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AMC CEO Sent Woman Photos, She Used Them to Extort Him

NY woman, convicted of cyberstalking, reportedly demanded $300K from Adam Aron

(Newser) - The CEO of AMC Theaters sent sexually explicit images and messages to a woman who later tried to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from him. Adam Aron fessed up to the mess Thursday on X after Semafor identified him as the CEO involved in the case. "I became...

AMC Plans to Charge More for the Best Seats
Elijah Wood Slams
AMC's New Pricing Plan

Elijah Wood Slams AMC's New Pricing Plan

'The movie theater is and always has been a sacred democratic space for all'

(Newser) - AMC Theaters' plan to charge more money for the best seats has sparked a backlash on social media, with Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood among the most prominent critics, Variety reports. "The movie theater is and always has been a sacred democratic space for all," Wood...

AMC Adds Captions So Deaf People Aren't 'an Afterthought'

Open captioning will be offered at 240 AMC locations

(Newser) - Captions are being added to movie screens across the country, making the theaters more welcoming to people who are hard of hearing, as well as those for whom English is a second language. AMC Theatres announced that 240 of its locations are offering open captioning, NPR reports. Closed captioning, which...

As Stock Surges, AMC Offers Investors Free Popcorn
AMC Embraces 'Meme Stock'
Status—With Free Popcorn

AMC Embraces 'Meme Stock' Status—With Free Popcorn

'Investor Connect' program offers them free popcorn

(Newser) - Four months after GameStop's wild ride rocked Wall Street , so-called "meme stocks" are making waves again—especially AMC Entertainment. The movie theater company's share price almost doubled Wednesday, closing at a record high for the first time since 2015, and it is up 417.8% since May...

AMC Shares Surge 95%
AMC Shares Surge 95%

AMC Shares Surge 95%

Depop deal makes Etsy biggest gainer in S&P 500

(Newser) - Stocks ks managed to end with modest gains on Wall Street after a day of wavering back and forth. The S&P 500 edged up 0.1% to 4,208.12 Wednesday, with help from technology stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 25.07 points, or 0.1%, to...

AMC Stock Jumps 22%
AMC Stock Jumps 22%

AMC Stock Jumps 22%

Indexes were mixed after return from long weekend

(Newser) - Major indexes struggled to a mixed finish on Wall Street after giving up an early gain. The S&P 500 slipped less than 0.1% Tuesday as losses for technology and health care companies offset gains in other sectors. Elsewhere, the Nasdaq fell 0.1% while the Dow Jones Industrial...

AMC President Finally Has Some Good News

98% of AMC's US locations to open Friday

(Newser) - A little more than a year after a global pandemic forced the closure of all AMC theaters in the US, almost all will reopen their doors. The company announced Thursday that 98% of its US locations would be open Friday, as more than 40 California cinemas welcome back moviegoers for...

AMC Is Furious About Warner's HBO Max Plan

Studio is releasing all its 2021 movies on streaming service

(Newser) - The world's biggest theater chain appears to have been blindsided by a studio's "seismic shift" in how its movies will be released in 2021. AMC says that by releasing the year's entire slate of movies on HBO Max at the same time they are released in...

AMC Finds a Way to Survive—and You Can Benefit

The company lets you rent a theater and choose from a list of movies

(Newser) - Missing the movie theater experience? Turns out you can rent an AMC theater starting at $99. And guess what—AMC can use the money amid devastating COVID-19 conditions, CNN Business reports. The basic deal is that AMC lets you rent a theater for 20 people and choose from a list...

World's Biggest Theater Chain Almost Out of Money

AMC says it could be broke by end of 2020

(Newser) - More bad news from the entertainment industry as the pandemic grinds on: AMC Theatres says it is running out of money and unless things change, its reserves could be used up by the end of the year or early 2021. Studios have delayed the release of major films like Black ...

AMC Plans to Reopen With 15-Cent Tickets

Chain aims to reopen 100 cinemas next week

(Newser) - In 1920, with America recovering from a pandemic, the Dubinsky Brothers opened a cinema in Kansas City, Mo., and charged 15 cents a ticket. AMC Theaters, the chain their cinema spawned, plans to charge the same price when it reopens theaters next week. The company says it will reopen around...

Chain Backtracks on Masks
Chain Backtracks on Masks

Chain Backtracks on Masks

Optional policy drew outrage online

(Newser) - AMC Theaters said it wanted to avoid a political brouhaha when its CEO announced masks would be optional when the chain reopens. That didn't work out. A day after a social media uproar met the news, Adam Aron said Friday that customers will have to wear a mask to...

Here's Why AMC Won't Be Requiring Masks

Theater chain announces reopening plans

(Newser) - AMC previously announced that the vast majority of its movie theaters would be open by mid-July, and now the chain is revealing details of how that will look. Of its more than 600 US venues, 450 will open July 15, Variety reports, and nearly all will be open by the...

Nearly All of AMC's Theaters Will Be Open by Mid-July
Big News for Movie Lovers

Big News for Movie Lovers

Most theaters expected to reopen by mid-July, including up to 98% of AMC theaters

(Newser) - After three months of near total blackout of cinemas nationwide, movie theaters are preparing to reopen—even if it means only a few titles on the marquee and showings limited to as little as 25% capacity. AMC Theaters, the world's largest theater operator, said Tuesday that it expects to...

AMC Has 'Substantial Doubt' About Its Future

Theater chain says 'substantial doubt exists' about its ability to weather pandemic

(Newser) - AMC may not be coming back from this. The movie theater chain, which shuttered all its locations amid the coronavirus pandemic, said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday that it has "substantial doubt" it can survive, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal report. "We...

AMC to Universal: We're Not Showing Your Movies Anymore

Movie theater chain upset at studio's decision to show more films digitally

(Newser) - Before the coronavirus pandemic took hold, Trolls World Tour was set for release on April 10. But with theaters closed, Universal Pictures made a decision the Wall Street Journal notes has "[paid] off handsomely": The studio behind the animated film made the sequel available to rent digitally that day...

Fireman Who Left to Star on Walking Dead Dies

Dango Nguyen, who played a guard to diabolical Governor on hit AMC show, is dead of cancer at 48

(Newser) - A longtime Georgia firefighter who pursued his acting dreams and landed a recurring role on The Walking Dead has died. The Athens-Clarke County fire department posted on Facebook that Dango Nguyen died Saturday morning "after a hard-fought battle with cancer." MSN reports he was 48. Nguyen, who CNN...

Chris Hardwick Back on AMC After Sexual Assault Probe

Network says returning host to his shows is the 'appropriate' thing to do

(Newser) - AMC host Chris Hardwick is returning to work after a review of sexual assault allegations against him by a former girlfriend, the AP reports. The network says returning Hardwick to work at Talking Dead and Talking with Chris Hardwick is the "appropriate step" after a review that included interviews...

Black Panther to Make History Again

It'll be first film shown in Saudi Arabia in 35 years

(Newser) - Black Panther is one of the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time, with a worldwide box office tally of more than $1.279 billion, per Deadline . Its historic run isn't over: The Marvel film will be the first shown in Saudi Arabia as the country lifts its...

This Could Become 'Biggest Ever Profits Case in TV History'

'Walking Dead' creators, producers sue AMC

(Newser) - A bunch of Walking Dead bigwigs are suing AMC, claiming the network hasn't compensated them fairly. In what the Hollywood Reporter says "could become the biggest ever profits case in television history," co-creator Robert Kirman (whose comic books provided the show's source material) along with producers...

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