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Discovery May Explain Why Cancer Often Spreads to Spine
Researchers May Have
Cracked a Cancer Enigma

Researchers May Have Cracked a Cancer Enigma

Newly discovered stem cell in spine could explain why so many cancers spread there

(Newser) - Scientists have long known that cancers often spread to the spine, but they haven't known why. A new discovery may provide an answer—and point to ways to keep cancerous cells in check, reports Science News . Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine report in the journal Nature that they've...

Lab-Made 'Pre-Embryos' Could Revolutionize Research

Scientists say 'iBlastoids' could 'open up the field' of early human development

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have used human cells to make structures that mimic the earliest stages of development, which they say will pave the way for more research without running afoul of restrictions on using real embryos. Two papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature detail how two teams...

They Couldn't Even See a Book. Then Their Eyes Got a 'Patch'

2 elderly patients with age-related macular degeneration regain vision using stem cells

(Newser) - A new breakthrough on the stem cell front, and this time it affects the eyes. The Guardian reports that two patients with age-related macular degeneration, one of the most common causes of blindness, got back enough of their vision so they could make out individual faces and once again read;...

Doctors Find Way to Halt Deadly Child Brain Disease

Gene therapy is 'curative' for ALD, says doctor

(Newser) - Without a risky bone-marrow transplant before symptoms appear, children with brain disease ALD can expect to live no longer than five years as nerve cells in the brain die off and erase one's ability to walk, talk, and think. Even a successful transplant can result in permanent disabilities, reports...

Working Mouse Sperm Created From Stem Cells

Step could someday lead to treatment for infertile men

(Newser) - Scientists have produced rudimentary mouse sperm from stem cells in the laboratory, a step that may lead to a treatment for infertile men. If the technique pans out in people, doctors might someday be able to turn skin cells from a man into sperm that can pass along his DNA...

Stem Cell Blast Returns Sight to the Legally Blind

Preliminary study surprises researchers

(Newser) - When researchers infused tens of thousands of new stem cells into the retinas of legally blind people, they didn't expect a breakthrough in the patients' vision. But that's what they got, NPR reports: Ten of 18 subjects experienced significant improvement in their vision. The study was intended only...

Archdiocese: 'Ice Buckets' Present a Moral Problem

Catholics shouldn't fund embryonic stem-cell research, Archdiocese says

(Newser) - The Cincinnati Archdiocese is all for people embracing the "Ice Bucket Challenge"—just so it doesn't conflict with Catholic beliefs. The Archdiocese says it's OK for Catholics to get doused in ice-cold water to raise money for ALS research, but the funds shouldn't go to...

Scientist Commits Suicide After Research Scandal

Yoshiki Sasai advised senior researcher whose stem cell breakthrough was retracted

(Newser) - Respected stem cell expert Yoshiki Sasai, who was connected to a scandal accusing a researcher he advised of falsifying a stem cell breakthrough , was found dead today of an apparent suicide. Sasai, who told the Wall Street Journal in April he was "overwhelmed with shame" over the scandal, was...

Bone Marrow Transplants 'Cure' 2 More HIV Patients
 2 More HIV Patients 'Cured' 

2 More HIV Patients 'Cured'

After bone marrow transplants, though they may relapse

(Newser) - Are bone marrow transplants the key to an HIV cure? Two men who had both cancer and HIV appear free from both diseases after receiving transplants, researchers say. One man received replacement stem cells from a donor with a gene believed to protect against HIV, while the other's donor...

Scientist Retracts Groundbreaking Stem Cell Study

Haruko Obokata retracts her research but denies misconduct

(Newser) - A few months ago, Haruko Obokata appeared to be one of Japan's most promising young scientists. Her mind-blowing research on stem cells in mice, which apparently showed the cells could be made swiftly by dripping blood cells into acid, had just been published in the coveted scientific journal Nature....

Team Clones Stem Cells From 75-Year-Old's Skin

Technique could be used to produce tissue perfectly suited to patients

(Newser) - A team of researchers has made a sure-to-be controversial breakthrough in both stem cell and cloning research, creating stem cells from two adults using cloning techniques. The researchers took DNA from skin cells from two men, aged 35 and 75, and injected it into unfertilized eggs whose DNA had been...

Billionaire: I've Reversed the Aging Process

Nygard claims stem cells are making him younger

(Newser) - A Finnish-Canadian billionaire says scientists have found a way to make him younger. Fashion designer Peter Nygard claims he is getting more stem cell treatment than anyone else is currently receiving, and scientists have found "my markers have shown exactly that I have been actually reversing my aging and...

Supreme Court Rejects Stem Cell Case

Scientists challenged use of embryonic stem cells; court gives no comment

(Newser) - Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research is safe for now. The Supreme Court won't hear a challenge to the funding, it said today, giving no comment on the matter. "This is good news for patients," said a statement from the Association of American Medical Colleges. "...

5-Day-Old Dead People Great for Stem Cells

Bone-marrow cells have a variety of uses

(Newser) - Even after five days, corpses are an excellent source of stem cells to replace fat, cartilage, bone, and other kinds of cells, New Scientist reports. A research team from the University of Miami, Florida, found it could mine mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the bone marrow of finger bones stored...

Nobel Winner Was 'Too Stupid for Science'

Schoolmaster urged stem-cell pioneer John Gurdon to study something else

(Newser) - Academic underachievers everywhere can take heart from the story of John Gurdon, the British professor who won this year's Nobel prize for medicine —64 years after being told it would be a "sheer waste of time" for him to study science. When he was 15, Gurdon was...

Nobel Prize for Medicine Goes to Stem Cell Scientists

John Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka share the prize

(Newser) - The first of this year's Nobel prizes was announced this morning, with a British scientist and a Japanese scientist sharing the prize for medicine. John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka helped discover that specific and mature cells "can be reprogrammed to become immature cells capable of developing into all...

First-Ever Stem Cell Vein Saves Girl, 10

Blood vessel grown using donor vein, stem cells

(Newser) - Doctors in Sweden grew the first-ever vein in a lab, and used it to save the life of a 10-year-old girl in this futuristic miracle story: A 3.5-inch section of groin vein was taken from a deceased donor, the living cells were removed to leave only a sort of...

Canada OKs World's 1st Stem Cell Therapy

Prochymal may ease complication from bone marrow transplants

(Newser) - Canada has approved the world's first stem cell treatment for a systemic disease, Reuters reports. This week, the nation's health regulators allowed doctors to use the drug Prochymal for children with graft-versus host disease (GvHD), a sometimes deadly side-effect from bone marrow transplants. GvHd kills up to 80%...

Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Fetuses in Food
Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Fetuses in Food

Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Fetuses in Food

Sen. Ralph Shortey read about this, um, threat online

(Newser) - Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey is on a mission. He's introduced a bill banning any food products "which contains aborted human fetuses in the ingredients." Is this a going problem in Oklahoma, you ask? Well no, but Shortey read about it once on the Internet, he tells the...

Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Working Sperm

Researchers see hope for infertile men

(Newser) - Researchers have managed to produce sperm cells from embryonic stem cells—and for the first time, the sperm worked, resulting in healthy baby mice. Researchers in Japan mixed the embryonic stem cells with certain proteins and hormones. They converted the resulting cells into germ cells, which they implanted in the...

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