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From Australian Quarantine, Tom Hanks Starts an Uproar

How much Vegemite he spread on his toast has Australia buzzing

(Newser) - He might be America's dad, but Tom Hanks has managed to trigger genuine Australian horror amid his coronavirus quarantine with wife Rita Wilson: In a post CNET says "channels Mister Rogers," the 63-year-old actor tweeted a picture Sunday that showed a stuffed kangaroo holding a mini Australian...

'Precursor to Misery:' Aussie Pol Wants Vegemite Crackdown

Minister says Vegemite is being used to make moonshine in some communities

(Newser) - In news that may prompt reanalysis of Men at Work lyrics , an Australian politician is trying to crack down on Vegemite, which the Washington Post calls "the beloved breakfast spread with an aftertaste of sadness." Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion wants to restrict access to Vegemite because aboriginal...

Aussie Mystery: Who Threw a Sandwich at the PM?

Teen suspended, but he says he's just a patsy

(Newser) - A story getting big play across Australian media today: On a visit to a high school yesterday, Prime Minister Julia Gillard had a Vegemite sandwich thrown at her by one of the students. The alleged thrower was suspended from school for three weeks, the Brisbane Times reports, but he claims...

Is Australia Sick of Vegemite?

Kraft struggles to market iconic spread

(Newser) - Say it ain't so: Australians seem to be tiring of a national culinary icon. Vegemite, a spread made from yeast extract, has been beloved since 1923. But lately, owner Kraft has had trouble getting young people hooked on the stuff, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company has tried...

Vegemite Nearly Causes Diplomatic Incident

Customs officials try to confiscate Aussie Kevin Rudd's jar

(Newser) - Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd had to put his diplomatic powers to use this weekend … when US Customs officials tried to confiscate his Vegemite. What’s Vegemite, you ask? The Telegraph calls the popular Australian breakfast spread, made from yeast extract, a “mystery brown paste” and a cousin...

5 Stories
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