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Buffett, Secretary on Her Salary: MYOB

Bloggers are missing the point, he says

(Newser) - So what does Warren Buffett's secretary make? Neither Buffett nor Debbie Bosanek are spilling, despite a flurry of speculation after her star turn at the State of the Union address. "They can't attack the facts, so they attack the person. It's ridiculous," Buffett tells the...

Obama's Buffett Rule: 30% Minimum Tax for Millionaires

Warren Buffett secretary Debbie Bosanek is there as a guest

(Newser) - President Obama made his expected pitch for the Buffett rule tonight, with Warren Buffett secretary Debbie Bosanek attending his State of the Union speech to hear it in person. After noting Buffett's complaint that she pays a higher tax rate than her billionaire boss, Obama fleshed out the details,...

Special Guest at SOTU: Warren Buffett's Secretary

Debbie Bosanek will sit in Michelle Obama's box

(Newser) - At tonight's State of the Union address, Warren Buffett's secretary will have a seat in Michelle Obama's box, the Washington Post reports. Debbie Bosanek is the inspiration for President Obama's "Buffett rule," a call for the rich to pay a higher tax rate; Buffett...

Warren Buffett's Secretary: No Comment

His assistant doesn't want to talk about her taxes

(Newser) - President Obama's deficit-cutting plan has put "Warren Buffett's secretary" smack in the middle of the "class warfare" debate—and she doesn't sound all that thrilled to be there. Annie Lowrey of Slate reached Buffett executive assistant Debbie Bosanek by phone today. "I'm sorry,...

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