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Biden: 'Outrageous Behavior' From SCOTUS Is 'Destabilizing'

'We have to codify Roe v. Wade,' he says

(Newser) - President Biden said Thursday that it was a "mistake" for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade—and he supports making an exception to the filibuster to deal with it. "We have to codify Roe v. Wade in the law, and the way to do that is...

Arizona Party Punishes Sinema for Vote on Filibuster

Chairwoman says voting rights are more important than Senate rules

(Newser) - Three years after becoming a hero to Arizona Democrats for winning a US Senate seat long held by Republicans, Sen. Krysten Sinema was formally censured Saturday by the state party for her part in blocking voting rights legislation. The Arizona Democratic Party's executive committee cited Sinema's vote against...

For Sinema and Manchin, a Big Question Looms
For Sinema and Manchin,
a Big Question Looms
the rundown

For Sinema and Manchin, a Big Question Looms

Will the Democratic party support primary challenges against them in 2024?

(Newser) - Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin didn't budge on the filibuster—thus dooming voting-rights legislation —and have cemented their roles as perceived fiends among Democrats. Now the big question in regard to the Democratic senators: Will the party try to "primary" them in 2024? Chuck Schumer and other...

Giant Swing in Polls Doesn't Bode Well for Democrats

Gallup puts GOP up 5 points in US support, a shift from trailing by 9

(Newser) - The midterm elections could spell disaster for President Biden and the Democrats, if recent polling is any indication. A new Gallup poll shows an average of 47% of Americans surveyed in the fourth quarter of 2021 identified with or leaned toward the Republican Party compared to 42% for the Democratic...

Biden's Voting Rights Push Runs Into Sinema
Sinema Won't Give on Filibuster

Sinema Won't Give on Filibuster

Biden's voting rights push runs into Arizona Democrat's opposition to altering the rule

(Newser) - Before President Biden could arrive at the Capitol on Thursday to lobby Senate Democrats on changing the filibuster rule and passing voting rights legislation, one of them made clear she'd be no help. Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema delivered the news in a floor speech, the New York Times reports,...

Obama: Nix the Filibuster, Pass Voting Rights Legislation

In first op-ed since leaving office, former president calls on Senate to 'do the right thing'

(Newser) - President Biden recently called for altering Senate rules if necessary to remove the obstacle of the filibuster so that voting rights legislation can be passed. Now, a big voice is joining in that same chorus. In what USA Today says is his first op-ed since leaving office in 2017, former...

Biden: 'Turning Point' on Voting Rights Is Coming

'Will we choose democracy over autocracy, light over shadow, justice over injustice?'

(Newser) - Pounding his fist for emphasis, President Biden challenged senators on Tuesday to “stand against voter suppression," urging them to change Senate rules in order to pass voting rights legislation that Republicans are blocking from debate and votes. Biden told a crowd in Atlanta that he'd been having...

Biden Plans Controversial Move on Voting Rights Bill

President will endorse filibuster 'carve-out' on the issue

(Newser) - President Biden travels to Georgia on Tuesday to speak about voting rights, and the New York Times reports he will back a controversial change in Senate rules to try to get legislation passed. The president will call for the Senate to ditch the usual filibuster rules on this issue alone...

Schumer: Senate Will Vote on Changing Filibuster

He says vote will be held by MLK Day

(Newser) - Unless Republicans change course and stop blocking voting rights legislation , the Senate will vote this month on changing filibuster rules, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday. In a letter to Democratic colleagues, Schumer said that if Republicans don't budge, "the Senate will debate and consider changes to...

Biden: Alter Filibuster If Need Be for Voting Rights

President says he'd support working around the rule for this issue

(Newser) - The Senate's filibuster rule is one of the main obstacles to passage of a voting rights law. President Biden, a longtime member of the Senate, says he no longer supports letting that barrier—which requires 60 votes to approve most measures—remain. "If the only thing standing between...

Biden Surprises Reporters With Remark on Filibuster

He says rule change to raise debt limit is a 'real possibility'

(Newser) - To get around Republican obstruction, President Biden said Tuesday that Democrats are considering a change to the Senate's filibuster rules in order to quickly approve lifting the nation's debt limit and avoid what would be a devastating credit default. "It’s a real possibility," Biden told...

Texas Lawmaker Speaks Nonstop for 15 Hours

But state Sen. Carol Alvarado's filibuster fails to stop passage of new voting rules

(Newser) - The drama over new voting rules in Texas continues to escalate: A Democratic lawmaker donned sneakers and a back brace Wednesday evening before she began speaking on the Senate floor—then continued speaking and standing for 15 hours, until Thursday morning, reports the Texas Tribune . Under state rules, State Sen....

Senate Republicans Block Voting Rights Bill

Vote on For the People Act was 50-50

(Newser) - The biggest voting rights bill in decades met its widely expected fate in the evenly divided Senate Tuesday, with Republicans unified in opposition. Senators voted 50-50 on advancing the For the People Act, the Hill reports. Democrats needed 60 votes to overcome the GOP filibuster and advance the bill to...

Kyrsten Sinema Op-Ed Dooms Chances to Kill Filibuster
Forget About
Killing Filibuster
the rundown

Democrat Sinema: Forget About Killing Filibuster

Senator makes clear she is opposed to the idea

(Newser) - A Democratic effort to pass voting rights legislation was on track to fail in the Senate on Tuesday because it won't get the 60 votes necessary to overcome a Republican filibuster, reports the Hill . The issue is calling new attention to a push from some Democrats to try abolish...

GOP Poised to Block Capitol Attack Probe

They're expected to filibuster bill to create bipartisan commission

(Newser) - Senate Republicans are poised to block the creation of a special commission to study the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, dashing hopes for a bipartisan panel amid a GOP push to put the violent insurrection by Donald Trump’s supporters behind them. Broad Republican opposition was expected in...

New Senate Rule Could Be a Game-Changer

Reconciliation process can be used multiple times

(Newser) - A ruling on the budget reconciliation rules from the Senate parliamentarian may not sound like a particularly exciting development—but it could have massive implications for the future of President Biden's agenda. Elizabeth MacDonough's Monday night ruling could be a game-changer because it gives Senate Majority Leader Chuck...

Highlights From Biden's First Press Conference

'This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle,' he says of rules to change voting laws

(Newser) - President Biden conducted his first press conference since assuming office, one in which he doubled the nation's vaccination goal and said he expected to run for re-election in 2024. But Biden faced questions on a host of other issues, including immigration and the filibuster. Highlights:
  • Immigration: He disputed the

If Filibuster Goes, Trump Has Advice for Republicans

Don't show up for votes, former president advises

(Newser) - Former President Trump continues to raise his public profile , this time in a podcast interview in which he weighs in on DC's filibuster debate . If Democrats get rid of the filibuster, "it will be catastrophic for the Republican party," Trump said on the Truth with Lisa Boothe ...

Biden Supports Return of 'Talking Filibuster'

He says under current rules, 'democracy is having a hard time functioning'

(Newser) - Remember when filibusters meant lawmakers who wanted to hold up a bill actually had to talk on the Senate floor for a long time? President Biden does. The president, who was a senator for 36 years and has generally seemed resistant to changing its rules, says he would support a...

McConnell: If Filibuster Goes, Expect 'Scorched-Earth Senate'

He says move would backfire badly on Democrats

(Newser) - Abolishing the filibuster is not a road Democrats should even consider going down, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned Tuesday. The Republican said that if Democrats do away with the legislative filibuster, as some progressives are pushing for, the Senate would become a "100-car pileup." He vowed that...

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