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PlayStation, XBox Services Hacked; Tweet Points to ISIS

Sony exec's plane diverted over threat

(Newser) - Multiple major gaming networks faced technical trouble this weekend, and reports suggest hackers are to blame. Sony's PlayStation Network was down yesterday; Microsoft's Xbox Live and Blizzard's were among other services apparently affected, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, a Sony executive was threatened in the air:...

Superhero TV Show Heading to ... PlayStation?

Powers, based on superhero crime comic, moves to PSN

(Newser) - Move over Netflix; there's yet another new player in the online original TV programming arena. Sony has picked up the rights to Powers, a comic about homicide detectives who investigate cases involving superheroes, and intends to turn it into a live-action drama for its PlayStation Network, Deadline reports. The...

Sony Networks Hit With New Attack

Relatively few affected by outage

(Newser) - Sony’s recently beleaguered Playstation Network, Sony Entertainment Network, and Sony Online Entertainment services have been the target of another attack, the company announced on its Playstation Blog yesterday. This time, the ne’er do wells tested “a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords against our network database,...

Sony: 90% of Subscribers Have Returned

CEO apologizes to shareholders over PlayStation cyberattack

(Newser) - Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer credited "very loyal" PlayStation Network gamers for flocking back to the service in big numbers, as he sought today to reassure shareholders following a series of embarrassing hacker attacks. The CEO apologized for the data breach in April , which compromised personal data from more...

Sony Unveils New 'Vita' Portable Gaming Device

It will be out for $249 later this year

(Newser) - Sony has unveiled its new portable gaming machine—the PlayStation Vita, a touch-interface and motion-sensitive handheld expected to outplay the enormously successful PlayStation Portable. The Vita will go on sale before the winter holidays, starting at $249. The device will allow gamers to be connected with one another over cellphone...

Hackers Attack Nintendo; Lulzsec Claims Responsibility
 Hackers Hit Nintendo 

Hackers Hit Nintendo

But no customer data breached, company says

(Newser) - First the hackers came for Sony’s PlayStation Network , and now they’ve breached Nintendo. The Japanese company announced today that one of its US website servers was hacked, but no company or customer information was compromised and nothing was damaged. Though the incident is minor compared to the PlayStation...

Following Hacks, Sony Restarts PlayStation Network

But full service won't be restored until end of May

(Newser) - Sony started restoring limited service to its online networks yesterday after taking its popular gaming system offline nearly a month ago after a massive security breach that affected 100 million users, reports the Wall Street Journal . Internet gaming, movie rentals, music services, and online video streaming are the first operations...

Hackers Plan to Attack Sony This Weekend

Sony CEO apologizes; firm to offer free ID-theft monitoring

(Newser) - Sony’s CEO has finally broken his silence on the PlayStation network break-ins—but his comments come just as hackers, angry at Sony’s handling of the situation, announced plans to attack the company this weekend, in what would be the third such attack against Sony. These hackers say they...

Sony Blames Anonymous for Hack Attack

Group denies 'incompetent' company's allegations

(Newser) - The activist hacker organization Anonymous is at least partly to blame for the huge Playstation Network security breach that exposed the data of millions of customers, according to Sony. Company officials told US lawmakers that they discovered a file on one of its servers with the hacking collective's name...

Sony Online Entertainment Hacked
 Sony Gets Hacked Again 

Sony Gets Hacked Again

Breach of Sony Online Entertainment affects 24M users

(Newser) - Sony’s got another security breach on its hands. This time, hackers may have made off with the information of about 24 million users of Sony Online Entertainment products, which include games like Everquest and DC Universe Online. Sony doesn’t think credit card information was stolen, but hackers also...

Sony: Hackers Could Have 10M Credit Cards

But company says there is no evidence card data was compromised

(Newser) - Sony executives apologized today for the PlayStation Network security breach , and acknowledged the hackers could have credit card information from as many as 10 million customers. Today’s press conference was the first time Sony, whose executives bowed deeply to express regret, has said how many credit cards could be...

PlayStation Hackers: We’ve Got 2.2M Credit Cards

Users report fraud, but it may be coincidence

(Newser) - Chatting in online forums, hackers are citing a huge haul from the attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network : They claim they now have access to some 2.2 million credit cards. The assertion can’t be verified, say experts—but a number of users are reporting suspicious charges on their...

PlayStation Hacker May Have Users’ Credit Card Info

Sony's security breach just got a lot worse

(Newser) - A hacker who got into the PlayStation Network may have gotten players' credit card information—including expiration dates and security codes, reports USA Today . "We cannot rule out the possibility," says a Sony executive on a company blog . The hacker, or hackers, did get personal information such as...

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