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Finding on SEAL Suicides Didn't Make It to Navy Chiefs: Report

Brain damage from blasts, often from firing their own weapons, was found in dead servicemen

(Newser) - At least a dozen Navy SEALs took their own lives over the past decade, while still on active duty or soon after leaving the military. The brains of eight of those troops were analyzed in a lab, and every one fit the same mold: They were all found to have...

CNN Pushes Back at Pentagon Account of Kabul Airport Attack

Outlet says new evidence turns over narrative of a lone suicide bomber in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Few claim that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan almost three years ago went smoothly. Now, conflicting accounts of the war's final days are emerging that puts the Pentagon's narrative at odds with others.
  • Bombing: In the late afternoon of Aug. 26, 2021, a blast brought about by an

Driver Praised After School Bus Blast: 'Courage on Wheels'

Quick-thinking Kia Rousseve, 28, got kids off her bus moments before it exploded in New Orleans

(Newser) - A young bus driver in Louisiana is being credited with saving the children in her charge after she got them all off the bus just moments before the vehicle exploded. Kia Rousseve, 28, tells NOLA.com that she was driving her regular route on Wednesday morning through the Central City...

Japanese Rocket Explodes Seconds After Launch
Rocket Launch
Does Not Go Well

Japanese Rocket Launch Does Not Go Well

Space One stumbles in its quest to become first private Japanese company to launch a satellite

(Newser) - Space One hoped to become the first private company in Japan to put a satellite into orbit. While the dream is still alive, the company's first attempt went horribly wrong as the rocket exploded seconds after takeoff around 11am local time Wednesday, or 10pm ET Tuesday. Livestream footage showed...

Pennsylvania Home Explodes, Killing 2

Cause of the blast, which leveled the home, under investigation

(Newser) - A massive explosion killed two people and destroyed a house in the Pittsburgh area near the Ohio River, authorities said Tuesday. Aerial images from the scene in Crescent Township in the northwest Pittsburgh suburbs showed smoking ruins with the structure reduced to rubble and some large pieces lodged in trees...

Flying Debris Killed Man a Quarter-Mile From Vape Warehouse Fire

Gas canisters, knives flew up to 2 miles away

(Newser) - The vaping supplies distributor that went up in flames in suburban Detroit on Monday is suspected of illegally storing highly flammable materials, including canisters of butane, which likely contributed to explosions and debris that killed one person a quarter of a mile away. A 19-year-old man was watching the fire...

Cops Near Detroit Tell Locals: 'Please, Please, Please Stay Inside'

Fire at industrial facility causes explosions that rock suburban Detroit

(Newser) - A fire raging at an industrial facility caused multiple explosions that rocked suburban Detroit on Monday night and sent debris shooting far into the air, prompting police to implore residents to stay inside, the AP reports. The debris fell as far as a mile away, the Clinton Township Police Department...

They Found the Gas Leak. Then, 'Total Devastation'

One firefighter is dead, 12 other people hurt after blast at home in Sterling, Virginia

(Newser) - At least one firefighter is dead and 12 other people are injured after a gas leak check at a Virginia residence ended in an explosion. According to a Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System release, fire crews reported to a home in Sterling around 7:30pm local time on...

Illegal Gas Site in Nairobi Unleashes Deadly Inferno

At least 3 dead, more than 270 injured following explosions in Nairobi

(Newser) - A truck loaded with liquid petroleum gas cylinders exploded and set off a late-night inferno that burned homes and warehouses in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, killing at least three people and injuring more than 270, officials said Friday, with the death toll expected to rise. At least 24 people were...

At Least 23 Dead in Fireworks Factory Blast

Blast almost completely leveled site in central Thailand

(Newser) - An explosion at a fireworks factory in central Thailand killed more than 20 people on Wednesday, according to provincial officials, though the devastation at the scene has made the death toll uncertain. The country's public health ministry put the death toll at 23 Thursday morning, including 16 men and...

