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This Teen's Honesty Yields Next-Level Rewards

Emmanuel Tuloe's is a hero to many in one of the world's poorest, most corrupt places

(Newser) - In Liberia, where the gross national income per capita works out to just $530, it might have taken motorbike taxi driver Emmanuel Tuloe nearly a century to earn $50,000. One day last October, he found that amount in a plastic bag on a street. By then, the teen had...

Hacker Who Paralyzed a Nation About to Go Free
His Epic Hack Paralyzed
a Nation. He's About to Go Free
in case you missed it

His Epic Hack Paralyzed a Nation. He's About to Go Free

Daniel Kaye took down Liberia's internet as part of a corporate plot

(Newser) - In November of 2016, a friend sent Daniel Kaye a message asking him how things were going. "I have broken the Internet and am dead afraid but otherwise everything’s hunky dory," wrote Kaye in response. As a story at Bloomberg explains, the British 29-year-old wasn't exaggerating...

Trump Ends Deportation Protection for Liberians
Trump Has Bad News
for 839 Liberians

Trump Has Bad News for 839 Liberians

He's ending deportation protection program

(Newser) - The Trump administration is ending a program that allows citizens of Liberia living in the US to avoid deportation. But it's allowing a one-year "wind-down" period to ease their return. Liberians have been eligible for Deferred Enforcement Departure since 1999. The program, which began under former President Clinton,...

She Famously Survived Ebola, Only to Die in 'Silent Epidemic'

Salome Karwah Harris passed away in Liberia after childbirth complications

(Newser) - She became famous for surviving an Ebola outbreak, then heading back to the Liberian hospital that helped her to assist with other patients—part of what landed her among the "Ebola fighters" who won Time magazine's Person of the Year honor in 2014. But the "superpowers" Salome...

The World's 10 Poorest Nations
The World's 10 Poorest Nations

The World's 10 Poorest Nations

Democratic Republic of Congo has lowest GNI per capita

(Newser) - Many Americans make more in a week than residents in some of the poorest countries earn in an entire year, reports 24/7 Wall St. , which has ranked the poorest countries in the world based on gross national income. GNI includes residents' net incomes as well as the country's gross...

Ghost Ship Found in Liberia Was Gutted by Fire

Liberian government didn't realize the tanker was there for 2 days

(Newser) - On April 22, a 210-foot oil tanker signaled its position off the west coast of Africa, not far from its destination of Senegal. What transpired over the next two weeks is shrouded in mystery. The "ghost ship" washed ashore in Robertsport, Liberia, far from the intended port of Dakar,...

Mysterious, Abandoned Oil Tanker Washes Up on Beach

No one knows where its crew is

(Newser) - A 210-foot-long oil tanker washed up on the shores of Africa this week; its crew was nowhere to be found. The Guardian reports the abandoned ship, the Tamaya 1, is now the subject of an investigation to find out what happened. The tanker, registered in Panama, was supposed to be...

With 11.3K Dead, Ebola Outbreak Is Officially Over

Liberia reaches 42-day benchmark with no new cases

(Newser) - The World Health Organization declared an end to the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever on Thursday after no new cases emerged in Liberia, though health officials warn that it will be several more months before the world is considered free of the disease that claimed more than 11,300 lives over...

Liberia Now Ebola-Free, but Measles on Rise

Nation at center of epidemic has no new cases in 42 days

(Newser) - The World Health Organization announced a welcome milestone in Liberia today: With no new cases in 42 days—twice the incubation period—the nation has been declared free of Ebola, reports the BBC . Last fall, Liberia saw 400 new cases every week. The disease remains active in neighboring Sierra Leone...

As Ebola Wanes, US Clinics Become Ghost Towns

Treatment centers in Liberia were built on worst-case scenario that never happened

(Newser) - The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has shrunk dramatically, with an average of fewer than one new case reported each day last week. Nowhere is the drastic improvement more clear than in the many treatment centers the US has built in Liberia. They're full of empty beds, and some...

NY, NJ to Require Quarantine After Ebola Contact

Health workers returning from West Africa face 'automatic' new rule

(Newser) - The governors of New Jersey and New York today ordered a mandatory, 21-day quarantine for all doctors and other arriving travelers who have had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa. The move comes after a New York City doctor who returned to the US from treating Ebola victims in...

Starving Liberians: We'll Break Ebola Quarantine

UN's World Food Program has apparently stopped providing food

(Newser) - Dozens of people quarantined for Ebola monitoring in western Liberia are threatening to break out of isolation because they have no food, the West African nation's state radio reported today. Forty-three people were put in quarantine after four people died of Ebola in Jennewende, a town in an impoverished...

Travelers From West Africa Can Only Arrive at 5 US Airports

Those coming from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone to go through special screening

(Newser) - In a move that may quell some of the fears of Ebola breaking out around the US, the Department of Homeland Security announced today that all travelers coming from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea—the region in West Africa where at least 4,500 people have died from the disease,...

German Ebola Victim Dies
 German Ebola Victim Dies 

German Ebola Victim Dies

UN worker was infected in Liberia, brought back to Leipzig

(Newser) - A United Nations medical worker who was infected with Ebola in Liberia has died despite "intensive medical procedures," a German hospital said today. The St. Georg hospital in Leipzig said the 56-year-old man, whose name has not been released, died overnight of the virus. It released no further...

How Firestone Shut Ebola Down
 How Firestone 
 Shut Ebola Down 
in case you missed it

How Firestone Shut Ebola Down

In model response, tiremaker stopped the virus at its first patient in Liberia

(Newser) - You know all the gnashing of teeth about how terrible the global response to the Ebola outbreak has been? Maybe someone should check with Firestone. As NPR reports, the tiremaker runs a rubber plantation and basically the entire town of Harbel, outside Monrovia, Liberia. And when an employee's wife...

Pastor: Ebola Victim Wanted to Marry US Girlfriend

But now she's 'overwhelmed' in quarantine with 3 children

(Newser) - The Ebola patient who's in critical condition in Dallas traveled there to marry his longtime girlfriend, who's now in quarantine with three children at an undisclosed location, her church's pastor tells NBC News . The pastor, George Mason, says the church has been trying to help the woman,...

How to Survive in Liberia: Chlorine, No Touching

But most Liberians don't have such luxuries, writes Lenny Bernstein

(Newser) - When Lenny Bernstein volunteered to go to Liberia to cover the Ebola outbreak last month, most of his friends and family thought he was crazy. Literally. A college buddy said, "I think you're out of your f---ing mind," Bernstein recalls at the Washington Post . Other journalists, however,...

'Dead' Ebola Victim Wakes in Plastic

Help comes easy for the dead, not the dying in Monrovia

(Newser) - At the heart of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, it's difficult to find aid for those who contract the virus. As ABC News ' chief medical editor Dr. Richard Besser puts it, it's easier to get help dead than alive. Case in point: Locals crowded onto a Monrovia...

NBC Cameraman Has Ebola
 NBC Cameraman Has Ebola 

NBC Cameraman Has Ebola

And quarantined Dallas apartment still not sanitized

(Newser) - A freelance cameraman working in Liberia has become the fourth American to become infected with Ebola there. Ashoka Mukpo has been working in Liberia for the last three years and he developed symptoms, including fever and aches, on Wednesday this week, just a day after he was hired by NBC...

Liberia to Prosecute US Ebola Patient

Thomas Duncan lied on health questionnaire, they say

(Newser) - If he survives Ebola, the man who brought the disease with him to the US from Liberia will face charges back home. The Liberian government said today that it plans to prosecute Thomas Duncan for lying on a health form, reports AP . On a questionnaire he filled out at the...

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