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Orange Juice Makers Seek Alternatives as Prices Soar

Orange crops are down worldwide amid droughts and disease

(Newser) - Bad news for anyone who starts their day with a glass of OJ: oranges have gotten so expensive, producers are looking for replacement fruits. NBC News reports that a decline in harvests driven by climate change is the main culprit. "Orange production in the three major orange producing regions—...

Tropicana Apparently Wants to Start a Weird Breakfast Fad

Company's new offering is cereal made for orange juice, not milk

(Newser) - It doesn't have the cachet of Cinco de Mayo, but the day preceding that celebration is, weirdly, National Orange Juice Day . For this May 4—Wednesday—Tropicana has scored some marketing buzz by concocting a breakfast cereal it says is made for orange juice instead of milk, reports NBC...

How Two $1.69 Bottles of OJ Cost Dollar General $277K

Diabetic employee drank a juice, paid for it, told her bosses, was fired for 'grazing'

(Newser) - Two bottles of OJ that retailed for $1.69 at Dollar General will end up costing the chain more than a quarter of a million dollars. That after a diabetic former employee won a lawsuit connected to the juice. Linda Atkins was working at a Maryville, Tenn., location in the...

Father Shoots Son After They Run Out of Orange Juice: Cops

Eldridge Dukes booked on attempted manslaughter count

(Newser) - Police in Baton Rouge, La., say a man is facing a charge of attempted manslaughter after he confessed to shooting his 18-year-old son during an argument over orange juice. Police tell the Advocate 58-year-old Eldridge Dukes and his son were fighting yesterday morning about the lack of orange juice. Investigators...

Guy Can't Pay Bill, Capital One Sends New Keyboard
 Guy Can't Pay Bill, 
 Capital One Sends 
 New Keyboard 

Guy Can't Pay Bill, Capital One Sends New Keyboard

MaskedKoala's number 2 key was ruined by orange juice

(Newser) - It’s a problem for the Internet era—the wonky keyboard key. For one Redditor and Capital One customer, his wonky key was the number 2 … which is part of his credit card account number. Also unable to copy and paste the required 2 in the account field online,...

Orange Juice Might Be in Big Trouble in the US

Sales are way down and health concerns are up

(Newser) - Has orange juice had its day in America? A story at Quartz backed up by sales figures over the years suggests as much. The big takeaway is that per-capita consumption is down 40% since the 1990s, with last year's sales the lowest in 15 years. The story lays out...

In Cash Grab, Tropicana Adding Water to Orange Juice

PepsiCo exec says many consumers prefer it that way

(Newser) - PepsiCo's plan to increase profit margins for its Tropicana orange juice is simple: Just add water. Apparently some consumers are already doing that on their own, in order to get a less-thick or lower-calorie beverage. "They themselves add water before drinking OJ," a PepsiCo exec tells Bloomberg...

FDA Stops All Imports of Orange Juice

Feds will test for fungicide

(Newser) - Orange juice may be a little scarce (and a lot more expensive) in coming days: The FDA has stopped imports from all countries after traces of a fungicide turned up in samples from Brazil, reports Bloomberg . The agency will test for the chemical, called carbendazim, and destroy any batches with...

FDA: Fungicide Is in Your OJ
 FDA: Fungicide Is in Your OJ 

FDA: Fungicide Is in Your OJ

An anonymous juice company alerted agency to problem

(Newser) - Nothing says "good morning!" quite like some fungicide in your OJ. Fungicide? That's what's in there, as per the FDA itself. In a letter sent to the entire juice industry yesterday, the FDA revealed that an anonymous juice company last month detected low levels of carbendazim...

Florida Oranges Freeze Solid
 Florida Oranges Freeze Solid 

Florida Oranges Freeze Solid

Cold wave inflicts significant damage on citrus crop

(Newser) - Florida citrus growers stayed up last night spraying their crop with water, and taking other measures to prevent freezing, as arctic air threatened to inflict significant damage on the orange crop. Losses to the citrus crop may hit 10% as the state sees its worst freeze since 1989. "There'll...

Move Over, Apples: It's a Mandarin a Day Now

Satsumas provide natural antihistamine for colds and allergies

(Newser) - Satsuma mandarin oranges from northern California’s Placer County aren’t in the medicine aisle, but the citrus packs a potent dose of a natural antihistamine that can relieve cold and allergy symptoms, the Sacramento Bee reports. A study found that a glassful of the fruit’s juice has six...

Docs Double Daily Dose of D
 Docs Double Daily Dose of D 

Docs Double Daily Dose of D

Vitamin deficiency in young children is more prevalent than many parents suspect

(Newser) - Doctors have a new prescription for kids: double the vitamin D. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that infants, children, and adolescents take twice the daily dose, or 400 IU, of the vitamin previously suggested, the Boston Globe reports. More prevalent than many parents realize, vitamin D deficiency (common...

Florida Juicer Puts Squeeze on Foreign Oranges

Company launches anti-import ad campaign

(Newser) - A Florida orange juice producer is starting an ad campaign to put the squeeze on imported citrus. The campaign by Florida's Natural is aimed primarily at major juice makers such Tropicana and Minute Maid, which rely heavily on Mexico and Brazil for oranges, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The latter nation...

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