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After UK Clears Deportation Bill, 5 Die in English Channel

Human rights groups describe new legislation as cruel

(Newser) - At least five people have died while crossing the English Channel, according to French media, hours after the UK approved a migrant deportation bill, per the AP . The Voix du Nord newspaper said the bodies were discovered at the Wimereaux beach in northern France on Tuesday. The rescue operation is...

In Gaza, Desperately Needed Airdrops Are Fatally Botched

Pentagon said parachute issues caused bundles to fall into the sea, where drownings were reported

(Newser) - Crowds race across a beach in north Gaza, watching as boxes of aid dropped from the sky miss their target and fall into the Mediterranean Sea. Despite large waves pounding the shore, people venture into the sea after the US-dropped food they so desperately need. "It is a famine,...

Paul Mitchell's Only Son Dead at 53
Paul Mitchell's
Only Son Dead at 53

Paul Mitchell's Only Son Dead at 53

Angus Mitchell, co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, reportedly drowned in his pool

(Newser) - Angus Mitchell, the only child of the late hairstylist Paul Mitchell and co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, has died. A hairstylist in his own right, Mitchell shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday night showing him hanging out with friends and enjoying music at his home in Honolulu, TMZ...

Alaska Woman Vanishes Under the Ice Trying to Save Dog

Search resumes for the mom of 4, who went into frozen river Saturday

(Newser) - A nurse and mother of four went into a frozen Alaska river in an attempt to save one of the family's dogs Saturday and has not been seen since. Authorities resumed the search for Amanda Richmond Rogers, 45, on Tuesday, NBC News reports. She and her husband were celebrating...

Boy Saves Drowning Man With CPR Learned 'on TV'

12-year-old Austen MacMillan of Florida credited with saving the life of his behavioral therapist

(Newser) - Twelve-year-old Austen MacMillan was swimming with his behavioral therapist in a backyard pool when the therapist decided to see how long he could hold his breath underwater. He didn't come back up. "It was like [five to six] minutes he was under the water and I was like,...

2 Swimmers Die Within 24 Hours Off NC's Outer Banks

Official say conditions are extremely dangerous for all but the strongest swimmers

(Newser) - After the deaths of two tourists in the space of 24 hours, authorities are urging visitors to North Carolina's Outer Banks to avoid swimming at ocean-side beaches. Authorities say a 28-year-old woman from Washington, DC, died Monday after she was "overtaken by strong waves" at Cape Hatteras National...

Man Dies Trying to Rescue Mom, Child From NH River

They made it out, but Vincent Parr did not

(Newser) - A Massachusetts man died over the weekend while rescuing relatives from a New Hampshire river in the second such death in the state less than a week, officials said. A mother and a child became stuck around midday Sunday in a fast stretch of the Swift River in Albany, New...

Teen Drowns After Jumping From Waterfall in the Catskills

He and a friend got caught in current at the base

(Newser) - A teenager from New York City died after jumping from the ledge of a waterfall in upstate New York's Catskill Mountains on Tuesday afternoon. The Brooklyn 16-year-old and a friend both jumped from the Fawn's Leap waterfall, which is about 24 feet above the surface of the water,...

Man's GoPro Ends Up Filming His Fatal Drowning

Alaska man's body has not yet been found in lake where he disappeared

(Newser) - An Alaska man inadvertently filmed his own drowning on a glacial lake with a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet, but authorities who recovered the camera have not yet found his body, officials said Tuesday. Alaska State Troopers said teams would continue to search Mendenhall Lake for the body of...

'The Amount of Water Is Extraordinary'

Heavy rainfall leads to flash floods across New York state, killing woman and stranding drivers

(Newser) - Bridges collapsed, streets filled with water, and dozens of drivers were stranded Sunday evening due to flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall across a portion of New York state. The New York Times reports that the Hudson Valley, which includes the West Point Military Academy in Orange County, was hardest...

