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Canada's Wild Pig Headache Could Become US Problem
'Super Pigs' Edge
South Into US

'Super Pigs' Edge South Into US

States weigh strategies to contain destructive crossbreeds

(Newser) - An exploding population of hard-to-eradicate "super pigs" in Canada is threatening to spill south of the border, and northern states like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana are taking steps to stop the invasion. In Canada, the wild pigs roaming Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba pose a new threat, the AP...

The Canadian 'Super Pig' Could Be Coming for Us

The massive pigs are as hardy as they are destructive

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a movie: an "incredibly intelligent, highly elusive" pig that's both massive and impervious to cold temps due to its size and ability to tunnel as many as six feet under the snow. And it's apparently coming for us. The Guardian reports...

Sheriff: Deadly Hog Attack One of the 'Worst Things I've Seen'

Woman was killed outside Texas home

(Newser) - Authorities say feral hogs attacked and killed a woman outside a southeast Texas home where she worked as a caretaker. Christine Rollins cared for an elderly couple at their home in the small town of Anahuac. Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said Monday the 84-year-old woman she cared for was...

Feral Hogs Destroy Forest Cocaine Stash

Cops heard wiretapped traffickers complain

(Newser) - A group of drug traffickers heard on a wiretap complaining that pigs had found their cocaine stash weren't talking about the police. Authorities in Italy arrested four suspected traffickers after they heard them lament that a pack of wild boars had dug up a package of cocaine worth around...

It Wasn't Booze That Killed Famed Swimming Pigs

It was sand, apparently

(Newser) - When a spate of unexplained deaths among the famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas made headlines last week, one of the wilder theories was that tourists were getting them drunk on alcohol in fatal quantities. The real reason appears to be less sensational: sand. Veterinarians examining the bodies of some...

Famed Swimming Pigs Are Dropping Off Like Flies
Bahamas' Swimming Pigs
Dying, Likely Due to Tourists
in case you missed it

Bahamas' Swimming Pigs Dying, Likely Due to Tourists

Some think the friendly animals are being fed snacks and booze

(Newser) - The Washington Post calls the untimely demise of some of the famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas—the friendly feral animals who live on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, aka "Pig Beach" —a "mysterious wave of death." But some say that the reason may...

Texas Plans 'Feral Hog Apocalypse'
Texas Plans
Feral Hog

Texas Plans Feral Hog 'Apocalypse'

State approves use of poison

(Newser) - Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is stepping up his war on feral hogs with a move that he says will bring about an "apocalypse" for the crop-destroying animals. Miller has approved the use of the pesticide warfarin to poison the state's 2.5 million or so wild hogs,...

America's Ravenous $1.5B Problem: 5M Wild Pigs

After 30-year surge, they're now in 39 states

(Newser) - In the past three decades, wild pigs have been spreading across America like crazy—to the tune of 5 million of the porkers in 39 states. The pigs have been part of the landscape since the 1600s, when early settlers allowed them to roam; some escaped, though their numbers have...

To Poison Feral Pigs, Feds Turn to ... Bacon Ingredient?

Sodium nitrate is pretty poisonous to destructive, prolific porkers

(Newser) - A preservative used to cure bacon is being tested as poison for the nation's estimated 5 million feral hogs, which cost the US about $1.5 billion a year—including $800 million in damage to farms. Hunting and trapping won't do the trick for these big, wildly prolific...

Boars on Rampage in Islamabad

200-pound animals feast on local trash

(Newser) - Just another winter in Islamabad: Wild boars with healthy appetites are wreaking havoc in the city, streaming in to munch on the Pakistani capital's garbage. Visiting some of the city's ritziest locations—including the president's home and classy hotels—they have reportedly caused car accidents, injuries, and...

Shooting Wild Pigs From Helicopters Won't Work

Even if Rick Perry thinks so in Texas: Mark Essig

(Newser) - A new law signed by Rick Perry will allow hunters in Texas to rent a seat on a helicopter and hunt wild pigs from the sky. It may work for Perry politically, but the scheme is a short-sighted one that won't solve the growing problem of feral pigs destroying...

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