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NBA Star Gives Minnesota a New 3-Word Slogan

'Bring ya ass,' advises Anthony Edwards in a viral clip

(Newser) - It's not that "Find Your True North" isn't a fine tourism slogan . It's just that the NBA's Anthony Edwards has Minnesotans thinking about a three-word alternative: "Bring ya ass." The Minnesota Timberwolves star inadvertently created a viral sensation when talking with NBA TV...

Boaters Missing After Canoes Go Over Falls

2 others were rescued after incident at Minnesota's Curtain Falls

(Newser) - Two people are missing after a boating accident in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area in St. Louis County, near the state's border with Ontario, Canada. Two canoes went over Curtain Falls, between Crooked Lake and Iron Lake, Saturday night, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. By just after midnight Sunday,...

These Are the Best US States
These Are the
Best US States

These Are the Best US States

And, by extension, the bottom-feeders

(Newser) - Because there's nothing quite like saying na-na-na-na-boo-boo at your neighbor, US News & World Report is out with its annual rankings of the best states in the union. The survey took a look at 71 metrics in eight categories that included health care, education, natural environment, opportunity, economy, crime...

State Senator's Odd Burglary Arrest Has to Do With Dad's Ashes: Docs

Nicole Mitchell was arrested in Minnesota early Monday

(Newser) - A Minnesota state senator and former broadcast meteorologist told police that she broke into her stepmother's home because her stepmother refused to give her items of sentimental value from her late father, including his ashes, according to burglary charges filed Tuesday. The arresting officer wrote in the complaint that...

Parents Charged After Daughter's Fatal Asthma Attack

Rachel and Anthony Modrow are accused of stalling on seeking treatment for 9-year-old Amy

(Newser) - The parents of a Minnesota girl who died after an asthma attack earlier this year have been charged with second-degree manslaughter, accused of not taking her to the hospital as she suffered the attack. KARE 11 and the Star Tribune report that Anthony and Rachel Modrow, both 34, were booked...

This Is the Most Stressed-Out State in America

Louisiana tops WalletHub's list, while Minnesotans emerge as the least stressed

(Newser) - If you've been living a relaxed, relatively stress-free life for the past few years, a) you're lying, and b) if you're not lying, can you tell us your secret? The folks in Louisiana certainly would like to know, as the Pelican State ranks as the most-stressed state...

Jesse Ventura Edibles Hit the Market

Minnesota is wrestling with how to handle retail sales

(Newser) - Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has announced he is entering the cannabis market as a seller, as the state figures out retail sales of the drug on the heels of legalizing marijuana for adults last year. Ventura is launching his own brand of cannabis edibles in partnership with Retro Bakery,...

Amid Mike Lindell's Money Problems, MyPillow Evicted

Though Lindell says the move has nothing to do with financial issues

(Newser) - Election denier Mike Lindell is facing a number of financial problems—he's been ordered to pay the winner of a contest he staged $5 million; his lawyers say he also owes them millions; and the company he founded, MyPillow, has been struggling —but he says a recent eviction...

A Sex Tape, Threats, and Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Second man busted for theft of iconic 'Wizard of Oz' prop, with some eyebrow-raising details

(Newser) - A second man has been charged in connection with the 2005 theft of a pair of ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz, according to an indictment made public Sunday.
  • The theft: The slippers, adorned with sequins and glass beads, were stolen from the Judy Garland

In Push for Abortion Rights, Harris to Notch a Big First

Vice president will visit Minnesota abortion clinic as part of her reproductive rights tour

(Newser) - A Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota that offers abortions will host an unusual guest on Thursday. As part of her "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms" tour across the US to bring awareness to abortion rights, Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the Twin Cities-area clinic, where she'll tour the...

Discovery of 'Dream' Amount of Helium Caused 'a Lot of Screaming'
In Minnesota,
a 'Dream' Helium
in case you missed it

In Minnesota, a 'Dream' Helium Discovery

Babbitt, Minnesota, could be home to highest concentration of the gas in North America

(Newser) - A reservoir of lucrative helium, potentially boasting the highest concentration of the gas in North America, has been confirmed in Minnesota. "There was a lot of screaming, a lot of hugging and high-fives," Pulsar Helium CEO Thomas Abraham-James tells CBS News . Helium was first discovered by accident in...

Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing
Biden's 'Uncommitted'
Problem Is Growing
the rundown

Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing

Minnesota in particular registered a sizable protest vote over his support of Israel on Super Tuesday

(Newser) - If President Biden thought Michigan's sizable "uncommitted" protest vote in the state's primary last month was a fluke, he learned otherwise on Super Tuesday. In Minnesota, for example, about 19% of voters checked the "uncommitted" option, largely in protest of Biden's support of Israel in...

Ladies, These States May Be Worth Looking Into

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list of best states for women; Oklahoma comes in last

(Newser) - What better way to mark Women's History Month than to tag the places in the US where women have the best chances at career opportunities and a better standard of living? WalletHub looked at all 50 states, using more than two dozen metrics in two main categories to create...

Town Asked to Go Without Water as Huge Fire Burns

17 fire departments responded to Minnesota blaze

(Newser) - Firefighters in Hawley, Minnesota, needed so much water to battle a huge grain elevator blaze that they had to ask the whole town to go without—even canceling school to conserve the water supply, officials said. The cause of the fire isn't yet known, the AP reports. It took...

Minnesota Gunman Shot Cops, Firefighter Inside His House

They'd been engaged in negotiations for more than 3 hours

(Newser) - Authorities released further details Thursday on the slayings of two police officers and a firefighter-paramedic amid a standoff in Minnesota over the weekend. The three men responded to a a domestic situation at a Burnsville home around 1:50am Sunday, the AP reports. "The officers entered the home and...

Minnesota Standoff Ends With 2 Cops, Paramedic Dead

Police say gunman fired from inside a home filled with children

(Newser) - Two police officers and a firefighter in a suburb of Minneapolis were killed on Sunday by a heavily armed man who shot at them from inside a home that was filled with children. The shooting in a tree-lined neighborhood of Burnsville, Minnesota, left a third officer wounded. The suspect, who...

Here Are the Most, Least Educated States in America

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list, West Virginia brings up the rear

(Newser) - If your mantra is "surround yourself with people smarter than you are," some US states may be a better bet than others, per WalletHub , which looked at the data to see which states offer more in the way of education. The site examined 18 metrics in two main...

Taylor Swift Is Even Queen of the Snowplows

Winner of Minnesota DOT's annual snowplow-naming contest: Taylor Drift

(Newser) - Travelers in northwestern Minnesota can shake off their trepidation about hitting the winter roads knowing Taylor Drift is clearing a path ahead of them. The snowplow named for Taylor Swift was the runaway winner of Minnesota's fourth annual "Name a Snowplow" contest , with eight new names announced this...

Man Killed in Triple Murder Wasn't Supposed to Be Home

20-year-old victim typically would have been at work on a Friday afternoon

(Newser) - One of the victims of a Minnesota home invasion and triple murder wasn't supposed to be at home at the time. Jorge Reyes-Jungwirth, 20, normally worked at his tree removal job on Fridays, but his boss told him to take last Friday off because it was going to be...

Colorado Woman: I Didn't Want to Run for President, Don't Vote for Me

Krystal Gabel says she didn't give her OK to be a presidential candidate in Minnesota primary

(Newser) - Krystal Gabel of Colorado is currently a candidate for president of the United States in the Minnesota primary—which came as a big surprise to Krystal Gabel. WDAY describes Gabel as a cannabis activist whose name was entered as a candidate by a Minnesota third party for the March 5...

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