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'AK-47' That Prompted Panic Was Something Very Different

Police in New South Wales, Australia, say 'weapon' they found in car was actually just a bong

(Newser) - There was a bit of panic in Australia this week, after Sydney locals reported the sighting of a man carrying a frightening-looking assault rifle—but all was not what it seemed. The BBC reports that 911 calls started pouring in late Wednesday afternoon from the northwest side of the city,...

He Went in With Metal Detector, Came Out With $160K in Gold

'I haven't seen a specimen in this amount of gold in my 43 years of prospecting'

(Newser) - A man exploring with a metal detector hit the jackpot, uncovering what a veteran gold prospector calls a "once-in-a-lifetime find." The amateur gold digger, who is remaining anonymous, was searching the goldfields of Australia's Victoria state, site of an 1850s gold rush, when he stumbled upon a...

Wife Found Guilty of Murdering Husband via Poisoned Cookies

Australian woman convicted of 2020 murder

(Newser) - An Australian woman was convicted this month of fatally poisoning her husband in 2020 by lacing his lemon cookies with sleeping pills. Rebecca Payne lived with her husband Noel in the state of Victoria, and the now-43-year-old told authorities he was abusive toward her. In an episode of A Current ...

Woman Finds Deadly 6-Foot Snake in Bed

'This is what nightmares are made of'

(Newser) - The owner of a reptile relocation service in Australia posted a pair of photos on Facebook this week that people with a fear of snakes should probably avoid looking at if they ever want to sleep again. Zachery’s Snake and Reptile Relocation shared photos of a six-foot Eastern Brown...

Australia Struggles With Massive Fish Die-Off

Contractors have been hired to remove millions of dead fish from New South Wales river

(Newser) - Contractors are being hired to remove millions of rotting fish from a river in the Australian Outback after an unprecedented die-off following floods and hot weather, police said on Monday. The fish started dying in the Darling River near the New South Wales town of Menindee on Friday. Officials say...

One of Australia's Own Calls Sub Deal 'Worst in All History'

Former PM is not a fan of AUKUS

(Newser) - China is peeved about Australia's new submarine deal with the US. France is miffed . A less expected entry on the thumbs-down list? A former Australian prime minister. Paul Keating on Wednesday launched a blistering attack on his nation’s plan to buy nuclear-powered submarines from the United States...

China Isn't Thrilled With US' Nuclear Sub Deal
China Isn't
Thrilled With
US' Nuclear
Sub Deal

China Isn't Thrilled With US' Nuclear Sub Deal

US and UK teaming up to provide nuclear subs to Australia in move to counter China in Indo-Pacific

(Newser) - Three Western allies came together Monday to announce details on what Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is calling the "biggest single investment in Australia's defense capability in all of its history." It's the AUKUS pact, a deal in which the US and Britain will provide Australia...

Alcohol Bans Return in Central Australia

Domestic violence soared after bans expired in Aboriginal communities

(Newser) - Less than a year after they expired, strict alcohol restrictions have returned to Aboriginal communities in central Australia. A surge in violence and other crimes followed the expiry of bans in town camps last July—defined by the Northern Territory government as "areas set aside where Aboriginal people live...

Men Praised After Sea Rescue Were Drug Smugglers: Cops

Australian Federal Police hunting for 2 of 3 men who alerted emergency beacon off WA

(Newser) - A trio of men praised by authorities after they were found clinging to a cooler in the ocean off Western Australia earlier this month are now suspected of smuggling 800 pounds of cocaine. Aristides Avlontis, 36, Mate Stipinovich, 49, and Karl Whitburn, 45, claimed they were fishermen whose boat capsized...

Australia, NZ Are in Good Shape to Survive Apocalypse

Food self-sufficiency, location are important factors, researchers say

(Newser) - If the world goes to hell, the best place to be might be Down Under, researchers say. According to a study published in the journal Risk Analysis , Australia and New Zealand are among the places where people would be most likely to survive a nuclear winter or a similar abrupt...

