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Woman Accused of Killing Bride Had Sky-High BAC: Report

Toxicology report found Jamie Komoroski's blood alcohol content was 3 times legal limit before crash

(Newser) - A woman accused of ramming her car at high speed into a golf cart last month—killing bride Samantha Hutchinson, who'd just gotten married—had a blood alcohol content that was more than triple the legal limit, per a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division toxicology report seen by CNN...

One State Is About to Get Nation's Toughest DUI Limit

Utah is set to lower BAC limit to .05% from national standard of .08%

(Newser) - In good news for ride-sharing services, cabs, and maybe your better judgment, Utah will be ringing in the New Year with the nation's stingiest limit for blood-alcohol content. The law, which goes into effect on Dec. 30 to thwart all those who thought they might get in one last...

Temporary Tattoo Tells You When You're Drunk

It has an electronic sensor

(Newser) - These days there are plenty of options for those who want to test their (or a friend's) blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel, but a finger prick is the best bet if what you're after is accuracy. Now researchers at the University of California San Diego...

How Driving While Stoned, Drunk Differs
 How Driving While 
 Stoned, Drunk Differs 

How Driving While Stoned, Drunk Differs

The National Institute on Drug Abuse weighs in

(Newser) - When it comes to smoking marijuana and driving, many variables affect impairment—the potency of the drug, the tolerance of the toker, when the drug was taken, how the drug was taken—making guidelines difficult to implement. But with some states decriminalizing the possession of weed, the feds are investigating...

These Are the Drunkest Days of the Year

Big surprise: New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day top list

(Newser) - During the course of approximately the past year, Americans got drunkest on two days: New Year's Eve and the Saturday of St. Patrick's Day weekend. That's according to a study released by BACtrack , a company that makes smartphone-linked breathalyzers, Quartz reports—so the results should perhaps be...

Groom Charged in Bride's Wedding-Day Death

Ryan Quinton charged in Dec. 29 car crash

(Newser) - What should have been the happiest day of his life now has a Georgia man facing prison. Hours after her Dec. 29 wedding near Atlanta, Kali Dobson was killed in a car crash ; new husband Ryan Quinton was behind the wheel, and told police he swerved to avoid a dog....

NTSB Wants to Drop Drunk-Driving Limit to .05%

Regulator thinks legal blood alcohol content should be 0.05%

(Newser) - How much can you legally drink before getting in a car? The National Transportation Safety Board thinks the answer right now is "too much," so this morning it voted to lower its recommended legal blood alcohol content limit for drivers from 0.08% to 0.05%, ABC News...

Winehouse Drank Herself to Death: 2nd Coroner

New inquest reaches same conclusion as first

(Newser) - A second inquest into Amy Winehouse's death has ended with the same conclusion as the first : The singer died after drinking too much alcohol. The second coroner also ruled it a "death by misadventure," or accidental alcohol poisoning, and confirmed that Winehouse's blood alcohol level was...

How to Know When You've Hit .08%

The 'Wall Street Journal' discovers ... it's kind of hard to tell

(Newser) - It's that magical line that we try to avoid crossing while out on the town: a blood-alcohol concentration of .08%. And as the Wall Street Journal reports, most of us figure a few glasses of wine over dinner won't put us over the legal limit. The paper set...

Stoner Drivers Blur Legal Lines

Without blood-alcohol standards, police struggle to define impairment

(Newser) - As marijuana use grows more accepted in the United States, accidents caused by stoned drivers are climbing rapidly, reports the LA Times . And with no medical standards like blood-alcohol levels, law enforcement officials are struggling to determine impairment under pot. More than 16% of nighttime drivers have drugs in their...

Cops: Ryan Dunn Was Drunk, Going 140 MPH

'Jackass' star had blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit

(Newser) - Ryan Dunn's blood-alcohol content was twice the legal limit, and he was driving as fast as 140 mph when he crashed his Porsche Monday morning, killing the Jackass star and his passenger, according to police. The legal BAC limit in Pennsylvania is .08, and Dunn's level was .196,...

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