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Ashley Judd Details an 'Incredibly Harrowing 55 Hours'

Actress is healing from 'catastrophic' fall while doing conservation work in Democratic Republic of Congo

(Newser) - New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof had an Instagram Live chat on Friday with Ashley Judd, who was propped up in an ICU bed in a South Africa hospital. How she got there: She explained she'd had a recent "catastrophic" fall while doing conservation work tracking endangered bonobos...

'Schindler of Congo' Now Needs Others' Help

Marrion P'Udongo helps orphans, kid soldiers, rape victims—and has bad kidney

(Newser) - Marrion P'Udongo is recognized simply as "pastor" by many and has pulled off a laundry list of heroic acts in the war-torn Republic of the Congo , including assisting child soldiers and rape victims and helping manage an orphanage, per NBC News . His other nickname, the "Schindler of...

Peat Bog the Size of England Discovered

Congolese find is some 23 feet deep

(Newser) - The Republic of the Congo is home to a peat bog the size of England—but experts have only just discovered it. "There are parts of the planet that are still uncharted territory," says a scientist involved in the exploration of the site. "Few people venture into...

206 Dead in Congo Blasts
 206 Dead in Congo Blasts 

206 Dead in Congo Blasts

Explosions rocked munitions depot in Brazzaville

(Newser) - Blasts rocked the capital of the Republic of Congo this morning after a weapons depot caught fire, officials said, killing at least 206 people and forcing thousands to flee. A morgue in Brazzaville took in 136 bodies this afternoon, as more continued to arrive. A local hospital reported at least...

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