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'Wizard of Odd' Is Dead at 76
No One Will
Ever Smash
Stuff Quite
Like He Did

No One Will Ever Smash Stuff Quite Like He Did

Comedian Gallagher, famous for destroying watermelons and other items onstage, is dead at 76

(Newser) - Leo Gallagher, legendary for smashing anything and everything he could with a giant sledgehammer during his comedy performances, has annihilated his last watermelon. Craig Marquardo, longtime manager for the 76-year-old comedian, confirms to TMZ and CNN that he died early Friday in hospice care in Palm Springs, Calif., "surrounded...

Gallagher Recuperating After Heart Attack

Comedian suffers 'mild to serious' attack before show

(Newser) - Comedian Gallagher suffered a heart attack just as he was preparing to perform in Texas last night, TMZ reports. The 65-year-old watermelon smasher is expected to remain hospitalized for a few days; his manager called it "mild to serious." Last year, the comedian suffered a minor heart attack...

2 Stories
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