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Dino 'From Hell' Suggests There Was No Decline
Dino 'From Hell' Suggests
There Was No Decline

Dino 'From Hell' Suggests There Was No Decline

New caenagnathid species, and a possible second, suggest this dino family was doing fine

(Newser) - Paleontologists have been debating whether the asteroid that killed non-avian dinosaurs took out a varied group of thriving reptiles or one already in decline . Now, researchers say they've discovered a new dinosaur species whose very existence disputes the latter argument. The argument is largely based on apparent declines in...

2 Remarkable Fossils Shed New Light on Dinosaurs

Pliosaur skull in the UK and a young tyrannosaur's last meal in Canada

(Newser) - Two notable fossil discoveries are providing paleontologists with new information about dinosaurs:
  • Pliosaur: The giant skull of a beast described by one scientist as "an underwater T. Rex" was found on a cliff in Dorset in the UK, reports the BBC . The pliosaur skull is about 7 feet long

Anyone Need a Nearly Complete Dino Skeleton?

Camptosaurus fossil, 'Barry,' could fetch up to $1.2M at auction next month

(Newser) - One of the most complete dinosaur skulls ever documented will hit the auction block next month along with the rest of the 150-million-year-old Camptosaurus' bones. Such sales of dinosaur fossils are "rare, with only a small number taking place each year globally" as scientists raise concerns about fossils being...

Texas Drought Yields Dino Tracks, WWI Shipwrecks

'If I was ever going to find anything, this would be the best time to do it'

(Newser) - As of Monday, 79% of the state of Texas was in drought , with 12% in "exceptional drought." Those conditions, though challenging for residents, have the upside of revealing some remarkable finds. At Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, officials have uncovered at least 70 new dinosaur tracks...

'I've Never Seen a Fossil Like This Before'
'I've Never Seen
a Fossil Like This Before'
new study

'I've Never Seen a Fossil Like This Before'

Find in China shows a mammal attacking a small dinosaur

(Newser) - An unusual find in China suggests some early mammals may have hunted dinosaur for dinner, per the AP . The fossil shows a badgerlike creature chomping down on a small, beaked dinosaur, their skeletons intertwined. The find comes from a site known as "China's Pompeii," where mud and...

Before Dinosaurs, These Guys Had a Serious Eating Flaw

Rhynchosaurs had a single set of teeth they wore down to nubs, may have starved to death in old age

(Newser) - In the age before the towering dinosaurs we know so well from textbooks and Jurassic Park movies, an ugly-cute creature about the size of a pig called the rhynchosaur roamed the Earth, chomping on tough plants with a single row of teeth. As the New York Times reports, they were...

Croc's Virgin Birth Suggests Dinos Were Also Capable
Virgin Birth Is a First
for This Species

Virgin Birth Is a First for This Species

Parthenogenesis found in crocodile suggests that dinosaurs may have been capable as well

(Newser) - A crocodile has for the first time been found capable of a virgin birth—a finding that suggests the species' dinosaur cousins were capable of the same feat. An 18-year-old female crocodile who'd been isolated from other crocodiles since the age of 2 laid 14 eggs at a Costa...

Cops: Vandals Wreck 'Jurassic World' Exhibition

One person was caught on video ripping skin off animatronic dinosaur

(Newser) - There were a lot of disappointed kids in Atlanta Monday after vandals wrecked "Jurassic World: The Exhibition," a newly opened exhibit featuring life-size animatronic dinosaurs. Police say there was an estimated $250,000 in damage after four intruders broke into the exhibition in the Pullman Yards event space...

'Special' T. Rex Skeleton Sold at Auction for $6.2M

'Trinity' is first T. rex ever sold in Europe

(Newser) - A 67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton might have had puny arms, but sold for a hefty $6.2 million at Zurich's Koller auction house. The BBC reports the 38-foot-long and nearly 13-foot-tall fossil "is one of the most spectacular T. rex skeletons in existence," though it's actually...

Dino Claims Longest Neck Known to Man
Dino Claims Longest
Neck Known to Man

Dino Claims Longest Neck Known to Man

M. sinocanadorum had a 50-foot-long neck, made up of mostly hollow vertebrae: study

(Newser) - Think giraffes have long necks? Paleontologists say a dinosaur that roamed northwest China some 162 million years ago had a neck eight times as long, making it the "longest-known neck in the animal kingdom," per IFL Science . Partial remains of the dinosaur, Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum, were discovered in the...

