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Larry David Works 'Insane' Voting Law Into New Curb
Larry David Works 'Insane'
Voting Law Into New Curb
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Larry David Works 'Insane' Voting Law Into New Curb

Premiere of final season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' mocks Georgia rule against water given to voters

(Newser) - We're pretty, pretty, pretty sure you won't want to blow through the following spoilers if you haven't seen this episode yet, so stop here if you're in that category. For everyone else, the premiere of the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm contained all of the...

US Sues Arizona Over Its New Voting Law

Tens of thousands could be disenfranchised without proof of citizenship, critics say

(Newser) - The Justice Department is suing Arizona over a new law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in presidential elections, calling it a "textbook violation" of the National Voter Registration Act. The lawsuit filed Tuesday seeks to overturn House Bill 2492, passed in March and scheduled to take effect in...

Black Woman Who Tried to Register to Vote Handed 6 Years

Prosecutors alleged Pamela Moses knew she wasn't eligible to vote, submitted forms anyway

(Newser) - A Black woman in Tennessee was handed a sentence of six years and one day after being found guilty of illegally registering to vote. Pamela Moses' cases is attracting national attention due to its particulars: The 44-year-old says she went through the system and just followed the process that "...

King's Son Calls for New Voting Laws

Holiday speeches include demands for legislation to counter voting curbs

(Newser) - A day before the US Senate was expected to take up significant legislation on voting rights that is looking likely to fail, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s eldest son condemned federal lawmakers over their inaction. Speaking in Washington, DC, on Monday, Martin Luther King III said that...

New York City Makes Historic Elections Change

Measure allowing noncitizen voting becomes law

(Newser) - More than 800,000 noncitizens and "Dreamers" in New York City will have access to the ballot box—and could vote in municipal elections as early as next year—after Mayor Eric Adams allowed legislation to automatically become law Sunday. Opponents have vowed to challenge the law, which the...

US Sues to Block Texas Voting Restrictions
US Sues
Over New
Voting Law

US Sues Texas Over New Voting Law

Legislation affects rights of disabled voters, members of military, filing says

(Newser) - Although Gov. Greg Abbott said a new voting law would make it " easier than ever " for Texans to cast a ballot, the Justice Department filed suit Thursday arguing that the legislation would instead disenfranchise various groups of eligible voters. The law makes many changes, but the suit emphasizes...

California Makes Mail-In Voting Law
Voting Law

California Makes Mail-In Voting Law

Pandemic experiment will be the new normal

(Newser) - Until recently, only a handful of states have automatic mail-in ballot systems. Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada, and DC use the system, and Vermont does, too, in general elections. California is the newest member of the club, since Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Monday making California’s...

Texas House Passes Election Overhaul

With Democrats back, voting restrictions go to Senate for final OK

(Newser) - With the Texas House back in business, Republicans pushed a broad election overhaul through on Friday and sent it to the Senate. The legislation already cleared the Senate but had to go back to reconcile minor differences between the two versions. The package then will go to Gov. Greg Abbott,...

Enough Democrats Return to Give Texas a Quorum

Voting restrictions legislation now is back in play in state House

(Newser) - For the first time since July, the Texas House had a quorum on Thursday, after a few Democrats returned from their stay in Washington. Democratic members had left the state to prevent the Republican-controlled House from passing election legislation that Democrats say would restrict participation. The end of the stalemate,...

Texas House Speaker Signs 52 Arrest Warrants for Dems

Following state Supreme Court ruling overturning restraining order on arrests, 80-12 vote in House

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court overturned a district court's restraining order that blocked the arrest of Democrats in the state's House of Representatives who fled Texas last month for DC to break quorum and keep the chamber from voting on restrictive voting bills. The all-Republican high court...

5 Texas Lawmakers Who Left the State Get COVID

Democrats were pictured maskless on plane

(Newser) - Two more Texas lawmakers who left their state to hobble efforts to pass new voting restrictions have tested positive for the coronavirus, raising to five the number of infected people in the delegation, the AP reports. State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio said in a statement Sunday that...

Biden Slams Trump's 'Big Lie'
Biden Slams Trump's 'Big Lie'

Biden Slams Trump's 'Big Lie'

President delivers address on voting rights

(Newser) - "We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War," President Biden warned in a speech to supporters in Philadelphia Tuesday. The president, speaking at the National Constitution Center, spoke out against GOP-led efforts to restrict voting rights, linking them to Donald Trump's...

Texas Governor on Lawmakers: 'They Will Be Arrested'
Texas Governor on Lawmakers:
'They Will Be Arrested'
the rundown

Texas Governor on Lawmakers: 'They Will Be Arrested'

Greg Abbott criticizes Democrats who fled state to block new voting laws

(Newser) - The national debate over voting laws is very much in the spotlight again Tuesday, and not only because President Biden plans to address the topic in a speech in Philadelphia . Democratic lawmakers in Texas remained holed up in DC after fleeing the state to prevent new restrictions from going into...

Supreme Court Hands GOP a Win Over Voting Laws

Justices uphold restrictions put in place in Arizona

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld voting restrictions in Arizona in a decision that could make it harder to challenge other voting measures put in place by Republican lawmakers, per the AP . The court, by a 6-3 vote, reversed a lower court ruling in deciding that Arizona's limits on...

Justice Department Sues Georgia Over Voting Laws

Merrick Garland is looking at new laws around the US

(Newser) - The Justice Department is suing Georgia over the state's voting laws , per the AP . The decision, to be announced later Friday by Attorney General Merrick Garland, comes two weeks after Garland said the Justice Department would scrutinize a wave of new laws in Republican-controlled states that tighten voting rules....

McConnell Responds to Manchin's Voting Law Pitch

Senate minority leader says 'plan endorsed by Stacey Abrams is no compromise'

(Newser) - On Thursday, Sen. Joe Manchin offered up a long list of reforms to proposed voting rights legislation that he hoped would appeal to both Democrats and Republicans. But by later that day, the GOP made clear the compromise effort wasn't drawing them in. Per Axios , Senate Minority Leader Mitch...

Joe Manchin Floats a Voting-Law Compromise
Joe Manchin's Big Move
on Voting Law
the rundown

Joe Manchin's Big Move on Voting Law

Democratic senator floats a compromise ahead of next week's vote

(Newser) - Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia earned the wrath of fellow Democrats earlier this month when he announced that he wouldn't back a major election-reform law. Now, ahead of next week's vote, Manchin has put a compromise in play. Coverage:
  • Manchin released a lengthy list of reforms he

DeSantis Signs Voter Law, Allows Only Fox News to Cover

In lawsuit, critics say rules are designed to curb voting by minorities

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a sweeping elections bill into law that voter rights advocates immediately challenged with a federal lawsuit. The Republican governor signed the freshly passed legislation ahead of his impending announcement that he'll run for reelection in the nation's largest battleground state, per...

When Criticizing Georgia, Biden Told a 'Whopper'

State isn't restricting voting hours, writes Glenn Kessler, no matter what the president says

(Newser) - A president spreading tall tales about an election? The Fact Checker blog of the Washington Post says it's happening, and in this case the president is Joe Biden. The blog by Glenn Kessler gives Biden a four-Pinocchio rating—that translates to "whopper"—for statements he made about...

Judge Tells Wisconsin to Take 230K Off Voting Rolls

Ruling could hurt Democrats' efforts to carry the state next year

(Newser) - Wisconsin has been ordered to remove about 234,000 names from its list of registered voters. A judge made the ruling Friday in a lawsuit brought by conservatives who argued that the state should have voided the registrations of people who did not respond within 30 days to a letter...

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