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Rahm Emanuel Wins Chicago Mayoral Runoff

He survives the toughest political fight of his life

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel will get another term as Chicago mayor. With about 76% of the votes counted in their runoff election, he led challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia by 56% to 44%, reports the Chicago Sun-Times . Garcia already has called Emanuel to concede the race, one the Chigago Tribune describes "...

Rahm Emanuel Faces Chicago's First Runoff for Mayor

He fails to win 50% of the vote needed to secure 2nd term

(Newser) - Chicago will hold its very first mayoral runoff election, because incumbent Rahm Emanuel failed to win the 50% of the vote that he needed in yesterday's election to secure a second term. He got just 45.4%, and Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia got 33.9%; they'...

George Lucas Plans $1B Museum for Chicago

Will house art collection, film posters, and more

(Newser) - Chicago will soon be home George Lucas' collection of art, film memorabilia, animation, and more—though the city wasn't necessarily Lucas' first choice for his private museum. The filmmaker proposed a $700 million plan earlier this year to build the museum in San Francisco, but his chosen bayside location...

'Tacky' Trump Sign Causing Chicago Uproar

Trump says his giant name is 'great for Chicago'

(Newser) - Donald Trump isn't taking kindly to suggestions that slapping his name in 20-foot tall illuminated letters on the side of Chicago's second-tallest building might be a little tacky. Mayor Rahm Emanuel—who thinks the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago is an "architecturally tasteful building scarred by...

Chicago—'Chiraq' —Needs to Get Serious on Guns

Emanuel calls for unity after dozens shot this weekend

(Newser) - This weekend saw 45 people, including six kids, shot in Chicago; the weekend before, it was 37. The city has a new nickname, writes Michael Daly for the Daily Beast , and it is not a happy one: "Chiraq." And the war there demands action from President Obama, Daly...

Why Chicago's Crime Rates Plummeted

Chicago Magazine alleges plot to fudge statistics

(Newser) - Chicago politicians are trumpeting last year's unprecedented drop in crime rates, but on second glance it may be a case of lies, damned lies, and statistics, Chicago Magazine reports. Insiders at City Hall and the police department say that when crime soared in 2012, Mayor Rahm Emanuel felt the...

Jimmy Fallon, Rahm Jump in Icy Chicago Lake, Raise $1M

'Tonight Show' host even dressed for the occasion

(Newser) - The 32 degrees of Lake Michigan presumably drew a few blue words from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but a suit-and-tie-clad Jimmy Fallon outright screamed and raced for the shore this morning as the pair headlined the Windy City's Polar Plunge—and helped pull in more than $1 million for...

Chicago Murder Rate Dives—but Cash Running Out

Police overtime budget for the year almost gone

(Newser) - Chicago's murder rate this year has plummeted to a level not seen in 50 years following a horrific 2012 that saw more than 500 murders, the New York Times finds. Police tactics—including sending more than 400 officers a day to cover 20 small zones considered the most dangerous,...

Roger Ebert Remembered for 'Big Heart' at Funeral

'He was one of us,' said Mayor Rahm Emanuel

(Newser) - A huge crowd attended Roger Ebert's funeral today at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, where friends, family, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel paid tribute to the country's most famous film critic, the Chicago Tribune reports. "He had a heart big enough to accept and love all," said...

Rahm&#39;s Approval Rating: 19%
 Rahm's Approval Rating: 19% 

Rahm's Approval Rating: 19%

And only 2% 'strongly approve' of Chicago mayor

(Newser) - Maybe it's a good thing Rahm Emanuel is reportedly considering a presidential run —because he isn't doing so hot in Chicago. The mayor's approval rating has plummeted so far it's within spitting distance of Congress , according to a new Crain's/Ipsos poll , which showed only...

Rahm Emanuel in 2016?

 in 2016? 
rumor mill

Rahm Emanuel in 2016?

Daily Beast says he's been talking to donors

(Newser) - Political rumor of the day: Rahm Emanuel might run for president in 2016, reports Lloyd Grove of the Daily Beast . The Chicago mayor has talked to Democratic donors and fundraisers more than once about the subject, Grove's sources tell him, adding that Emanuel would only run if Hillary Clinton...

Chicago to Claim Unfortunate Parking Record

As of Jan. 1, its downtown meters will charge most in country

(Newser) - Chicago soon will have the nation's most expensive downtown parking meters. On New Year's Day, meters in the city's downtown Loop area will begin charging $6.50 an hour—up from $5.75. A report from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says the rate change will...

McCain: Libya Worse Cover-Up Than Watergate
 McCain: Libya 
 Worse Cover-Up 
 Than Watergate 

McCain: Libya Worse Cover-Up Than Watergate

Political tongues wag over Sandy's effect on election

(Newser) - In a world gone mad over Sandygeddon , at least we can turn on our televisions and find the comforting spectacle of politicians bickering. The looming hurricane, the looming election, and Libya dominated today's political talk shows, with John McCain leading the GOP's charge on the White House's...

Chicago Teachers End Strike
 Chicago Teachers End Strike 

Chicago Teachers End Strike

Classes will resume tomorrow

(Newser) - Your extended break is over, Chicago kids. The city's teachers ended their strike of more than a week today, and classes will be back in session tomorrow, reports the Chicago Tribune . The move came after about 800 union delegates debated a tentative pact that emerged over the weekend. Today'...

Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal
Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal

Chicago Teachers Should Have Taken the Deal

It was the best they could have gotten: James Warren

(Newser) - When the Chicago Teachers Union declined to vote on a new contract that would have ended the ongoing strike Sunday, it lost its best chance at a quick and fair deal, writes James Warren in the Daily Beast . Union President Karen Lewis seriously "miscalculated" by giving few details about...

Teachers' Strike End in Sight After City Makes Concessions

Sides hoping to have school tomorrow

(Newser) - Bad news, kids of Chicago: There may be school tomorrow. Negotiators for both the city and the teachers union emerged from yesterday's talks with fresh optimism, saying they hoped to have school back in session by Friday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. "I'm smiling. I'm very happy,...

Teachers Force Rahm to Deny ... Liking Nickelback

Will he be denying secret yearning for Creed next?

(Newser) - One of the striking Chicago teachers infused a bit of hilarity into the situation with his protest sign—"Rahm Emanuel likes Nickelback"—which went viral Monday, and actually prompted Emanuel to officially deny liking the much-maligned band in question. RedEye asked the mayor's spokesperson if, in fact,...

Rahm: We're Close; Teachers: That's 'Lunacy'

Sides 'kilometers apart,' union president says

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union are so far apart that they can't even agree on how far apart they are. Emanuel emerged from yesterday's negotiations saying that only one or two major issues separated the sides. Union President Karen Lewis had a slightly different take, saying...

Romney Slams Striking Chicago Teachers

White House trying to stay neutral

(Newser) - Mitt Romney, a frequent critic of teachers' unions, has been handed plenty of ammunition by the Chicago teachers' strike , reports the Chicago Sun-Times . The unions "have too often made plain that their interests conflict with those of our children, and today we are seeing one of the clearest examples...

Rahm 'Quits' as Obama Chair to Raise Cash

As reports indicate Romney has raised $100M again

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel is officially resigning his role as an honorary Obama campaign chairman so that he can kickstart a major fundraising initiative to win big-money contributions for Democrats around the country, the Washington Post reports. Emanuel was a renowned fundraiser before running for office, and was one of the first...

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