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Purina: No, Pets Aren't Dying After Eating Our Food

Pet food company says it may try to address the situation directly with whomever started rumors

(Newser) - Social media is abuzz with reports that dogs and cats are getting sick, some of them fatally, after eating Purina Pro Plan food—allegations the pet food company is now forcefully rebutting. "During the past few days, we have seen an increase in consumers who are scared and reaching...

Purina Paying Hush Money to Peeved Pet Owners?

Amended suit alleges company paying customers for silence on Beneful

(Newser) - Frank Lucido is no longer the only plaintiff in a lawsuit alleging Beneful food kills dogs. An amended complaint filed in California last week against the Nestle Purina brand has added 26 more pet owners from across the country, as well as accusations that Beneful contains toxins and that Purina...

Lawsuit Claims Purina Brand Is Killing Dogs

It alleges harmful chemicals in Beneful

(Newser) - A class-action lawsuit claims that the popular Beneful brand of dog food from Nestle Purina is killing dogs, reports the Top Class Actions blog. Plaintiff Frank Lucido alleges that one of his three dogs died and two others became seriously ill because of the dry "kibble" food, which the...

Dog Disease Complaints to FDA Single Out 3 Brands

Agency explores link to chicken jerky made in China

(Newser) - FDA officials still aren't sure what has caused a wave of disease in 600 US dogs, but pet owners' complaints over Chinese-made chicken jerky dog treats may provide a clue. Some 13 of 22 key complaints point to Waggin' Train or Canyon Creek treats, both from Nestle Purina, while...

4 Stories