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Biden Meeting Reassures Democratic Governors

'We pledged our support,' Hochul says afterward

(Newser) - Stressing the support they've received during his term from President Biden and their fears about what Donald Trump would do if returned to office, Democratic governors said Friday they're sticking with the incumbent. Govs. Tim Walz of Minnesota, Wes Moore of Maryland, and Kathy Hochul of New York...

Governor Is Looking at a NYC Subway Mask Ban

'People should not be able to hide behind a mask to commit crimes,' Kathy Hochul says

(Newser) - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Thursday that she is considering a ban on face masks in the New York City subway system due to concerns about people shielding their identities while committing antisemitic acts. Hochul, a Democrat, said the exact details of the policy are not clear but it...

Governor Wants Smartphones Out of Schools

New York's Hochul wants to allow only basic phones without internet access

(Newser) - Gov. Kathy Hochul said she wants a law prohibiting smartphones in New York's schools to keep children from obsessively using social media. "I have seen these addictive algorithms pull in young people, literally capture them and make them prisoners in a space where they are cut off from...

NY Gov Has to Backpedal Fast Over 'Black Kids' Comment

Kathy Hochul said kids in the Bronx didn't know what the word 'computer' meant

(Newser) - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is walking back comments she made about "Black kids" in her state, reports Mediaite . While giving a talk at a tech conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Hochul said this:
  • "Right now we have, you know, young Black kids growing up in the

National Guard Deployed to New York Subways

They'll patrol, check bags amid spate of violent incidents

(Newser) - New York's governor is deploying the National Guard to New York City's subways. Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday that 750 members of the state's National Guard will start patrolling stations amid a spate of violent crimes, reports the New York Times . They'll join an additional force...

Report: Border Crash Killed Couple Leaving NY Casino
Couple Killed in
Border Bridge Crash

Couple Killed in Border Bridge Crash Identified

Police say Kurt, Monica Villani of Grand Island, New York, died in fiery crash

(Newser) - The Niagara Falls Police Department has identified the couple killed when their Bentley exploded in a crash at the American side of the US-Canada border on Wednesday. Police said Kurt Villani and Monica Villani, both 53 years old, were residents of the Buffalo suburb of Grand Island, the AP reports....

Arrest Made After Antisemitic Threats at Cornell

Threats caused some Jewish students to flee campus

(Newser) - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul says a person has been taken into custody in connection with a series of antisemitic threats that left some Jewish students too afraid to stay in campus residences at Cornell University. "Law enforcement identified a person of interest as part of the investigation and...

New York Declares Emergency on Polio

Virus is detected in another county's wastewater

(Newser) - New York state reported a rare case of polio back in July, and no active cases have since surfaced. However, the virus that causes the potentially fatal disease appears to be spreading nonetheless, prompting Gov. Kathy Hochul to declare a state of emergency, reports NBC News . Her move on Friday...

New York State Ditches the Word 'Inmates'

State amends laws to replace term with 'incarcerated person'

(Newser) - New York has amended several state laws to remove the word “inmate” and replace it with “incarcerated person” to refer to people serving prison time. The changes, signed into law this week by Gov. Kathy Hochul, are intended to reduce the stigma of being in jail, per the...

After Court Ruling, State Puts Limits on Concealed Guns

New York lawmakers quickly approve new measures

(Newser) - New York has answered the US Supreme Court's ruling last week that overturned state restrictions on carrying concealed weapons—a law that had been in place for more than a century. "I just signed a new law to keep New Yorkers safe," Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted after...

'Thoughts and Prayers Won't Fix This': NY Changes Gun Law

Sale of semiautomatic rifles restricted to those 21 and older

(Newser) - New Yorkers under age 21 will be prohibited from buying semiautomatic rifles under a new law signed Monday by Gov. Kathy Hochul, making the state one of the first to enact a major gun control initiative following a wave of deadly mass shootings, per the AP . Hochul, a Democrat, signed...

'New Yorkers, This Is What We Have Been Waiting For'

State is lifting mask mandate for more indoor public spaces

(Newser) - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul says the state is lifting its mask mandate for most indoor public spaces—but it will remain in place for now in schools as well as healthcare facilities and a few other settings. The governor cited declining COVID infection rates and hospitalizations, the Albany Times ...

He Missed Jeopardy! Clue About Her, Gets a Do-Over

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul forgives state resident Ben Walthall

(Newser) - A New York resident who was stumped by a Jeopardy! question about his state's governor got a do-over Friday, joining Gov. Kathy Hochul's virtual COVID-19 briefing to tell her he knows who she is now. “Here in New York we actually believe in second chances,” Hochul...

Surge Brings Back State's Mask Mandate

COVID-19 infections could get 'out of control' in New York, governor says

(Newser) - Facing a winter surge in COVID-19 infections, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Friday that masks will be required in all indoor public places unless the businesses or venues implement a vaccine requirement. Hochul said the decision to reinstitute a mask mandate was based on the rising number of cases...

Hochul: Truth Is New York Saw Another 12K COVID Deaths

She ups New York's total from the 43K deaths Cuomo reported as of Monday

(Newser) - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul promised more government transparency on her first day in office, and her administration quickly delivered it by acknowledging nearly 12,000 more deaths in the state from COVID-19 than had been publicized by her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo. New York now reports nearly 55,400 people...

History-Maker Officially Ends a Troubled Cuomo Era

New York's first female governor Kathy Hochul officially took over from Andrew Cuomo at midnight

(Newser) - Kathy Hochul became the first female governor of New York at the stroke of midnight Tuesday, taking control of a state government desperate to get back to business after months of distractions over sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, the AP reports. The Democrat from western New York was sworn...

Top Cuomo Aide Resigns as New York Lt. Gov. Prepares

Sources say Kathy Hochul is getting ready in case she ends up governor

(Newser) - If New York's governor steps down or is removed from office, the state's lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, will take his place—and she's been preparing for that possibility, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Hochul has reportedly been seeking counsel on which of Andrew Cuomo's staffers...

GOP Needs 'Political War College' on Medicare
GOP Needs 'Political War College' on Medicare
karl rove

GOP Needs 'Political War College' on Medicare

But the issue is not why Republicans lost NY-26 seat: Karl Rove

(Newser) - Democrats are downright gleeful over their upset victory in the Buffalo-area congressional race, but they're also misguided about what happened, writes Karl Rove. The common narrative is that Kathy Hochul clobbered Jane Corwin by linking her to Paul Ryan's Medicare overhaul and that Democrats now have a lethal...

NY Upset Gives GOP Plenty to Worry About

Swing voters reject Tea Party ideology: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Yes, local issues played a role in Democrat Kathy Hochul's upset win in the Buffalo-area congressional race last night, but Republicans would be foolish to take solace in that. The results deliver a clear message: "The backlash against Tea Party governance is real," writes Steve Kornacki at...

Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins New York's 26th District Special Election
 Dem Wins NY Election in Upset 

Dem Wins NY Election in Upset

Medicare debate boosts Kathy Hochul to victory

(Newser) - Democrat Kathy Hochul has scored an upset win in one of New York state's most conservative congressional districts. Republican Jane Corwin had been expected to easily win the special election in the state's 26th district but her support ebbed away after she expressed support for the GOP's...

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