Blast at Historic Texas Hotel Injures 21, Scatters Debris

Fort Worth investigators suspect a natural gas leak was the cause

(Newser) - An explosion at a historic Texas hotel on Monday blew out windows, littered downtown streets with large piles of debris from the building, and injured 21 people, including one person who is in critical condition, authorities said. Investigators believe the Fort Worth blast was caused by natural gas, said Bureau...

Iran: 'Terroristic' Attack at Tribute Event Kills Dozens

More than 170 were also injured after explosions at event for general slain by US 4 years ago

(Newser) - Explosions at an event honoring a prominent Iranian general slain in a US airstrike in 2020 have killed at least 73 people and wounded more than 170 others, state-run media in Iran reported Wednesday. A senior official called the blasts a "terroristic" attack, without elaborating on who could be...

House Explosion Killed 4 Members of Family on Holiday Visit

Arkansas family identified as victims in Michigan tragedy

(Newser) - Four people from an Arkansas family were publicly identified Tuesday as the victims of a fatal house explosion in Michigan over the weekend, the AP reports. Authorities said the explosion Saturday was likely caused by flammable fuel in the air and not a result of foul play. The dead were...

Man Whose Home Exploded Had Ranted About Neighbors

Police believe James Yoo died in Arlington blast

(Newser) - The owner of a Virginia house that exploded as police tried to execute a search warrant is believed to have died in the blast, officials said Tuesday, as details emerged about numerous grievances he expressed against neighbors and others on social media and in lawsuits. James Yoo, 56, was identified...

As Cops Converged on House With a Warrant, It Exploded

'I actually thought a plane exploded,' says witness in Arlington, Virginia

(Newser) - Hours before a massive explosion destroyed a duplex and shook a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC, a suspect inside his home fired a flare gun 30 to 40 times into the neighborhood, drawing a large police response, officials said Tuesday. All officers escaped serious injury, but it was unclear what...

NFL Player's Dad Killed When Home Explodes

Caleb Farley of the Tennessee Titans was not in his North Carolina house at the time

(Newser) - The father of Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley died in an explosion that destroyed the NFL player's North Carolina home and left another person injured, authorities said Tuesday. The football player himself was not home at the time of the blast. His father, Robert M. Farley, 61, was found...

6th Person Dies in Horrific House Explosion

But another, Casey Clontz, lived long enough to call his wife

(Newser) - A sixth person caught up in the explosion that leveled a home in Plum, Pennsylvania, over the weekend has died. Paul Oravitz, 56, died Wednesday in a Pittsburgh hospital, where he was taken in critical condition following Saturday's blast, with burns across much of his body. His wife, Heather...

Massive Explosion at Russian Gas Station Kills 35

Authorities have begun criminal investigation in Dagestan

(Newser) - A massive explosion at a gas station in Russia's southern republic of Dagestan killed 35 people and injured scores more, Russian officials said Tuesday. Russia's Health Ministry said 115 people were injured in the blast and subsequent fire, and 35 of them died, including three children, per the...

House Explosion Kills 5, Leaves Widespread Destruction
House Explosion Kills 5

House Explosion Kills 5

57 firefighters suffer minor injuries after people are trapped in debris

(Newser) - Five people were found dead after a house explosion in western Pennsylvania that destroyed three structures and damaged at least a dozen others, authorities said Sunday. Plum Borough Police Chief Lanny Conley said the bodies of four adults and one adolescent were recovered after the blast shortly before 10:30am...

Fatal Blasts Hit 2 Separate Sites Housing Explosives

9 are dead after explosion at Thai fireworks warehouse; 8 die in firecracker plant blast in India

(Newser) - A large explosion at a fireworks warehouse in southern Thailand on Saturday killed at least nine people and wounded scores, officials said. The governor of the province of Narathiwat, Sanan Pongaksorn, told public broadcaster Thai PBS that at least 115 people were hurt, and that many were in serious condition....

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