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After Record Election, Mayor Wants a Swimmable Thames

In a London first, Sadiq Khan has won a third term

(Newser) - London Mayor Sadiq Khan has cleaning up to do. Khan, who made history Saturday by becoming the city's first mayor elected to a third term, has pledged to make the River Thames swimmable. It's an audacious goal considering the waterway was declared biologically dead not long before his...

13-Year-Old Dead After 'Truly Horrific' Sword Attack

Police say 4 others were injured, including 2 cops, after suspect went after them in London

(Newser) - A 13-year-old boy was killed early Tuesday when a sword-wielding suspect went on what Chief Supt. Stuart Bell calls a "truly horrific" attack in a London suburb. According to a statement from the Metropolitan Police, police received reports around 7am local time regarding a vehicle that had slammed into...

2 Horses in Serious Condition After London Escape

British Army says one is in equine hospital

(Newser) - British officials say two of the runaway military horses that galloped through central London on Wednesday are in serious condition and have been operated on. In an update on X, the British Army said the horses that broke loose are named Vida, Trojan, Quaker, and Tennyson. One of them, Quaker,...

London Police Apologize Twice Over 'Openly Jewish' Comment

Gideon Falter was near a pro-Palestinian march when he was threatened with arrest

(Newser) - London's police force has been forced to issue two apologies after officers threatened to arrest an "openly Jewish" man if he refused to leave the area around a pro-Palestinian march because his presence risked provoking the demonstrators. Gideon Falter, chief executive of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, was wearing...

US Offers Assurances on Assange. His Wife Is Skeptical

'Blatant weasel words,' Stella Assange says of vow from US that's meant to jump-start extradition

(Newser) - The United States made its deadline Tuesday, providing London's High Court with the assurances needed to jump-start Julian Assange's extradition from the UK. The WikiLeaks founder's wife, however, isn't exactly buying it, reports Reuters .
  • Backstory: Last month, two judges said that Australia's Assange—who was

Banksy Confirms Mural Near Bare Tree Is His
Banksy's Latest Mural
Lasted 3 Days Untouched

Banksy's Latest Mural Lasted 3 Days Untouched

Then vandals struck the London piece

(Newser) - A new Banksy mural in north London is harder to steal than some of his work—but it turned out to be too easy to vandalize. The mural, featuring green paint on the wall of a four-story building behind a severely pruned cherry tree, went up Sunday and had been...

Colin Firth's Sexy Shirt Sells for Twice the Estimate

Actor's outfit from 1995's 'Pride and Prejudice' nabs $25K at auction

(Newser) - The cultural impact of Colin Firth's dip in a lake cannot be in doubt now that the outfit the actor swore in that pivotal scene from 1995's Pride and Prejudice has sold at auction for $25,000—or twice the estimate. The 1810s-style outfit from costume designer Dinah...

Museum Seeks the 'Most Studious Swiftie'

London's Victoria and Albert Museum needs someone well versed on pop star to help curators

(Newser) - Are you the "most studious Swiftie"? London's Victoria and Albert Museum wants you stat, as a new "Superfan Advisor" to help inform curators on the museum's Taylor Swift collection, reports the Guardian . Candidates for this part-time gig, which will pay per session, "will meet...

Manhunt Ends With Body in the Thames

Police say they believe person pulled from London river is Abdul Ezedi, suspected of attacking ex

(Newser) - London police said Tuesday they "strongly believe" that they've pulled out from the River Thames the body of a man suspected of chemically attacking his former partner and her two young daughters, leaving the woman hospitalized with life-changing injuries. The Metropolitan Police said the crew of a passing...

Speed Limit Sign Was Fake—the Tickets, Not So Much

Hundreds are trying to overturn fines in London after someone erected 'unauthorized' 50mph sign

(Newser) - Hundreds of irate Brits are pushing back on their speeding tickets after someone erected a phony speed-limit sign with the wrong speed limit posted. The Telegraph notes that Transport for London recently lowered the speed limit temporarily to 40mph on a section of the A20 highway in south London, near...

