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Cancer Patient: TSA Humiliated Me

She hopes agency changes procedures for sick travelers

(Newser) - A cancer patient on what was probably the last trip of her life says she was subjected to a humiliating pat-down from the TSA this month, the AP reports. Michelle Dunaj, who has leukemia and was recently given only a few months to live, was on her way to Hawaii...

Ex-TSA Agent Busted for 'Groping' TSA Supervisor

Passenger was demonstrating what was done to her

(Newser) - A former airport security guard and target of an aggressive pat down at a Florida airport has been busted for groping a TSA manager as she demonstrated how not to search a passenger. The arrested woman, who was flying from Southwest Florida International Airport to her brother's funeral in...

Rand Paul's TSA Scuffle Now Raking in Cash for Dad

Ron Paul urges supporters to contribute to 'End the TSA Money Bomb'

(Newser) - Rand Paul's "detainment" by the TSA couldn't have been timed better: Dad Ron is now using Monday's incident to raise funds for his presidential campaign, the Daily Caller reports. The elder Paul emailed supporters asking them to contribute to his "End the TSA Money...

Rand Paul Refuses TSA Patdown, Gets Detained

Ron Paul's son being detained 'indefinitely,' says spokesperson

(Newser) - Apparently the Pauls are willing to go quite far to maintain their libertarian principles: Rand Paul, son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, was detained by the TSA at Nashville International Airport this morning when he refused to submit to a patdown, WSMV reports. A Paul spokesperson confirms that the Kentucky...

Call for Advocates to Protect Fliers From Strip-Searches

NY lawmakers' proposal follows humiliating searches of elderly

(Newser) - Two New York lawmakers are calling for on-site passenger advocates to help protect travelers from strip searches at airport security checkpoints. "I appreciate the Transportation Security Administration's work to keep air passengers safe, but passengers should not be humiliated and degraded during their travels," said Democratic state...

TSA Defends Adult Diaper Screening

Search was 'proper' and 'professional,' say officials

(Newser) - "We were right" is the TSA's response to outraged criticism after airport guards demanded a 95-year-old leukemia patient remove her adult diaper for a security screening, reports the New York Daily News . "We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally...

TSA Makes Elderly Woman Remove Adult Diaper

Woman, 95, was sick and in a wheelchair

(Newser) - The latest TSA horror story: A 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound, 105-pound woman—who has end-stage leukemia, to boot—was forced to remove her adult diaper during a pat-down at a Florida airport last weekend. Wheelchairs are always swabbed for explosives and their passengers patted down, a TSA spokesperson says. Jean Weber’s...

TSA to Texas: Ban Patdowns, and We'll Ban Flights

Justice Department sends threatening letter

(Newser) - The Justice Department has sent a letter to Texas, warning that there will be dire consequences if it passes a law classifying airport patdowns as sexual harassment. The Texas House has unanimously passed the bill, and if it becomes law, “the TSA would likely be required to cancel any...

Teary Miss USA Rips TSA ‘Molest’ Pat Down

Guard 'touched my vagina four times,' says Susie Castillo

(Newser) - A very teary former Miss USA has posted a video to YouTube protesting an aggressive TSA pat down at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport that left her feeling "molested." Susie Castillo opted not to go through an airport scan to avoid what she fears is excessive radiation. But...

9 Stories