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Ham Radio Operator Leaks Far-Right Group's Oregon Plans

Ammon Bundy-affiliated group aims to dominate county GOP apparatus

(Newser) - A far-right anti-government group appears to be making inroads into the Republican Party at the grassroots level. The Guardian reports that at least 66 members of People's Rights Oregon 5, a subgroup of the People's Rights Network founded by anti-government militant Ammon Bundy in 2020, ran for positions...

Biden, Trump Score Wins in Kentucky
Fani Willis Wins
Her Georgia Primary

Fani Willis Wins Her Georgia Primary

District attorney has brought high-profile case against Donald Trump

(Newser) - Voters in two more states went to the polls for presidential primaries Tuesday, long after President Biden and Donald Trump clinched their nominations. The AP called Kentucky and Oregon for Biden and Trump soon after polls closed in each state. According to DecisionDeskHQ , with around 98% of results in, Biden...

Woman, 22, Falls to Her Death in Columbia River Gorge

And a climber was also found dead on Denali in Alaska

(Newser) - A young woman died after falling off a cliff while hiking in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge, officials said Monday. Elisha Angelic Macias, 22, was hiking with friends Sunday near Horsetail Falls, about 35 miles east of Portland. After separating from the group and going off trail, she fell an...

Cops: Man Used Bleach to Kill 18K Juvenile Salmon

'In my 25 years as a game warden, this is one of the most senseless acts I have seen'

(Newser) - In Oregon, the maximum penalty for illegally killing a Chinook salmon is $750, meaning a 20-year-old man accused of killing almost 18,000 of them could be on the hook for more than $13 million. Joshua Heckathorn allegedly poured bleach into one of four tanks at the Gardiner, Reedsport, and...

Rural Oregon Town Becomes Face of Homelessness

Case involving homeless camps in Grants Pass is going to the Supreme Court

(Newser) - A pickleball game in the leafy Oregon community was suddenly interrupted one rainy weekend morning by the arrival of an ambulance. After paramedics rushed through the park toward a tent, one of dozens illegally erected by the town's hundreds of homeless people, play resumed as though nothing had happened....

Someone Has Finally Won That Huge Powerball Jackpot
Winner of
$1.3B Jackpot
Comes Forward

Winner of $1.3B Jackpot Comes Forward

But officials say it will take weeks to verify Oregon win

(Newser) - A person with a ticket matching all six Powerball numbers in Saturday's $1.3 billion jackpot came forward Monday to claim the prize from last weekend's drawing, but the winner won't be announced for at least a couple more weeks until their ticket is verified and arrangements...

This Creek Was Just Inundated With 77K Uninvited Fish

Salmon being transported to river in Oregon ended up in a different waterway entirely after truck crash

(Newser) - A truck carrying more than 100,000 young chinook salmon was bound for Oregon's Imnaha River, to help populate a waterway where they're considered a threatened species. But tens of thousands of them ended up in a creek near their former fish hatchery home instead, after the vehicle...

Oregon Moves Away From Decriminalizing Drugs
Oregon Recriminalizes
Drug Possession

Oregon Recriminalizes Drug Possession

Governor signs legislation backtracking on state's experiment

(Newser) - Gov. Tina Kotek has signed into law a bill to recriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs, ending Oregon's first-in-the-nation experiment with decriminalization that was hobbled by implementation issues. In a signing letter, the Democratic governor said the law's success will depend on "deep coordination" among courts,...

Runaway Saw Blade Narrowly Misses Oregon Man

It slammed into front of store moments after he entered

(Newser) - It's a narrow escape many commentators have likened to scenes from the Final Destination movies. Surveillance video shows a runaway saw blade slamming into the front of a convenience store in Eugene, Oregon, moments after Shane Reimche entered the building. The blade can be seen spinning through the parking...

Church Sues After City Restricts Free Meal Service
Church Told to Limit
Free Meals Wins Lawsuit

Church Told to Limit Free Meals Wins Lawsuit

Federal judge said feeding the hungry is a 'religious exercise'

(Newser) - A church in Brookings, Oregon has won a federal lawsuit it filed in 2022 over a city ordinance that said it could only give homeless people free meals two days per week. Judge Mark Clarke described the soup kitchen at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church as a "religious exercise....