Sheriff: It Wasn't Rip Current That Led to Ex-NFLer's Death

'No indication' of that as cause of Ryan Mallett's apparent drowning on Florida beach, per officials

(Newser) - Officials are now saying that ex-NFL quarterback Ryan Mallett's death earlier this week in an apparent drowning off of Florida's shores wasn't caused by a rip current. Per CBS News , the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office posted a video Wednesday on Facebook with an update on the...

Death Toll Rises at Florida Beach
Death Toll Rises
at Florida Beach

Death Toll Rises at Florida Beach

3 Panama City tourists die in one day after plunging into rough Gulf surf

(Newser) - Three tourists who ventured into Gulf of Mexico waters, though Florida authorities had closed the area to swimmers because of rough surf conditions at the time, died Saturday. Police described the deaths as "three separate fatal water incidents behind three different resorts" off Panama City Beach, USA Today reports....

Senior Drowns During a High School Tradition

Victor Rodriguez was taking part in senior scavenger hunt at New Jersey's Alcyon Lake

(Newser) - A New Jersey teen died days before his high school graduation while trying to swim across a lake as part of what students describe as a school scavenger hunt. The Pitman High School "senior scavenger" has been a local tradition for more than 15 years, per CBS News . One...

Thieves Make Honeymoon Tragedy Even Worse

Couple's belongings were stolen after husband drowned at Hawaii beach

(Newser) - A California man on his honeymoon died in a snorkeling accident in Hawaii—and while rescuers were fighting to revive him on an Oahu beach, somebody made his wife's day even worse. A witness tells KHON2 that a thief snatched the wife's belongings while rescuers were performing CPR...

FDNY Firefighter Drowns Trying to Save Teen Daughter

Mark Batista went into the sea when daughter began to struggle in a rip tide; she survived

(Newser) - When he saw his teen daughter get in trouble in the ocean, New York City firefighter Mark Batista ran into the water to save her. His daughter lived, but Batista never made it out, reports NBC News . The 39-year-old drowned Friday morning at the Jersey Shore after bringing his family...

Rescuers Can Only Watch as Man Stuck in Mud Drowns

Illinois' Zachary Porter got trapped while in Alaska

(Newser) - Authorities in Alaska tried without luck to free a 20-year-old man who'd become stuck waist-deep in mud flats on Sunday and had to watch as he was drowned by the incoming tide. Zachary Porter of Lake Bluff, Illinois, had been walking with friends on the Turnagain Arm mud flats...

Cops: She Was Drowning 2nd Child When 3rd Intervened

SC's Jamie Bradley-Brun charged with murder of 6-year-old, attempted murder of 8-year-old

(Newser) - A 16-year-old girl who awoke to the sound of her 8-year-old sister screaming managed to save the sibling from an attempted drowning by her own mother, according to South Carolina police. Sadly, another sister, 6-year-old Mackaya Bradley-Brun, could not be saved. She's presumed to have drowned. Police have arrested...

Brother, Sister Die After River Sweeps Them Away

Boy, 4, and girl, 8 are killed in California

(Newser) - A California river closed to the public because of its high water levels swept away two children Sunday afternoon. Crews searching the Kings River in central California found the body of an 8-year-old girl quickly and her 4-year-old brother's body on Monday, per KFSN . The Fresno County Sheriff’s...

Gym Class Turns Tragic: 'This Death Has Rocked This School'

Alaina Dildine drowned while swimming laps at her Indiana high school, with lifeguard on deck

(Newser) - A 15-year-old high school student in Indiana apparently drowned Tuesday while swimming laps in gym class. The girl, identified on GoFundMe as Alaina Dildine, was with other students in the swimming pool at Whiteland Community High School when she went underwater near a divider, Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation Superintendent Patrick...

Why Rescuers Often Drown Saving Relatives

At least 4 such people have died that way in Australia in January

(Newser) - Australia typically sees six deaths each year in which people drown trying to save family members. With the count for January hitting three within the first week of the month alone, the Guardian decided to take a look at why rescuers "often perish" while trying to save family members...

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