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Nation's 'Tornado Alley' Is Shifting to the East
'Tornado Alley' Isn't
Where It Used to Be
new study

'Tornado Alley' Isn't Where It Used to Be

Study suggests it's shifting from the Great Plains to the Deep South

(Newser) - If the Wizard of Oz were written today, Dorothy might be trying to get home to Tennessee instead of Kansas. The reason? A new study suggests the nation's "Tornado Alley" has been gradually shifting to the east and south , reports CBS News . Decades ago, most tornadoes took place...

Tornado Kills Boy, 2, Asleep on Bed With Mom

Twisters touched down across the US Wednesday

(Newser) - A tornado killed a 2-year-old boy and injured his mother Wednesday when a tree fell on their house in suburban Detroit, while emergency workers in Maryland were responding to reports of collapsed structures with people trapped inside after a tornado there, the AP reports.
  • Officials in Livonia, Michigan, said the

As Texas Bakes, a New Weather Warning for Oklahoma

More twisters may be headed to Sooner State, while heat index in Texas hovers near 120 degrees

(Newser) - Forecasters are warning of another day of heightened risk of dangerous tornadoes in the Midwest on Saturday and telling people in South Texas it may feel like close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit almost four weeks before summer starts. The weather service in Oklahoma compared the day to "a gasoline-soaked...

At Least 4 Dead as Tornado 'Obliterates' Iowa Town

And another dies in nearby county amid powerful storms in the Midwest

(Newser) - Four people in Greenfield, Iowa, were killed when a tornado tore through the town Tuesday afternoon, authorities confirmed Wednesday. At least 35 were injured, but the Joint Unified Command says the true number is likely higher, as that number includes just those who were treated at "designated alternate care...

Severe Storms Tear Through Southeast

At least 3 dead in Tennessee, North Carolina

(Newser) - Forecasters warned a wave of dangerous storms in the US could march through parts of the South early Thursday, after storms a day earlier spawned damaging tornadoes and massive hail, leaving two dead in Tennessee and one dead in North Carolina. The storms continue an outbreak of torrential rain and...

50 People Trapped Inside FedEx Facility After Michigan Tornadoes

All were eventually evacuated, with no serious injuries reported

(Newser) - As many as 50 people were trapped inside a FedEx facility in Portage, Michigan, after tornadoes hit the area Tuesday night and the building partially collapsed. Everyone eventually made it out, and no serious injuries were reported, though the facility itself was severely damaged, WWMT reports. Officials believe two tornadoes...

Tornadoes Kill 4, With More Danger Ahead

Heavy rain and flash flooding are possible into Monday, weather service says

(Newser) - Tornadoes that tore across Oklahoma left a wide trail of destruction Sunday, leveling homes and buildings and knocking out power for tens of thousands of residents. At least four people were killed, including a child, the AP reports. Dozens of reported tornadoes have wreaked havoc in the nation's midsection...

Swath of Central US Braces for 'Strong Tornadoes'

Expert says outbreaks two days in a row are rare

(Newser) - Less than a day after swarms of tornadoes swept through Iowa and Nebraska, millions of people in several states were warned Saturday to expect another round of significant twisters, as well as large hail and damaging straight-line winds. The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center's outlook maps included a...

Tornado Causes Severe Damage in Omaha

It was one of dozens of tornadoes reported in Midwest

(Newser) - A tornado plowed through suburban Omaha, Nebraska, on Friday afternoon, damaging hundreds of homes and other structures as the twister tore for miles along farmland and into subdivisions. Injuries were reported but it wasn't yet clear if anyone was killed in the storm, the AP reports. Multiple tornadoes were...

Relief Efforts Begin After Fatal Tornadoes

Storms caused damage, injuries, and three deaths in four central states

(Newser) - Residents in a swath of the central US hit by deadly tornadoes were cleaning up, assessing damage, and helping neighbors on Saturday. But it will be a long recovery from the storms that ripped through parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Arkansas, the AP reports. Thursday night's storms claimed...