He Spit Out His Gum and Was Found Guilty of Murder

Robert Plympton convicted in 1980 killing of Barbara Mae Tucker in Oregon

(Newser) - Barbara Mae Tucker was a 19-year-old student at Oregon's Mt. Hood Community College when she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and beaten to death a stone's throw from campus, just beyond a school parking lot. It was the evening of Jan. 15, 1980. As it turns out, her killer...

The Plane Landed. Then Workers Saw the Missing Panel

It's the latest in a string of incidents involving Boeing aircraft, this time in Oregon

(Newser) - A post-flight inspection revealed a missing panel on an older Boeing 737-800 that had just arrived at its destination in southern Oregon on Friday after flying from San Francisco, officials said, the latest in a series of recent incidents involving aircraft manufactured by the company. United Flight 433 left San...

His Job Was Forecasting Avalanches. He Died in One

Nick Burks, 37, triggered snowslide on Oregon's Gunsight Mountain while skiing with a friend

(Newser) - An avalanche forecaster died in a snowslide he triggered while skiing in eastern Oregon last week, officials said. Nick Burks, 37, and a friend—both experienced and carrying avalanche airbags and beacons—were backcountry skiing the chute on Gunsight Mountain on Wednesday, near Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort. Burks' friend skied...

This Is Not What You Want to See While Driving

Dashcam footage captures another motorist careening off a cliff, plunging 200 feet

(Newser) - A motorist driving along Highway 224 in Oregon's Clackamas County last month witnessed another vehicle plunge 200 feet off a cliff, and thanks to dashcam footage, now we can see the incident through their eyes. Jalopnik reports on the "rather alarming" video , which features a time stamp from...

Oregon Resident's Case of Bubonic Plague Tied to Pet Cat

It's the first case the state has seen since 2015

(Newser) - Oregon has reported its first human case of the bubonic plague since 2015 , and the local health department believes the infection came from the person's cat. Though the plague wiped out more than a third of Europe's population in the 14th century, it's not so deadly these...

Lawmakers Who Walked Out Are Barred From Reelection

Oregon voters had approved ballot issue to stop the boycotts

(Newser) - The Oregon Supreme Court said Thursday that 10 Republican state senators who staged a record-long walkout last year to stall bills on abortion, transgender health care, and gun rights cannot run for reelection. The decision upholds the secretary of state's decision to disqualify the senators from the ballot under...

After 3 People Killed by Downed Power Line, She Saved Baby

Oregon 18-year-old tells her story in aftermath of tragedy

(Newser) - Majiah Washington noticed a flash outside her home this week in Portland, where a dangerous storm had coated the city with ice. Opening her blinds, she saw a red SUV with a downed power line on it and a couple who had been putting their baby in the car. The...

3 Electrocuted After Power Line Falls on SUV in Ice Storm

Baby was only survivor in accident in Portland, Oregon

(Newser) - A power line fell on a parked car in northeast Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday, killing three people and injuring a baby during an ice storm that turned roads and mountain highways treacherous in the Pacific Northwest. Shortly before noon, dispatchers started receiving frantic calls about a downed power line and...

On Challenge to Trump, Oregon Will Wait for Supreme Court

Chief justice writes that ruling on Colorado case might decide the issue

(Newser) - Oregon will not follow the lead of Colorado and Maine and bar Donald Trump from its primary ballot for now. Without ruling on the merits of a challenge to the former president's candidacy, the state Supreme Court said Friday it will wait for the US Supreme Court to make...

If You Think You've Had a Scary Flight, This May Beat It

Alaska Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Oregon after panel flies off, leaving huge hole

(Newser) - A flight from Oregon took a frightening turn as the weekend kicked off, though no one was hurt. KING 5 reports that the Alaska Airlines plane out of Portland International Airport on Friday afternoon—a Boeing 737 Max 9 jet headed to Ontario, California—was forced to turn around and...

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