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11 Arrested as Cops Clear Occupy DC

Police enforce no-camping law at McPherson Square

(Newser) - A festive Occupy DC camp only days ago is now a barren mud field where cops are picking through the last remaining tents, the AP reports. Officers arrived at McPherson Square near the White House yesterday to enforce a no-camping law, DCist reports, and protesters complied as tents containing equipment...

Occupy DC Stays Put Despite 'Eviction'

Some obey rule to remove camping gear, others don't

(Newser) - Their eviction deadline came and went, but the Occupy camps in two Washington parks look pretty much unchanged today—indeed, in McPherson Square the atmosphere was downright festive early this morning, CNN reports. "We're just having a great party," one occupier said. "It's a lot...

Showdown as Occupy DC Protesters Defy Eviction

Instead, they erect giant tent over statue

(Newser) - The ban on overnight camping took effect at noon today in the Occupy DC encampments in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza, but protesters in McPherson Square show no signs of leaving. Instead, they threw a tent over the square's main statue, then gathered in front of it to prepare...

Obama Crashes Alfalfa Club

President zings at elite DC dinner

(Newser) - President Obama was palling around with Washington's one-percenters last night, cracking wise at the Alfalfa Club dinner for the first time since 2009 , reports the Washington Post . The Alfalfa Club is the quintessential DC insider club, which exists pretty much for throwing an annual dinner, and guests had to...

DC to Occupy: No More Camping

The National Park Service will enforce rules beginning Monday

(Newser) - One of the Occupy movement's longest-standing camps will soon no longer be a place to lay your head: Occupy DC protesters will be banned from camping in the two parks they have occupied since October as of noon on Monday. The National Park Service has alerted the demonstrators they...

White House Locked Down After Smoke Bomb

Obamas out for dinner as missile hurled during Occupy protest

(Newser) - The White House was locked down for more than an hour last night after a smoke bomb was tossed over the compound's north fence. The Secret Service believes the device was thrown by an Occupy protester. More than 1,000 demonstrators had gathered outside the White House for a...

'Occupy Congress' Gathers on National Mall

Protest planned to welcome back lawmakers

(Newser) - House members are returning from recess today, and Occupy protesters are braving the rain to yell at them. Protesters are already gathering on the National Mall for an event dubbed "Occupy Congress," the Washington Post reports. Though they were hoping to draw 2,000 to the event, so...

Rats Occupying DC Camps
 Rats Occupying DC Camps 

Rats Occupying DC Camps

Conditions as bad as refugee camps, city's health chief says

(Newser) - Washington DC's health chief says the explosion in the rat population at the two Occupy camps in the city may force him to advise the federal government to close the camps. Mohammad Akhter says conditions in the McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza camps remind him of refugee camps he...

DC Police Arrest 60 Occupy Protesters

Mass demonstration snarls busy K Street in Washington

(Newser) - More than five dozen protesters upset about what they call corporate greed and the excessive influence of money in politics were arrested today after shutting down K Street in Washington. The mass demonstration snarled mid-day traffic in the nation's capital. The arrests came as demonstrators from across the country...

DC Cops Bust 31 Occupiers in Spat Over Shack

Police dismantle structure after 31 arrests

(Newser) - The final arrest tally from yesterday's Occupy DC standoff : 31. The first instance of mass arrests in that location, the clash erupted over a 15-foot-tall wood building constructed by protesters. The Washington Post reports that 15 demonstrators were arrested during the day, charged with crossing a police line, and...

Occupy DC Protesters Arrested
 Occupy DC Protesters Arrested 

Occupy DC Protesters Arrested

Demonstrators refuse to dismantle wood structure

(Newser) - In a rare clash between Occupy DC protesters and police, about a dozen demonstrators were arrested today. Protesters had begun constructing a two-story plywood building at McPherson Square and refused to comply when police gave them one hour to start dismantling it, the Washington Post reports. As of 3pm today,...

Tea Party, Occupy Find Common Ground

Both despise the best democracy money can buy

(Newser) - Occupy protesters and Tea Partiers are engaging in intense conversations and finding common ground, even if their basic philosophies clash, the Washington Post reports. Both despise corporate bailouts and the political influence of big money; both are struggling to get by. In one crossing of the aisle, a machinist and...

NPR Freelancer Canned for Joining Occupiers

Lisa Simeone hosted show on opera

(Newser) - A freelance radio host has lost her NPR World of Opera gig after an outcry over her involvement with a group affiliated with Occupy DC. Baltimore resident Lisa Simeone is acting as spokesperson for protesters under the October 2011/Stop the Machine banner; NPR responded to her involvement in a memo,...

Occupy's Next Targets: Bush, Clinton

 Next Targets: 
 Bush, Clinton 

Occupy's Next Targets: Bush, Clinton

And more Occupy developments across the globe

(Newser) - Not even Bill Clinton is safe from the ire of the Occupy movement. Occupy Surrey protests are expected near Vancouver today outside an economic summit featuring Clinton and George W. Bush, CNN reports. (Yep, this is the visit during which Amnesty International would like Canadian authorities to arrest Bush .)...

Tea Partier's Protest Plan: No More Hiring

She encourages small-business owners to go 'on strike'

(Newser) - Well, here’s one idea for small businesses to help get us out of this economic mess we’re in: Stop hiring people! That’s the proposal from Tea Party Nation member Melissa Brookstone in a manifesto picked up (and derided) by Gawker and Wonkette . Brookstone’s post accuses the...

Occupy Arrests Hit Capitol
 Occupy Arrests Hit Capitol 

Occupy Arrests Hit Capitol

6 arrested inside the Hart Senate Office Building

(Newser) - Toting banners that read "Cure Electile Dysfunction," more than 100 protesters entered the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building in the Capitol around 11:30am today—and six got arrested for their troubles. Politico reports that the group was a noisy one, whose shouting members pledged to...

Righty Blogger Infiltrates DC Protest, Ignites Uproar

Spectator pulls writer's claim that he was most effective protester

(Newser) - A right-wing journalist infiltrated the DC protest that ultimately closed the Air and Space Museum this weekend and emerged with the latest scandal to grip the blogosphere: American Spectator writer Patrick Howley wrote that he played the role of agent provocateur, leading the charge against guards at the museum in...

Protesters Force Closure of Air & Space Museum

Egypt activist address protester in New York City

(Newser) - About 200 anti-war protesters forced the closing of the Air and Space Museum yesterday afternoon, after clashing with the museum's guards at the building's entrance, reports the Washington Post . October 2011, a group opposed to US involvement in Afghanistan and allied with Occupy DC, was demonstrating against the...

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