A New 'Swimming' Dinosaur Emerges
You've Never Known a
Dinosaur Like This Before

You've Never Known a Dinosaur Like This Before

'Natovenator polydontus' is first found with streamlined ribcage for swimming and diving

(Newser) - Paleontologists have discovered a dinosaur unlike any other known so far. Its Latin and Greek name, Natovenator polydontus, means "swimming hunter with many teeth." Yes, swimming. "I think like a swimming Velociraptor is a pretty good characterization," Philip Currie of the University of Alberta, co-author of...

This May Be 'Missing Link' in T. Rex Evolution
This May Be
'Missing Link'
in T. Rex Evolution

This May Be 'Missing Link' in T. Rex Evolution

Ancestor 'Daspletosaurus wilsoni' offers further evidence of linear evolution

(Newser) - Paleontologists have uncovered a new species of tyrannosaur that they say serves as a "missing link" in the evolution of Tyrannosaurus rex. Experts from the Badlands Dinosaur Museum in North Dakota were digging at the Judith River Formation in Montana in 2017 when paleontologist Jack Wilson spotted a flat...

Christie's Abruptly Axes T. Rex Auction

US firm noticed skeleton, which Christie's was to auction off in Hong Kong, borrowed a lot from 'Stan'

(Newser) - A 15-foot-tall T. rex skeleton that was unearthed in Montana had been set to be put on the auction block later this month. Now, Christie's has yanked the bone set nicknamed Shen from the Hong Kong sale, after an American fossil firm questioned some of the skeleton's parts....

Researchers Explore Mystery of Holes in Famed T. Rex's Jaw
Sue the T. Rex's Jawbone
Contains 8 Baffling Holes
new study

Sue the T. Rex's Jawbone Contains 8 Baffling Holes

Researchers rule out one possible cause

(Newser) - Sue is thought to be one of the best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever unearthed—and that stellar preservation extends to the eight holes in her jawbone. Those holes have long been a mystery, and the upshot of a new study published in Cretaceous Research is that they remain a...

Paleontologist Calls Gorgosaurus Sale a 'Disaster'

Rare skeleton was sold for $6.1M

(Newser) - A rare and exquisite Gorgosaurus skeleton sold for $6.1 million at a Sotheby's auction in New York City Thursday—but since the anonymous buyer apparently wasn't a museum or an unusually wealthy paleontologist, scientists say they find the sale concerning. Gorgosaurus was a distant—and faster—relative...

Now's Your Chance to Own a Dinosaur
Now's Your Chance
to Own a Dinosaur

Now's Your Chance to Own a Dinosaur

Sotheby's is auctioning a Gorgosaurus skeleton, but you'll need at least $5M

(Newser) - The fossilized skeleton of a T. rex relative that roamed the earth about 76 million years ago will be auctioned in New York this month, per the AP . The Gorgosaurus skeleton will highlight Sotheby's natural history auction on July 28, the auction house says. The Gorgosaurus was an apex...

Remains of 'Hector' Just Sold for Really Big Bucks

Skeleton of dino that inspired velociraptors in 'Jurassic Park' was bought for $12.4M at auction

(Newser) - "Hector" has been sold. The skeleton of the Deinonychus antirrhopus dinosaur species, said to be the inspiration for the velociraptors in 1993's Jurassic Park, was auctioned off by Christie's on Thursday to an undisclosed buyer for $12.4 million, more than double the price the auction house...

Most Americans Don't Want a Real-Life Jurassic Park

Majority are against bringing dinosaurs back from extinction, if that were an option, per YouGov poll

(Newser) - If you've ever fantasized about a world in which T. rex once more roamed the Earth, you're in a small minority. YouGov recently surveyed 2,000 American adults on how they felt about helping save endangered species, or even bringing back extinct ones, and the majority answered that...

Scientist: This Dinosaur Died on the Day of Asteroid Strike

Leg was among many finds at North Dakota site that preserved the 'death blow'

(Newser) - The asteroid that hit the Earth around 66 million years ago brought an abrupt end to the Cretaceous period—and to the life of a Thescelosaurus dinosaur whose incredibly well-preserved leg was found at a North Dakota site. Researchers say they can pinpoint the day of the dinosaur's death...

Tourists Saved 112M-Year-Old Dino Site From Bigger Damage

Construction crews in Utah were driving equipment over sensitive areas at Mill Canyon site

(Newser) - One of the top sites in the nation to see footprints made by dinosaurs was damaged by a modern dinosaur of sorts—a backhoe. A new report by the Bureau of Land Management calls the damage done at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite in Utah irreparable, though fortunately minor in...

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