In a lawsuit, Jessica Ross, 20, claims her doctor, Tracy St. Julian, tried for hours to deliver her son, whose shoulder had become wedged in the birth...

For Many, Consequences of Giving Birth Go on for Years

Research finds more than a third of postpartum patients suffer long-term health issues

(Newser) - Researchers are calling for more of a spotlight on the long-term health of postpartum patients following the release of a study showing that more than a third of them suffer from lasting issues after giving birth, per the World Health Organization , one of the study's supporters. In the study...

Uganda Hospital Celebrates 'Africa's Oldest Mother'

Safina Namukwaya has twins at age 70

(Newser) - It may not be the record for the oldest woman to give birth, but it's in the conversation. A 70-year-old woman in Uganda gave birth to twins after having IVF treatment, reports the BBC . "We've achieved the extraordinary—delivering twins to Africa's oldest mother aged 70!...

Xi to China's Women: Time for a 'New Trend of Family'

Leader's speech to state-run women's rights group urges women to focus on 'family harmony'

(Newser) - It's not enough for women to work on their own development, according to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said Monday that women must also strive toward "family harmony, social harmony, national development, and national progress," in large part by having children. He urged women to establish a...

This State Will Shutter 3 Maternity Wards. It's Not Alone

'Maternity care deserts' are increasing in Alabama, and elsewhere, leaving pregnant women at risk

(Newser) - In Alabama, three hospitals are about to cease delivering babies, leaving pregnant patients with no birthing hospitals in Shelby and Monroe counties, and a drive of up to 100 miles for some to get to a labor and delivery unit. That's not even that unusual in the Yellowhammer State,...

Actor: 'Beyonce Induced My Baby'
Actor: 'Beyonce
Induced My Baby'

Actor: 'Beyonce Induced My Baby'

Sarah Francis Jones of 'Hairspray' went into labor at Monday concert in California

(Newser) - Sarah Francis Jones was a week from her due date, but she figured that was no reason to skip seeing Beyonce live in concert, and on Beyonce's birthday no less. Jones, an actor who's appeared in films including Hairspray and Honey, took her husband, fellow actor Marcel Spears,...

In China, an Unusual Tactic to Boost Young Marriage

One region is bestowing cash for brides under 25

(Newser) - Officials in one part of China are urging people to get married at a young age, with cash as an incentive. Couples who marry in Zhejiang province's Changshan County when the bride is 25 or younger will receive a $137 cash bonus, the county announced last week, noting the...

Suit: Doctor Decapitated Baby During Delivery

Jessica Ross alleges the funeral home was the one to tell her what had occurred

(Newser) - A Georgia woman says she suffered "tremendous mental and physical anguish and trauma" after her baby was allegedly decapitated during delivery. Jessica Ross on Wednesday sued the hospital and various personnel involved in the July delivery of her son. FOX 5 Atlanta reports Ross, 20, went to Southern Regional...

Rider Trades Tour de France for Child's Birth

Wout van Aert says he expected to leave race when the time came

(Newser) - "I always thought that I would go home when my wife indicated that she needed me," said Wout van Aert, a Belgian cyclist participating in the Tour de France. The family's doctor says Van Aert's wife, Sarah, is about to go into labor, so that time...

Tori Bowie Couldn't Wait to Become a Mom: Agent

Olympic champ's agent, longtime friend says sprinter was 'just so happy'

(Newser) - Tori Bowie was excitedly anticipating becoming a mom when she died in childbirth in May , according to the US Olympic champion's longtime agent. Kimberly Holland tells NBC News she felt protective of the 32-year-old sprinter ever since signing her a decade ago, and says she and Bowie were closer...

Cause of US Olympian's Mysterious Death Revealed

Tori Bowie died of childbirth complications

(Newser) - The US Olympic medalist and world champion sprinter who was found dead in May at age 32 died from complications of childbirth, according to her autopsy report. Tori Bowie was approximately eight months pregnant and in labor at the time of her death, USA Today reports. It's not clear...

CNN Anchor's Baby Arrived in Most Surprising Way

Kasie Hunt's 'sudden' 13-minute labor meant she had to give birth to daughter Grey in her bathroom

(Newser) - While most of us were marking the first of March with salutations of "rabbit, rabbit" and thoughts of spring, Kasie Hunt was having an even more exciting day. The 37-year-old CNN anchor was set to head to the hospital Thursday for a scheduled C-section for the birth of her...

Pregnant Women, New Mothers Died More Often in Pandemic

By far, the groups most at risk are Native American and Black women, research shows

(Newser) - Mortality rates for pregnant women and new mothers, already higher in the US than in many other nations, worsened during the pandemic. Much of the increase can be attributed to causes other than difficulties during pregnancy, including drug overdoses, homicides, and car accidents, research shows. The study was published Friday...

Baby's First Appearance: in Freeway's Carpool Lane

It all went relatively smoothly, to Ally and Jeffrey Kiyomura's relief

(Newser) - Ally Kiyomura's contractions were four minutes apart when husband Jeffrey began driving her to a California hospital for the birth of their baby girl. He was sure they had time to get there. Ally soon realized they did not. As KNBC reports, the baby was born in the carpool...

Suit: She Gave Birth on Jail Cell Floor as Staff Laughed

Jazmin Valentine alleges she was ignored during her 6-hour labor

(Newser) - A woman who said she was left to give birth to her baby alone on the dirty, concrete floor of her jail cell in Maryland filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging that jail nurses ignored her screams and pleas for help for six hours. Jazmin Valentine alleges some nurses working...

Median Age for Giving Birth in US Hits Record High

It's now 30, according to US Census Bureau

(Newser) - For Allyson Jacobs, life in her 20s and 30s was about focusing on her career in health care and enjoying the social scene in New York City. It wasn't until she turned 40 that she and her husband started trying to have children. They had a son when she...

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