Chen Guangcheng

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Clinton Book Faces 'Effective Ban' in China

Move shows 'low level of intellectual freedom': Simon & Schuster president

(Newser) - Chinese audiences won't get a chance to read Hillary Clinton's, um, glowing remarks on the country in her new memoir. Chinese publishers have passed on the translation rights to Hard Choices—which criticizes China as the "epicenter of the antidemocratic movement in Asia"—and the English...

China Slams Departing US Envoy With Slur

State news service essay calls him 'banana' with yellow skin and white heart

(Newser) - Today was Gary Locke's last day as US ambassador to China, and Beijing is apparently happy to see the last of him. The official China News Service ran an essay that included this line:
  • “Gary Locke is a US-born, third-generation Chinese-American, and his being a banana—‘yellow

As Universities Go Global, Free Thought Goes Missing

Jackson Diehl: Campuses in 'unfree' countries hurt student, faculty rights

(Newser) - With Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng accusing NYU of yielding to Beijing , intellectual freedom at US universities is in the spotlight, and Jackson Diehl is concerned. Schools like Yale and NYU are focused on expanding their reach, opening campuses across the globe—including in "unfree countries," he writes in...

China Dissident: NYU Caved to Beijing, Forcing Me Out

University denies pressure behind end of Chen fellowship

(Newser) - A prominent Chinese dissident is blaming pressure from Beijing for the end of his fellowship at New York University. "The work of the Chinese Communists within academic circles in the United States is far greater than what people imagine, and some scholars have no option but to hold themselves...

Next for Ai Weiwei: Heavy-Metal Album

Seems prison time turned Ai Weiwei toward hard rock

(Newser) - Artist, activist, and persistent thorn in the side of Chinese authorities Ai Weiwei has decided to turn up the volume—by way of a heavy-metal album. The 55-year-old dissident says he gained an interest in music during the 81 days he was detained by authorities in 2011. The guards "...

Activist's Brother Sues China Cops for 'Wrecking' Home

Police 'scaled walls' of home after Chen Guangcheng escaped: brother

(Newser) - Shortly after China learned that blind activist Chen Guangcheng had escaped from house arrest, police muscled their way into his oldest brother's home, the brother says. Now, Chen Guangfu is suing police and the local government for "scaling the walls of his home and for wrecking his home,...

Chen's Brother: Government Beat Me With My Own Belt

His mother says she's getting harassed, too

(Newser) - Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng says his family is facing intimidation and reprisals in the wake of his escape, and a Sky News crew managed to elude authorities long enough to get interviews with his brother and mother to back up the claims. A snippet from an interview with brother Chen...

Pro-Life Groups Hope Chen Gets on Bandwagon

But he's focused on China's 'lawlessness', not US politics

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng's story threatens to make him into a political football now that he is in the US, the Washington Post finds. The blind dissident was jailed after exposing forced sterilizations and abortions under China's one-child policy, and though his views on abortion are unclear, anti-abortion groups are...

Blind Chinese Activist to Speak in NYC

Chen Guangcheng and mentor participating in event Thursday

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese activist who was the focus of a nearly monthlong diplomatic standoff, has a speaking engagement in New York City this week. Chen will speak Thursday at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan. His mentor, New York University law professor Jerome Cohen, also will participate...

Blind Activist's Brother Makes It Back Home

Chen Guangcheng's brother had disappeared after fleeing his village

(Newser) - The brother of blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has returned home to his village after apparently vanishing yesterday in Beijing, Reuters reports. Chen Guangfu, a 55-year-old laborer and farmer, had fled his home earlier this week to seek legal help for his son, who is in Beijing facing attempted murder...

Chen Guangcheng's Brother Flees Chinese Village

Chen Guangfu hoping to protect son from local officials

(Newser) - The brother of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has followed in his younger brother's footsteps and fled their closely guarded village in Shandong province, reports AP . Chen Guangfu has made his way to Beijing with the help of supporters, and is now seeking legal advice on how to protect his...

What China's Blind Activist Said When He Landed

Chen Guangcheng calls arrival in New York City 'sentimental'

(Newser) - A blind Chinese activist said yesterday that leaving his homeland and arriving on US soil was strangely nostalgic, the New York Times reports. "I don’t really feel that happy, but rather sentimental,” Chen Guangcheng said near the New York University apartment where he will live. “After...

Blind Chinese Activist Lands in the US

Chen Guangcheng arrives with family in Newark

(Newser) - The blind legal activist who suddenly left China after years of prison and house arrest has landed safely in the United States, the AP reports. Chen Guangcheng's wife and two children accompanied him today at Newark Liberty International Airport near New York City. A few hours ago, Chinese officials...

Blind Chinese Activist Chen En Route to US

Chen Guangcheng aboard flight from Beijing

(Newser) - The blind Chinese activist whose escape from a rural village set off a diplomatic tussle between Beijing and Washington is on his way to the United States. Chen Guangcheng, his wife, and their two children were on United Airlines Flight 88, which took off from the Beijing airport en route...

China Denies Lawyer for Chen's Nephew

Chen Kegui charged with 'homicide' though no one was killed

(Newser) - The Chinese government has denied Chen Kegui his choice of lawyers, saying he must use a pair of government-appointed attorneys in his "intentional homicide" trial. Chen was slapped with that charge because he brandished a knife on April 27 when authorities burst into his home after his uncle's...

Chen: China Going 'Crazy With Reprisals' on My Family

U of Washington offers dissident second fellowship

(Newser) - While Chen Guangcheng lies in a Beijing hospital, authorities in his home province have gone "crazy with reprisals" for his escape from house arrest last month, he tells Reuters . He says two relatives in Shandong have been detained, including a nephew accused of brandishing a meat cleaver at guards...

Chen: 'Lawless' Chinese Officials Must Be Punished

He demands central government investigate Shandong abuse

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng says that even if he leaves China, he will not abandon his quest for the rule of law to prevail in his home province, Shandong. The central government must investigate and punish the officials who jailed him on false charges and kept him under illegal house arrest for...

Chen: China's Promises 'Just Empty Words'
Chen: China's Promises
'Just Empty Words'

Chen: China's Promises 'Just Empty Words'

Dissident recounts abuses he suffered under house arrest

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng says he's being treated well enough at the hospital where he's recuperating , but that he doesn't trust the Chinese government to continue being so kind. In an interview with der Spiegel —which the paper says was plagued by a connection that cut out multiple...

State Dept: Chen Has Fellowship at US University

Says agreement allows his wife and kids to leave country, too

(Newser) - It appears a face-saving solution has been found for the Chen Guangcheng diplomatic standoff. China earlier said the blind activist, currently in a Beijing hospital, is permitted to study abroad, and the US State Department this morning announced that Chen has a fellowship at a US university. "As a...

Chinese Dissident Calls Congress: I Need Help

Chen Guangcheng phones in to committee hearing on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - A congressional hearing called today to discuss the plight of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng got a first-hand perspective: Chen himself called in from his hospital bed in Beijing to ask for US help in leaving the country, reports Reuters . "I want to come to the US to rest,...

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