February Tornadoes, a First, Leave Destruction in Wisconsin
Winter Tornadoes
Stun Wisconsin

Winter Tornadoes Stun Wisconsin

Path of destruction remains in southeastern part of state

(Newser) - The first tornadoes ever recorded in Wisconsin in the usually frigid month of February tore through mostly rural areas on a day that broke records for warmth, setting up the perfect scenario for the type of severe weather normally seen in the late spring and summer. The storms left a...

4-Month-Old Survives After Getting Flung Into Air by Tornado

Family finds him in fallen tree

(Newser) - A 4-month-old boy has survived after a tornado in Tennessee sucked him up from his family's mobile home, which was demolished in the storm, the AP reports. Sydney Moore told WSMV-TV that when the tornado hit their home in Clarksville on Saturday, it ripped off the roof and lifted...

Deadly Tornadoes Strike Near Nashville

At least 6 people are dead and about two dozen injured

(Newser) - Severe storms and tornadoes that tore through central Tennessee killed six people Saturday and sent about two dozen to the hospital as homes and businesses were damaged in multiple cities. Three people, including a child, were killed in Montgomery County north of Nashville near the Kentucky state line, county officials...

5 Dead as 7 Tornadoes Tear Through Michigan

Thousands also left without power amid severe storms

(Newser) - At least seven tornadoes touched down in Michigan as part of severe storms powered by strong winds that killed five people, while downing trees, tearing roofs off buildings and leaving hundreds of thousands of customers without power, officials said. The National Weather Service on Friday said an EF-2 tornado with...

Tornado Hit on Pfizer Plant Could Cause Drug Shortages

North Carolina facility made 25% of sterile injectable medication used in US hospitals

(Newser) - A tornado that did serious damage to a Pfizer plant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, on Wednesday has probably worsened America's nationwide drug shortage, Bloomberg reports. The tornado ripped off the pharmaceutical plant's roof, and the county sheriff said 50,000 pallets of medicine were damaged. According to...

Texas Gets Pummeled With Weather Again

'Killer tornadoes' strike in NW area of state, kill 4

(Newser) - A line of severe storms produced what a meteorologist calls a rare combination of multiple tornadoes, hurricane-force winds, and softball-sized hail in northwest Texas, killing at least four people and causing significant damage around the town of Matador, per the AP . A supercell developed about 8pm Wednesday near Amarillo before...

Bad Weather Is Coming for the Deep South
Deep South,
Get Ready to
Get Walloped

Deep South, Get Ready to Get Walloped

Severe thunderstorms, winds, tornadoes, hail blowing through on Wednesday

(Newser) - Americans in the Deep South might want to find a nice Yankee cousin to visit for a couple of days, because the weather is looking to be, shall we say, unpleasant? As reports, a strong jet stream is ripping through the region starting Wednesday, bringing with it severe...

2 Dead as Tornadoes Strike Central US

Severe weather also includes winds, hail

(Newser) - Strong storms including tornadoes, winds, and hail moved through parts of the Central US on Wednesday, killing at least two people, causing injuries, destroying homes and leaving thousands without power, the AP reports. The National Weather Service began issuing tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings Wednesday evening in Oklahoma, Kansas, and...

Tornado Hits Missouri; Multiple People Dead

Deadly weather system continues to wreak havoc, with more on the horizon

(Newser) - A tornado that tore through southeastern Missouri on Wednesday caused widespread destruction and killed and injured multiple people, the AP reports. The tornado moved through a rural area of Bollinger County, about 50 miles south of St. Louis, between 3:30 and 4am, said Sgt. Clark Parrott of the Missouri...

Meteorologist: Go Back to the Basement

Residents are warned to line up shelter before going to sleep

(Newser) - People still sorting through the wreckage of their homes after deadly weather over the weekend braced for another wave of strong storms, likely including tornadoes, that were expected in parts of the Midwest and South beginning Tuesday evening. Officials warned residents to have shelter ready before going to sleep. "...

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