'Miraculous': 737 Pilots Walk Away From Crash

Jet converted to fight fires went down in Australia

(Newser) - It's not the result you'd expect from the scene: smoke billowing from a crashed Boeing 737 jet—and not a single serious injury. In this case, the 737 that went down in Western Australia state crashed with only two pilots aboard, reports the ABC News of Australia. The...

Australia Is Dumping King Charles From $5 Bill

New bank note will feature Indigenous design to replace Queen Elizabeth

(Newser) - Australia is removing the British monarchy from its bank notes. The nation's central bank said Thursday its new $5 bill will feature an Indigenous design rather than an image of King Charles III, the AP reports. But the king is still expected to appear on coins. The $5 bill...

Crisis Averted: Radioactive Capsule Is Found

Exposure unlikely as capsule located along lonely stretch of West Australia highway

(Newser) - The radioactive capsule lost during an 870-mile journey through Western Australia has been located. "The search groups have quite literally found the needle in the haystack," Australia's Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson said at a Wednesday news conference, per Reuters , adding the tiny silver capsule containing Caesium-137...

Nuclear Agency Joins Hunt for Tiny Missing Capsule

Radioactive item smaller than a dime poses serious health risks

(Newser) - Australia's nuclear safety agency has joined the search for a tiny capsule containing radioactive material , about the third of the size of a dime, believed to have fallen from a truck during a journey equivalent to driving the entire length of Great Britain. Large sections of Western Australia are...

Rio Tinto: Sorry We Lost That Radioactive Capsule

Mining giant says hunt is still on in Western Australia for tiny container with cesium 137

(Newser) - One of the largest mining companies in the world is now apologizing for losing a teensy capsule filled with a whole lot of danger. "We recognize this is clearly very concerning and are sorry for the alarm it has caused in the Western Australian community," Simon Trott, CEO...

Sabalenka Gets Over Initial Jitters to Win Australian Open
We Have an
Open Winner

We Have an Australian Open Winner

Belarus' Aryna Sabalenka beats Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan, wins first Grand Slam title

(Newser) - Aryna Sabalenka won her first Grand Slam title by coming back to beat Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the Australian Open women's final Saturday. The 24-year-old Sabalenka, who's from Belarus, was appearing in her first major final, per the AP . She improved to 11-0 in...

Kanye Could Be Barred From Meeting the In-Laws

Jewish groups want him denied entry to Australia over antisemitic comments

(Newser) - Kanye West is reportedly preparing to meet his new in-laws in Australia, though a cabinet minister says there's a good chance he could be barred from entering the country. "I don't know if he's applied for a visa yet—but Google it, you will see that...

Gigantic Cane Toad Found, Promptly Euthanized
Gigantic Cane Toad Found,
Promptly Euthanized
in case you missed it

Gigantic Cane Toad Found, Promptly Euthanized

'Toadzilla' may be a record-setter

(Newser) - If this toad is so big it looks fake to you, you're not alone: Wildlife officers reportedly felt the same way. While patrolling a rainforest in Queensland, Australia, rangers had to stop their vehicle upon finding a snake blocking the path. When they got out to take a closer...

2 Helicopters Collide Midair, Killing 4
2 Weeks After 'Unthinkable
Tragedy,' a Miracle

2 Weeks After 'Unthinkable Tragedy,' a Miracle

Boy injured in helicopter collision comes out of coma

(Newser) - Nearly two weeks after a helicopter collision off Australia's Gold Coast killed four people and seriously injured three others, news that media outlets are referring to as a "miracle": A 10-year-old boy who was in a coma has come out of it. Nicholas Tadros, who has had several...

Another Tennis Star Has Apparent Vaccine Troubles

Italy's Camila Giorgi is accused of having fake vaccination certificate on eve of Australian Open

(Newser) - Around this same time last year, Australia was booting Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic out of the country, prohibiting him from competing in the Australian Open due to his lack of COVID vaccination. Now, right before this year's tennis tourney Down Under, a similar controversy is bubbling up involving...

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