Lyrid meteors

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Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Here
Lyrid Meteor
Shower Is Here

Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Here

But at its peak, so is a nearly full moon

(Newser) - The Lyrid meteor shower is underway. But with a nearly full moon in the sky during the peak, it might be tough to see clearly. The Lyrids occur every year in mid- to late April. This year's peak activity happens Sunday into Monday, with 10 to 20 meteors expected...

One of the Oldest Meteor Showers Peaks Overnight
Earth Day Gets a
Celestial Welcome

Earth Day Gets a Celestial Welcome

Annual Lyrid meteor shower, one of oldest known on Earth, will peak overnight

(Newser) - One of Earth's oldest known meteor showers will usher in Earth Day 2020. The annual Lyrid meteor shower, first recorded some 2,700 years ago in China, will peak around 10pm local time Tuesday until about 5am Wednesday, which is Earth Day. Up to 20 meteors will be visible...

Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

 Lyrid Meteor Shower 
 Is Back 

Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Back

It's not one of the bigger shows, but moon is cooperating

(Newser) - The Lyrid meteor shower peaks overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning, and those inclined should head outside at some point after midnight and simply look up. (Meteors should be visible Thursday night , too.) No special equipment is needed, though recommends lying back on a lounge chair because...

Meteor Show Tonight
 Meteor Show Tonight 

Meteor Show Tonight

Scant moonlight should make Lyrids visible after midnight

(Newser) - The sky is putting on a free light show night. The Lyrid meteor shower is here, and it peaks in the wee hours, reports Discovery News . The Lyrids aren't as big as the Perseids of summer or the Geminids of winter, notes ABC News , but a new moon tonight...

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