Cops: London Attacker's Body Might Never Be Found

Abdul Ezedi presumed to have died in the Thames after jumping from bridge

(Newser) - Two bodies have been discovered in the search for a man accused of throwing a corrosive substance on his ex-partner and her children in London, though neither belongs to Abdul Ezedi, now presumed dead. The Afghan refugee who'd traveled 280 miles from Newcastle to attack a 31-year-old woman and...

Teen's Double Life Emerged Only After His Death
Teen's Double Life Emerged
Only After His Death

Teen's Double Life Emerged Only After His Death

'New Yorker' explores the convoluted circumstances surrounding the death of Zac Brettler in London

(Newser) - CCTV captured images of 19-year-old Zac Brettler jumping from a fifth-floor apartment balcony overlooking the River Thames at 2:24am on November 28, 2019. The images were blurry, but Brettler appeared to be alone and thus London police were inclined to label it a suicide when his body was found...

Tate Modern Sees Another Fall, This One Fatal

Man dies after plummeting from London art gallery

(Newser) - A visit to London's Tate Modern art gallery ended in tragedy for one guest on Friday morning. The Metropolitan Police in the UK's capital city say a man fell to his death from the museum around 10:45am local time, reports the AP . First responders attempted to resuscitate...

'Chemical' Attack Injures 9 in London

Mother, 2 girls reportedly attacked; others came to their aid and were injured

(Newser) - British police said Wednesday they are hunting for a suspect after several people were injured with a corrosive substance in London, the AP reports. The Metropolitan Police force said nine people were hurt after a man threw the substance at a woman and two children in the Clapham area. Detective...

New Banksy Was Stolen Within an Hour
New Banksy Was
Stolen Within an Hour

New Banksy Was Stolen Within an Hour

Stop sign with drones painted on it didn't last long on London corner

(Newser) - Somebody in London is in possession of an extremely valuable stop sign but they're not going to find it easy to sell. The Banksy artwork, three military drones painted on the sign, was stolen within an hour of it going up on a corner in Peckham, south London on...

Court Denies Tate Brothers a Visit to Their Sick Mother

Romanian officials turn down request by Andrew, Tristan Tate, accused of trafficking, for UK visit

(Newser) - Andrew and Tristan Tate won't be leaving Romania anytime soon, even after they say their mother suffered a heart attack. The BBC reports that a court there has denied a request by the Tates, who've both been charged with rape and human trafficking, to let them travel to...

Errant Addition to Tequila Shots Sickens Bar Patrons

Cleaning chemical sickens patrons after bartender's mix-up

(Newser) - A London bartender's search for salt to complete a round of tequila shots went wrong, sending four customers to the hospital and resulting in a fine for the nightclub's owners. The barkeep had the drinks ready to be served in December 2021 when he realized he lacked salt...

2 US Cities Make Cut in World 'Destinations' List
2 US Cities Make Cut
in World 'Destinations' List

2 US Cities Make Cut in World 'Destinations' List

Paris is No. 1, but New York and L.A., make the cut in Euromonitor International's annual ranking

(Newser) - With international travel making a comeback after the peak of the pandemic, the sky's the limit on possible destinations. To help you narrow down where to visit, CNN Travel reveals the most attractive cities worldwide, at least according to Euromonitor International's "Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023....

Composer 'Nearly Fell Over' at What He Found at Auschwitz

Composer Leo Geyer has re-created incomplete scores of music played by orchestra at Nazi camp

(Newser) - Music played amid the highs and very deep lows of Auschwitz will be heard again for the first time in 80 years. Leo Geyer, a composer and conductor pursuing a doctorate in music and composition at Oxford University, has re-created musical scores from sheets held in the archive of the...

The Plane Took Off. It Seemed 'Noisier and Colder' Than Usual

Aircraft out of London with missing windows got to altitude of 14.5K feet before damage was spotted

(Newser) - Twenty people are breathing a sigh of relief that their flight safely made it back to London after a startling discovery made midair. Per a report released Friday, investigators with the UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch say an Airbus A321 took off on Oct. 4 from the British capital'...

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