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Dixville Notch Prepares to Cast Nation's First Primary Ballots
Nikki Haley Cleans Up
in Dixville Notch

Nikki Haley Cleans Up in Dixville Notch

Tiny New Hampshire town has been holding midnight votes since 1960

(Newser) - And the winner, in Dixville Notch at least, is Nikki Haley. The small New Hampshire town opened its polls at midnight Tuesday, as per tradition, and all six of its voters voted for the former South Carolina governor, according to 270toWin . Haley called the Dixville Notch win "a great...

First Results Reported in Election 2020

Biden sweeps Dixville Notch, while Trump wins nearby NH town of Millsfield

(Newser) - And they're off. Some of the first results from the 2020 presidential election are in, thanks to midnight voting in two small New Hampshire towns. As it turns out, both candidates have a little something to celebrate. Dixville Notch, which has traditionally been among the first in the nation...

Storied NH Town Has Picked Its Candidate

Dixville Notch gives 3 votes to Bloomberg, 1 each to Buttigieg and Sanders

(Newser) - Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has won the votes of a tiny New Hampshire community that barely hung onto its tradition of being among the first to cast ballots in the presidential primary. Dixville Notch's five residents cast their ballots just after the stroke of midnight Tuesday...

Tiny Community May Lose First-in-the-Nation Vote

Dixville Notch is short one official to allow vote to take place

(Newser) - A tiny, isolated community near the Canadian border known for casting ballots just after the stroke of midnight in presidential elections may need to forfeit that tradition in 2020. Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, has been in the spotlight for years for voting first in the state's first-in-the-nation presidential primary...

Result Is in From First Town to Vote
Clinton Wins
in First Town
to Report Results

Clinton Wins in First Town to Report Results

Romney, Johnson tied for 3rd in Dixville Notch, NH

(Newser) - The election is over in tiny Dixville Notch—and it did not go well for Donald Trump. With all eight votes counted in the New Hampshire town, traditionally the first in the US to report election results, Hillary Clinton has four votes to two for Donald Trump. Gary Johnson and,...

Early-Voting Town Has Predicted GOP Nominees Since 1968

Dixville Notch has been right from Nixon to Romney

(Newser) - One of two things is going to happen at the Republican National Convention this summer: Dixville Notch's long streak of predicting GOP nominees is going to end, or John Kasich will prevail. The tiny New Hampshire town is one of three that voted at midnight, and it has picked...

In 1st Town to Vote: Obama, 5; Romney, 5

Split result a 1st for Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

(Newser) - The result from one of the first two towns in America to vote suggests the election will be very close indeed. President Obama and Mitt Romney got five votes apiece in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, reports USA Today . This is the first tie in the history of the tiny town,...

Dixville Notch, Population 9, Casts First Ballots in NH

And according to this tiny village, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are tied

(Newser) - The village of Dixville Notch is notable not just for the fact that it only has nine registered voters, but for the fact that those voters also are the first in New Hampshire to state their choice in today's primary. Their nine ballots were cast one minute after midnight—...

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